Add tables in WordPress in a simple way • WordPress Help

But, look where, we've never seen how to do it the easy way, with plugins. Let's see the simplest ones to use:

And you will ask yourself which one is better ?, because you will see. I, already, would use the TinyMCE advanced, because it also offers you other interesting and useful buttons that you can add to the editor. But come on, the best thing is for you to try them all and stay with the one that convinces you the most.

Create tables in HTML • WordPress Help

Several times I have complained about the error of not including a simple table creation function in the WordPress editor . I do not think it's a mania of mine but I think that to professionalize the aspect of blogs tables are one of the most striking and flexible style resources when it comes to displaying information of many types.

Well, although there are plugins that add this kind of utility, you do not need to install anything because there is Kotatsu a table generator that, when you finish adding your rows, columns and classes allows you to generate the html code so that you copy it in your editor and you do not have to write dozens of " tr " and "td".

You only have to add your texts between the created labels. Chulo huh?

In a few days I prepare an article with a more elaborate method to get something similar. I'm sure you'll like it, and you can not imagine how it's done, you'll see.