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The other day I was seeing data and information about security attacks that he had – and has – WordPress and the truth is that some of them were revealing, of those that lead to consider where the problems are really .

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A graphic that illustrates what I say is the following …

 causes of hacking wordpress

We usually attribute "WordPress" security problems or vulnerabilities, but the reality is quite different, well WordPress is safe .

In this part of an infographic that provides more data, something that we are not always conscious enough rebels about, that most of Successful attacks are the fault of the server where we have hosted WordPress which leads the list of " guilty " with 41%.

They follow him closely, in the list of guilty parties, the issues , with 29% of vulnerabilities and plugins, with 22% .

Far is the element in which we care most often: the strength of passwords. Of course, this does not mean that we should be lax in this matter, because that 8% depends on us and we must not neglect it, but we must not pay attention to the main possible causes of the insecurity of our WordPress and take action.

What measures?

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I know you read me and they will sound to you, but it never hurts to remember them, in this case applied to the data:

This is the basics, if you do not meet any point on the list you are already taking .

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

Spain to queue in WordPress insurance (infographics) • WordPress Help

As I know that you like infographics today I share one that is very good, not because of its design but because of its specialization, since at having made it a site dedicated to computer security emphasizes ] how safe are the top 100 thousand sites using WordPress .

As always, if someone does not handle well with English, I will translate the data that I consider most important, namely …

The only really safe version to use is WordPress 3.2.x, it is the only one in development and supervised, if you use a previous version you are alone, there are no security updates for old versions. You knew, right?

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla who wins?

Really, that is not to return to the eternal discussion . In Deviousmedia have created an infographic comparing " data " on Drupal Joomla! and WordPress ] The results are already analyzed by you and so there are no interpretations on my part.

You look at the infographic information (very interesting indeed) and then you comment. I'll enter the rag in the comments (sure)

In case you do not handle well with English I'll make a summary of really curious data, which say "many things":

2,400 double-sided blu ray to store a year of the WordPress community • WordPress Help

If you wanted to store all the publications created in a single year by the WordPress community you would need 2,375 double-layer blu ray discs, that's nothing.

This is one of the data that have compiled in Broadband Choices and have included in an interesting infographic in which, among others, you can read these interesting data:

If networks were superhero WordPress would be Batman

Okay, it's a bit of a headline but in the background is true to the infographic that has published Fatima (which is very freaky lately) that you have then, in which se compares social media with superheroes and scores them taking into account parameters such as …

In short, that this is the result, which defines WordPress as " Sexy and stylish, with more widgets than you can handle "…

How to accelerate WordPress (infographic)

The hosting company inTac has published an interesting infographic that points out the different processes and phases in which WordPress loading can be accelerated and optimized.

In short, you have it in the image, what they propose is …

  1. Page cache, with tools such as cache plugins
  2. Database cache
  3. Browser cache
  4. Use of CDNs (or content delivery network) to redistribute traffic
  5. Minimize code size, especially CSS and Javascript
  6. Control the size of the database, reducing redundant information such as ticket reviews
  7. Limit requests to the database eliminating unnecessary calls
  8. … and of course, always keep in mind the basics: update WordPress and plugins, disable unnecessary plugins, etc.

The image, as it is big, you have it after the jump …

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WordPress in figures (infographics) • WordPress Help

If some time ago we saw a great infographic of the history of WordPress today, to start a year that will mark milestones in the history of this CMS, we started with another graphic that shows the vital data of WordPress since 2003 plus the figures that are marking the passage to the rest of CMS.

WordPress story (infographics)

Great infographic created by InfographicLabs which shows the story of WordPress and its association with geniuses of Jazz.


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