WordPress for iOS 3.4 announcements arrive!

 wordpress ios 34 notices Just released version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS the mobile version for Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad. And the main thing it offers are ads everywhere, from any window.

There are many solutions to failures, and some minor improvements, but the main thing is what I say, and if not, now, thanks to the new notices, in each screen, not only in the one of each blog we can …

Of course, and luckily, errors are fixed with the drafts (that were not updated correctly) and the visualization of statistics in WordPress hosted with JetPack, but the main thing is that now we will have notices of everything that happens in our WordPress, anywhere and at any time .

You have the update in the Apps Store a while ago, you're late.

WordPress Logos for mobile

If you are, like me, total WordPress fan you'll probably already have a WordPress logo for your mobile or tablet so everyone can see that you're a real geek. [19659002] And if you have fallen short of logos, it has happened to you that there is a website with the official logos, also for mobile devices.

It is on the Logos and graphics page of WordPress where there are logos of all sizes, and some special for smartphones (640 × 960 pixels) and even for iPad (2048 × 1536 pixels).

You just have to visit the page with your device, open the size that best suits you to it and save it to use it and show your loyalty to WordPress.

WordPress 3.1 for iOS, I already played something like that! • WordPress Help

Just released version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS and if you have a iPhone or – especially – an iPad you're already slow to update well this already seems to be serious.

And is that this update has gotten a major wiggle to the user interface, with changes that you're really going to like.

WordPress 3.0 for IOS available

Just released the version 3.0 of WordPress for IOS with less news than expected, and curiously putting the long teeth with version 3.1. I'm still stupefied.

And why did it say version 3.1 ?, because these new features, compared to what is announced for the next version is nothing, where in the post of the official blog we are announced that it will incorporate the following:

Pinterest in WordPress

 pinterest ipad

If you already know what it is " pinear " or " repin "On Pinterest you can save yourself these first few paragraphs, but you should know that Pinterest is the next social network, a new way to share your favorite links with friends – or the whole world – but this time in a very visual way by means of " virtual thumbtacks " where you click your photos, articles, links, whatever.

With application for Android and iPhone, or through the simple and effective "bookmarlet" that it offers, you can share information that interests you and place it in spaces that you define in your Pinterest account, which will be displayed visually in your Pinterest account, in the style of applications like Flipboard or Zite even if you want pretty look gone to the new Delicious .

Although it is a young network already around 5 million users and growing, at the moment very popular among professionals of the arts, fashion and media social, but also for anyone who wants to share content in a more attractive way . In fact it is predicted that it will soon be one of the great social networks, competing with the current monsters, but that only time will tell.

And, of course, you can go integrating your WordPress on Pinterest with the following utilities:

  • Pint it on Pinterest : Add an icon to "pine" your posts on Pinterest, a way to start making your website known in this new social network.
  • Pinterest "Pint it "button : Similar to the previous, in full development.
  • Slick social share buttons : This popular plugin already incorporates, among its many options and virtues, the icon for your readers to share your content on Pinterest
  • Social discussions : Very similar to the Share it option of Jetpack, it offers 10 social icons, among them the one of "pinear" to Pinterest. If you want a more complete substitute than the one that comes with Jetpack you will love it.
  • Subscribe / Connect / Follow widget : Very complete Social widget to encourage your readers to follow you on your preferred social profiles, including also Pinterest, by course
  • About me 3000 widget : More complete than the previous one, it shows, in addition to icons to your social profiles, a photo and a presentation text, in the form of a widget. How not, incorporate icon for Pinterest. Simple to configure and very effective for personal blogs and corporate sites.
  • Official Pinterest buttons : Of course, on the official website they offer a wide variety of icons and buttons to spread your profile or offer "Pin it" in your website, but with the limitation that it does not adapt to the dynamic management of WordPress
  • Code for WordPress: If you want to add an icon manually at the end of your entries and pages you have to add at the end of the loop of your entries a code like this:

Well, now you can be totally up to date , offering the most advanced readers of your site the option to share (and thus be one of the first) your content in Pinterest .

Note: Right now, the Pinterest service is only open by invitation. If you want to try it register on the web or ask a friend who already has an account to invite you.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

WordPress for journalists

Today they echoed in Periodismociudadano.com of a article of 10,000 words in which show the virtues of WordPress as a tool of journalism, especially indicated for field reporters, thanks to its characteristics and simplicity.

In the article, they break down 5 ways in which WordPress is very useful for journalists in the field and, of course, for any connected user who has to publish from outside their usual office or home environment:

1. WordPress mobile applications

WordPress dispose of mobile applications with which practically in any platform, a journalist can publish sue articles, from a WiFi network or through 3G connection:

And if you do not have any of these smartphones You can always access from any other mobile to http://m.wordpress.com/ .

With any of these applications you can post, add photos, review your content before publishing it, moderate comments and , of course, publish content on the network from your mobile.

2. Publish by voice

Although not available for the entire world, the option of publish by voice which I already talked about in its day, can be a very interesting solution for reporters in difficult situations ( enemy fire, darkness), in which they can not type what they want to publish. It can also be a great resource for publishing interviews.

The system, as I mentioned, is simple, you just have to go to your desktop (from WordPress.com), then to My Sites and Activate publish by voice. To publish you just have to call the number indicated there, enter your secret code and start talking. You have up to one hour per call, and the call stops by itself if you stop talking for 10 seconds.

3. Geolocation of your publications

If you are reporting from several sites you can add geolocation to each of them, either manually or automatically. You will find it in your blog on wordpress.com in "Users -> Personal settings -> My location -> Activate geolocation" (well, in fact you still get the texts in English). You can also do it in a WordPress hosted by geolocation plugins .

4. Publish via SMS

If you are in a situation with a bad connection, without 3G but with basic mobile coverage, you can publish via SMS an option that you will also find on the Settings page of your WordPress site. com

Even in this very spartan mode you can moderate and respond to comments and, of course, post entries.

5. Upload videos from mobile with VideoPress

VideoPress is a high quality video platform that, of course, also supports the uploading of video files from any of the WordPress mobile applications. It is not free but its price (about € 84 a year) is adjusted for the quality and possibilities it offers, especially for the professional.

As if this were not enough, there are dozens of WordPress plugins for journalists ]which will complement these 5 tips.

And, well, this is the compilation that you do in the original article, can you think of one more oriented to journalists?

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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WordPress for iOS 2.8.1

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