Remove fields from the user profile • WordPress Help

I do not know about you but I always have certain fields in the user profile page of WordPress, such as Yahoo AIM it's not that I'm not Well the service but I think it is something already outdated, and ultimately it is unnecessary noise in the profile of a user, who always has the doubt of whether it will work for something or not.

add_filter ( 'user_contactmethods' 'hide_profile_fields' 10 1 ) ; [19659014] function hide_profile_fields ( $ contactmethods ) {

unset ( $ contactmethods [19659004] [ 'aim' ] ) ;

unset ( $ contactmethods [ 'jabber' ] ]) ;

) unset ( $ contactmethods [ 'yim' ] ) ;

return $ contactmethods ;


In the previous example you remove all the messaging fields, in my case I have left Jabber / GTalk, you can adapt it to your liking.

Subscription to blogs in real time by IM • WordPress Help

The idea is that you subscribe to the posts and comments of your favorite sites, created with WordPress, through your preferred instant messaging client, using the protocol Jabber ( XMPP ]), a free service with which many of today's instant messaging clients are compatible, as long as they are multiprotocol (such as Adium [Mac] or Pidgin [Windows y Linux] or almost any existing iPhone client).

Once you have chosen a client that supports Jabber messages in HTML, like the ones mentioned, you only have to add as a contact to and you can subscribe – for now – to any site created in through your address of type and you will receive in real time, you can even respond to a post through your messaging client.

There are many more features , that pued is to check on the page of WordPress support in Jabber as well as the list of commands to use to subscribe to a blog, unsubscribe, etc.

Translated WordPress Plugin – Profile Author • WordPress Help

Profile Author is a wonderful plugin, which in my opinion should include WordPress as part of the system. It offers not only a utility of load of images for the profile of blog authors in the administration panel but also comes with 4 template tags that you can include in your page of authors, even in the avatar of the comments. All configurable from a panel of options.

We have translated this plugin wonder, of which you can see an example in the page of the author of it .