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I believe that there is almost nobody in the Hispanic world that does not use WhatsApp, the instant messaging application that, little by little, has been withdrawing the conversation from the open networks to this more private environment.

It is each Whatsapp will share links to web pages on any subject, but it is something that is currently pretty stubborn to do so because it requires a very manual process:

It's a very tedious process, especially the part of copying the URL, so it makes a lot of sense to facilitate the task of sharing URLs in WhatsApp, something that we can add from WordPress right now, and in several ways. Let's see some …

As you can see there are already many options, which I suppose will grow with the recent purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, with which entry into the Anglo-Saxon world will be guaranteed.

I still have to find time to add it to the blog, but I plan to do it, and you? Have you already integrated WhatsApp and WordPress? Do you think to do it? Why?

Poster + Automattic = Mobile WordPress with Dropbox integration and more

Tom Witkin, the creator of the well-known blog management mobile application Poster announced on his blog that joins the mobile application team of Automattic to join design and programming tasks, announcing that the application will stop having updates.

What does this mean, because clearly in upcoming mobile versions of WordPress we will see the advanced functions of the Poster application ] and some more than the good Tom joined the project.

Some of the utilities that surely we will see soon would be presumably those already available in Poster:

They are great news, that surely we will have soon in the WordPress application of our devices mobile phones

Add blog to Google Currents

 ayudawp google currents blog

Today one of the news of the day is that closes Google Reader on July 1 ]I thought it relevant to share one more mode, and certainly the preferred one by Google, to read articles from a news source.

I mean Google Currents the information reading application on devices Google mobile, available for iOS and Android.

The first thing is to download the application, and for that you can use this link for Android and this for iOS .

that you can read content in Google Currents, for which you will be asked to sign in with your Google account, since it works based on subscriptions. The application itself is simple, you can read content by sections or subscribing to specific RSS feeds, and the visualization will be, or how it was defined by the content producer or the magazine style view by default, very well adapted to mobile devices. [19659004] Help WordPress is already in Google Currents but what do you want to know how to add your website? well let's see it, it's very simple …

The basic steps to follow are the following:

  1. Access Google Producer with your Google account (important: only works from Chrome)
     google producer
  2. Create a new section by entering the basic information that asks: Name, url of the feed, and if you also want url of your YouTube account
     add edition
  3. Configure edition
     modify editions
  4. Create new editions if you have more websites you want to publish.

part ted ious, but essential, is the configuration of the edition and there are some elements that you should not fail to complete because of its importance:

  1. Basic information, where you choose the section and description, vital for you find through the theme browser and search engine.
     basic information
  2. Sections, to show not only the feed of your website but also the YouTube channel, social profiles and even photos
  3. Distribution, where you verify the ownership of the site through Google for Webmasters and that no one changes or appropriates your content, the main language and if it will be visible in other countries.
  4. Publication, to review possible errors, to prove how it will be the different devices, get the URL of your edition and, most importantly, launch the first publication.

And nothing else, if you want to subscribe already well to Help WordPress in Google Currents .

The system works very well indeed, there are many other applications of this type, how Flipboard or Zite, but it seems clear that Google will bet for your reading service, and you should not miss this opportunity to disseminate your content, do not you think?

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

WordPress for iOS 3.4 announcements arrive!

 wordpress ios 34 notices Just released version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS the mobile version for Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad. And the main thing it offers are ads everywhere, from any window.

There are many solutions to failures, and some minor improvements, but the main thing is what I say, and if not, now, thanks to the new notices, in each screen, not only in the one of each blog we can …

Of course, and luckily, errors are fixed with the drafts (that were not updated correctly) and the visualization of statistics in WordPress hosted with JetPack, but the main thing is that now we will have notices of everything that happens in our WordPress, anywhere and at any time .

You have the update in the Apps Store a while ago, you're late.

WordPress 3.1 for iOS, I already played something like that! • WordPress Help

Just released version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS and if you have a iPhone or – especially – an iPad you're already slow to update well this already seems to be serious.

And is that this update has gotten a major wiggle to the user interface, with changes that you're really going to like.

WordPress 3.0 for IOS available

Just released the version 3.0 of WordPress for IOS with less news than expected, and curiously putting the long teeth with version 3.1. I'm still stupefied.

And why did it say version 3.1 ?, because these new features, compared to what is announced for the next version is nothing, where in the post of the official blog we are announced that it will incorporate the following:

WordPress for iOS 2.8.1

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