WordPress 4.0 Book – Yoani Sánchez and Fernando Tellado

You'll wonder why a book about WordPress if you already write every day on the blog? Well everything has its explanation , at least for me.

Why a book on WordPress?

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Surely everyone will have their reasons to buy a technical book, and this is it, these are the ones that convinced:

  • If you want information on any subject you can search on Google, or even use the search engine of the blog in question, like this, but not always are concrete issues you need, but explanations about the processes that, although you do not give account, end up taking more time looking for them in the network than if you had a book by your side.
  • In the network the information is labeled, it is traceable, but organized? The reality is that no matter how much you order a blog by categories and label the articles to facilitate navigation, it is not normal to find a content index that quickly takes you to everything there is to know about a specific issue, as simple as
  • For a person expert in a discipline it is simple and quick to find concrete and timely information in the search engines, but if you want your knowledge need is broader, or you want to document extensively on any topic, the best is a technical book that covers all the possible aspects of what you want to do.
  • When you look for any guide in the network you do not always give with the updated or adequate information. With the book you know exactly what version it refers to and it offers step-by-step guides and captures of all the processes you may need.
  • I have been asked for a long time to write a book about WordPress in which I compile everything I have been learning and tell those tricks and tips that do not always give for a complete article but that can be accommodated in a chapter of a book.
  • Because I wanted to and since I had offers from several publishers, I finally decided to try out what it was like. that of writing in the traditional way.
  • Because it seems that in this world that surrounds us if you have not written a book, you can already have published more than 3,500 articles in a blog (the ones in WordPress Help ), you have not done anything.
  • Who does not like a good book?

Is this book for me?

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Another of the recurring questions that you have asked me about one since I commented on T witter who was writing it is whether the book would be for beginners or advanced users.

The answer is that it is for everyone, just like this blog. They cover issues that for some will seem basic but in which I always contribute my experience and advice after years and hundreds of installations and projects with WordPress, and also advanced tricks that you may not understand today but within a few weeks they are essential. [19659017] In the 464 pages of the book there is no place for the irrelevant, it is an absolutely practical and useful book, a guide for consultation and learning.

Why did you write it half-way with another Yoani Sánchez?

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<p> I had been planning the publication of the book for a long time, and I certainly had a lot of progress, including the name, but Anaya offered me the opportunity to co-publish it with Yoani, whom I admire for her love of technology and her struggle for freedom of expression, and it seemed like an unbeatable opportunity to meet her in person, to learn together and reach more people. </p>
<p> Yoani is a WordPress lover, in fact <a title= she already wrote a book about this CMS some time ago so it was not just someone famous for politics or international journalistic awards, but an authentic user and in love with WordPress.

What will I find in the book?

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<p> In the <strong> 464 pages </strong> of the book there is a lot, and everything. Not only is the entire process of installation, administration, publication and domain of a website with WordPress covered, but there are also simple and advanced tricks, usage and configuration tips, search engine positioning rules and social media dissemination, and even explanations historical and practical of all that is Web 2.0, the dynamics of networks and even a little of the history of the Internet, all based on the knowledge and experience of the authors, Yoani and a server for years. </p>
<p> My intention in at any time it was not only a practical book for anyone who wants to know, manage or improve their relationship with the current publication system, WordPress, but also offer a book "to read", enjoyable, direct, to be nice, that it's fun to read. That we have achieved it is you who has the diagnosis, which I hope with anxiety. </p>
<p> I sincerely believe that the book will be a key reference in WordPress publications, for the breadth and depth of its contents, for how practical it is and because I assure you with all my heart that it is written in an open grave, without keeping anything. If I know anything about WordPress and my experience with this publication system, it's there, I've written a lot more, of course, but of the topics covered in the book, I have not left anything in the inkwell. </p>
<p> What you're not going to Finding in the book is nothing of the other vital facets of Yoani and Fernando. This book does not speak of Cuba, nor of politics, nor of freedom of expression, nor even of the authors and their interests, it is a purely technical book, without concessions for other areas of life. WordPress will help you to express your freedom, to publish your political opinions, even to tell what you think of Cuba, but it is a tool, the use you define it, and in this book, Yoani and Fernando teach you to use the tool so that you are the one who decides what you use it. </p>
<p> It is a technical book about WordPress, no more, no less. </p>
<h2><span id= Where can I buy the book?

The good thing about going hand in hand with such a prestigious publishing house as Anaya, and specifically with its division of technical books, Anaya Multimedia, is that it reaches everywhere, which was also the goal, so it will be in all the most important bookstores and in shopping centers.

The impact of launch must recognize that it has been spectacular, reaching number 2 of the best sellers in its category only in the first hours of availability, so it seems clear that there will be several editions.

The arrival of the book It is not immediat to of course, and I know by friends and readers that in some centers it is already and in others it has not yet arrived, but where it is available even before its launch is in some websites of the main online bookstores, so if you do not want to wait for it to arrive at your favorite bookstore here I leave the links to acquire it.

Good people who liked the book:

What now?

Now nothing, here I go. For the moment I have been more than satisfied with the experience of writing a book. Working for a traditional publisher is a challenge, it has nothing to do with publishing on the web, which is what I like and dominate. I've been really bad at times, the review process before sending the book to print was totally horrible and tedious, the huge work and if something I have clear is that I will not get rich with the book, something in Spain only reserved for " best sellers "media, much less in technical books.

I like blogs, I love WordPress and I love that you do not get books to talk with your readers daily, read their opinions, praises, criticisms and even insults to everything you write, that only blogs give you, so we keep reading as usual, and it lasts.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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