How to align YouTube videos and other services with text in WordPress

Insert videos from YouTube and other services is very simple in WordPress you just have to copy the URL and they are activated automatically, they become in its player, the problem that I want to deal with today is that they occupy the whole width of the content, and sometimes we would like it to be integrated, with the text floating around just as we can do with the images. [19659003] And I'm not talking about videos always being aligned right or left with the text around, that would be easy with a bit of CSS, but decide on a specific entry if a video is on the right or left, with the text floating around .

Well, the solution is not to use the oEmbed feature that allows you to show the player just by copying and pasting the URL of the video, but using the code or iframe that we also usually offer these services and that at least YouTube does offer.

To do this, for example on YouTube, click on " Share "

Instead of sharing now, click on the link" Insert ":

What you get open a window where we already have the code iframe to insert :

In your WordPress editor switch to the HTML tab and paste where you want the code to appear iframe .

The code will look something like this:

Well, the trick is to modify that code iframe The first thing is to remove the width and height parameters ( widht and height ), then we will add the following:

With what the code would look like this:

If you notice, we have indicated that the width occupies only 50% of the available block and, this time , we have indicated that the video is placed on the right ( float: right ) of the content.

Do you want it to be on the left, because it just changes right by ] Do you want the video a bit bigger or smaller? Change the width percentage.

What we got is exactly what you are seeing here on the right, which the video is to the right of the text, and it surrounds it by its left .

It is the same as we could do with an image, defining its alignment with respect to the text, but in this case a tad more complicated, modifying these parameters in the same code.

And that's it, that you align it well, I hope you liked the trick ito.

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See Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF documents on your website

 viewer office online

A WordPress you can upload any type of Word file, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF files and then link them so that your visitors can see or download them but and if we offer to see them directly on our website?

I do not mean offer a link to the Google Docs previewer which we already saw it, but directly embed the document on our website, within an entry or page.

There are several ways to get it, and one of the most immediate is using Google Drive technology specifically its preview script, to do it. The process is very simple.

Open your function plugin or file functions.php and add the following code:

The only thing you have to customize for this code are the parameters widht and height so that they fit the width of your WordPress theme, which in the example are set to 550 and 650, those of my personal blog .

With this step we have created a shortcode which we can use in our WordPress editor to show – embedded – all the document formats that the Google Drive viewer can display that is: PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, PPS, etc.

To display a document we just have to use the shortcode in this way:

[verdoc href=""]

And what we get is that our visitors can see directly and l document on our website …

 see document embedded in wordpress

Yes, I know, some are already thinking about that " Vale Fernando, it's cool but Is not there a plugin that does the same ?, that makes me want to touch code ".

Well yes, for the more miedicas there is a super plugin called Google doc embedder that comes to do the same.

As in the previous code, it offers a shortcode in this case of type [gview href=""]but to make things easier you also have a button on the visual editor that makes it even easier to use.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Random Themes, or how the official theme preview should look like • WordPress Help

It's not new, the truth is that Cristian already created it months ago but, honestly, it happened to me to share it, sometimes I have neither shame nor forgiveness. I mean a development whose objective is to show in a real environment how a WordPress theme will look, and not how it currently happens in the official site, a real mess that shows nothing.

The same Cristian Eslava ] explains the reasons why he created WP Random Themes :

I've always thought that although you can preview the themes from the official WP site or from the sites of its creators:

this idea I have created this site where you can easily view and activate hundreds of WordPress topics in a real and always updated WP environment.

And you get it, the environment is really impressive, and you can really check how to see more than 250 subjects in all their splendor.

With a simple click on Random you jump from one subject to another. But in addition to this random navigation has added other ways to explore it:

How to insert iframe and embed in WordPress Multisite

'embed' = > array (

'style' = > array ( )

'type' = > array ()

'id' = > array ()

'height' = > array ()

'width' = > array ()

'src' = > array () )

'object' = > array (

] [19659007] 'height' = > array ()

'width' = > array () )

'param' = > array (

'name' = > array ( )

'value' = > array () )

'object ' = > array (

' width ' = > array ()

'height' = > array () [19659000]

'movie' = > array ()

'allowFullScreen' = > array () [19659006] 'embed src' = > array ()

'iframe' = > array (

'height' = > array ()

'width' = > array () )

'param' = > array (

'name ' = > array ()

' value ' = > array ( ) )

'frameborder' = > array ()

[19659007] 'allowFullScreen' = > array ()

'application / x-shockwave-flash' = > array () )

Spotify in WordPress • WordPress Help

I believe that, after introducing limitations of time and songs to the free version, the online music listening service Spotify has lost some steam.

What can not be denied is that is a fantastic service to listen, discover and, above all, share music … also in WordPress .

And as Spotify uses WordPress what less than also share our music on our website made with WordPress do not you think?

To enjoy many of the virtues of Spotify in WordPress we will use some plugins and tricks that will make life easier, let's see them …

And even Here, I think I have covered all the options, but if you know any more, you tell us. Enjoy it and the music with us.

Embed a web within WordPress • WordPress Help

Okay, you're probably going to start saying that that of the iframes is a horror which is a trick to Search engine positioning and other stories but I'm sure that more than once you wanted to insert a web in your WordPress and you have not known how to do it.

You could copy all the source code of the web in question and paste it in the HTML mode of the editor of an entry or page, but if that website changes your publication would not reflect the changes, so that option, valid but gross, does not suit us.

The other possibility, simple , "WordPress style" is to use Easy iFrame Loader a plugin that, once installed and active, offers us a new shortcode template tags and even a widget, which we can use to embed an entire website where we want, as part of an entry, on a page a, where you want.

To insert what you want, and in this Vimeo videos, etc that " if they will be seen on your iPad ", you just have to use, for example, the shortcode in a publication like this:

] In the faq of the plugin you have all the possible code and shortcode variations that you can use.

Uses ?, Well, many men, imagine having a page where you can insert your products for the sale of your profile Amazon or eBay, even put your Facebook page, imagination to power! .

NOTICE : this publication is two or more years ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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