How to install DomTABs in WordPress • WordPress Help

If you like the system of tabs that you see more and more in blogs (right here) here you have the complete process to adapt your template to this system that allows you combine in a little space a lot of content in an orderly and visually very attractive way.

To get it you need to use a script and the most simple to implement is DomTABs that, accompanied by a style sheet, will help you to have this system on your blog.

And you already have it. In fact you can add more tabs just by copying one more line in each of the sections and changing the reference (eg from t3 to t4 and so on consecutively).

Also you can customize the colors and appearance by editing the style sheet, the file pbd_domtab.css . The lines to be changed are explained at the beginning of the file.

You can also implement a system of tabs with another script, idTabs which requires the installation of jQuery . Another day we talked about him.