WordPress.com inaccessible from some ISPs in Guatemala

As happened with the Jazztel-WordPress case it seems that there are problems in Guatemala to connect to the free WordPress.com blogs . Is it happening to you?

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Jazztel prevents access to WordPress.com (update)

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<p> As a result of some consultation in the forums in which <span class= some users told us that they could not access your blogs hosted in the free service of ] WordPress.com confirms that the Spanish operator Jazztel has blocked the access by IP to the WordPress.com servers to all its users.

According to the operator he asked for an injunction on a series of IPs – imagine who – and coincidentally one of them is from WordPress.com But the thing does not end there

And according to Jazztel The request has been made to all operators only that they have been more diligent in complying with it. It was bad can become really worrying if it is confirmed, we must be vigilant.

If you are a user of Jazztel, check that it also happens, and hopefully the rest do not suffer this indiscriminate blockade, which would be a real threat to the freedom of expression without any explanation, or at least not known.


As commented in Bandaancha.eu

Jazztel is reporting through Your customer service phone number, which is not possible to access some domains hosted on WordPress due to a court order. Apparently, with the intention of blocking access to a website, the blocking of IP has been ordered, in which many other blogs are hosted.

The reason why sometimes it can be accessed is that WordPress balances the load between several servers, so that the same domain can resolve in several IP addresses. If the resolution responds to us with the blocked IP, we will not be able to access its content.

In any case, it is an outrage that they block access to thousands, perhaps millions, of blogs only by an order "of whatever" for a single blog, when simply contacting WordPress.com can ban a blog that is publishing prohibited material, do not you think?

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