bbPress 1.0 final "Bechet" • WordPress Help

Finally, after a long time waiting for an official version far from alphas and betas, we already have "Bechet" the first version 1.0 of the bbPress forums system.

There are many novelties, especially for those that come from the latest stable version, 0.9, which can be summarized in these:

What are you waiting for to download and start using it ?, I'm testing it before putting it in WordPress forum I'll warn you when I make the change, because I'm also waiting for the file .pot to be available to translate it, when available in the repository . [19659002] On the other hand, if you already use a beta or alpha version of bbPress 1.0 it is an almost obligatory update, not so if you still use the 0.9, because the changes are radical and there is no going back if there are problems because it manages differently the database. Be careful with this, please. If you use the 0.8 or the 0.9 best wait for there to be some later revision and you know for sure that the plugins you use currently will be available for 1.0. For now you can review the list of plugins that are being reported to work in the RC versions which should also work correctly in the final version 1.0.

If you have questions you can raise them in the forums officers .