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If you have ever used galleries in WordPress you know that they are created with thumbnails of the selected images, that you can link to the attachment, to the original file or without a link, that shows only the thumbnails as such. [19659004] If you have ever used WordPress galleries, you would have liked to do something like that, right?

You just have to install the WP Gallery Custom Links plugin which, as its name suggests, allows link gallery files to the custom link you want to an external URL, to an entry in your site, wherever you like.

Its use is also very simple. You only have to activate the plugin and from that moment, when you create a gallery you can, in addition to the usual options, link each image to a custom URL, and you can also define if the link will open in a new window or even if you want to maintain effects as Lightbox that you have active (because by default you deactivate them for personalized links).

The result ?, perfect.

Reader's Blog: Reapplicant

I know I have not been using for a while now but as I know it's something you like I am encouraged again with this and this time I launch with the blog of friend Sergio (aka Dominate the world ): Re-applicant .

Note: this entry contains affiliate links for which the author may charge commissions for each sale.

One of the things that first attract attention when visiting [196590] 07] Reaplicante is his good design, very professional but personally I love the contrast offered by the totally personal and carefree treatment of it, with great personality . The nice theme ( Nexus, from Elegant Themes ) helps with a really big and colorful last-minute carousel, nice effects on the menus and a clean and broad design, which invites to read. I like less the treatment that makes the highlighted images the simple entry view, too big for my taste, but this is already a matter of that, of tastes.

Regarding the content, you can see that Sergio is dedicated to the web positioning because not only the headlines, well developed and " SEO friendly " but the content, quality and based on their professional experience

Logically, and precisely because of his specialization, he is a WordPress lover which is clearly evident in the good articles he dedicates to our beloved CMS.

And now, as it has been custom in me, I will give you some unsolicited free advice, because as always, at the blacksmith's house wooden spoon :

  • Translate the subject and other elements of the blog, something that seems to have been half-baked, there are parts of it translated and others not (hom e, posted by, read more, author, comments, etc, etc). It is also striking in the cookie warning system, being a blog eminently for Spanish-speaking audiences while all messages are in English, losing their meaning. The theme is prepared for translation through .po and .mo files, so it does not make sense not to use a few minutes more to offer a fully integrated browsing experience.
  • The really precious and useful theme originally has a large space for advertising in the header area, which in this case does not use, but leaves too much free space at the top, meaningless. It would be nice to modify the height of that block in the stylesheet to focus more on the first scroll in the content
  • The floating box for sharing the entries in networks is demeaning with the uniform and beautiful design of the theme, as well as being repetitive since It has buttons to share in the bio box at the end of each entry. Something should also be done with those "Pin it" buttons wandering around.
  • There is a lack of navigation through labels, and that of categories is not in the most accessible place. Labels and categories are not elements to satisfy organizational hobbies of the blogger but valuable navigation resources for the visitor that, in this case, are not available in the case of labels and are only at the bottom for the categories. A choice that would improve usability would be to offer these resources in the navigation bar, next to the search engine, above elements more than " branding ".
  • I find rare the distribution of the menu items superior and lower. It makes more sense that in the upper part there are those that have to do directly with the reader, that add value (Tags, Categories – even if it is in a drop-down -, guest author, even contact would enter there), and leave the rest for the part lower. It would also improve, by hierarchy, the positioning of labels and categories.
  • The images used in the entries, when they are linked, link to the attachment, losing the focus of the main content, especially when opening in the same window. It would be much better, even for SEO, to completely dispense with the use of attachments (thus avoiding the creation of additional urls that compete with the main permalink), and always linking to the file, if possible in a new tab, but preferably through a Lightbox pop-up system.
  • I would dispense with the visual comment editor, it does not contribute much, it consumes resources and does not fit into the overall design. Also, that does not fit to offer icons to add formats and then display the list of HTML tags, gives a strange feeling of blog geek and children at the same time.

Well, and I stop, that there are always little details, and it is very common in web professionals dedicate all the attention to the clients, leaving aside the blog itself, but Sergio is a great professional, which I have always trusted and recommend and should give him a meneillo to its own space, because it has content of great quality for which it must offer its best face.

It does not leave to chance, of course, the positioning of the blog itself, with a good choice of the " goals ", a simple but well focused and distributed sitemap, a well structured topic with a well-crafted content, in which it does not neglect almost no detail.

It only lacks, under my humble point of view, dedicates I spent a little time with those other elements that also help, and I know that he takes them into account for his clients but in his personal blog he has left a little careless for my taste.

Well Sergio, I hope you do not kill me for doing this . I owed you a visit, and you know I always like to help, that's what my blog is about.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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bbPress as a plugin • WordPress Help

 bbpress-wordpress-fussion "width =" 96 "height =" 96 "srcset =" content / uploads / 2009/12 / bbpress-wordpress-fussion.jpg 96w, 60w "sizes =" ( max-width: 96px) 100vw, 96px "/> Yesterday the <a href= first IRC meeting on bbPress was held, and for those who doubt the good health and future of this forum system there are many good news

Matt Mullenweg himself and people like San Milward, developer of wp-ecommerce, John James Jacoby, collaborator of the BuddyPress core, Ryan Hellyer of or Justin Tadlock, among many other geniuses of the code, participated in the talk. WordPress.

In the hour of conversation they proposed and they commented some of those that can be the main lines of bbPress, to know …

  • To associate posts of blogs to threads for inte
  • bbPress will be available as software on its own or migrate to make it a WordPress plugin that would autoinstall itself from WordPress . This would eliminate the need to integrate themes, profiles, etc. This idea seems to have found many followers.
  • Deep integration (even themes) between bbPress and WordPress for the version of bbPress 1.2 .
  • Shortcodes bbPress ] for WordPress.
  • User profiles integrated between WordPress and bbPress being able to see their posts and their threads.
  • Sending and warnings of threads by email.
  • Create a Codex for bbPress with extensive documentation.
  • Redesign of the website to make it more alive – currently it seems a dead project because of how old it looks – and add such things as a themes browser and things like that.
  • Private messages, polls, resolved threads and user management in the core of bbPress / WordPress.
  • Since they were confirmed (almost) the WordPress and Mu integration in WordPress 3.0 .
  • For integrate bbPress and WordPress would visually be used page templates .
  • Popups in Lightbox for records, private messages, etc. so that templates do not have a lot of code or have that add subpages.
  • We are going to do a survey to the users to ask them about the features we want in version 1.1 of bbPress.

As you can see, there has been a bit of everything, a kind of brainstorm for relaunch bbPress in a way that is really simple, integrated, easy for the user, that is, WordPress style .

Of course, there will be some problem along the way if you choose by the option of make bbPress a BuddyPress style plugin such as plugin compatibility, export to the new system and those "little things" but there is a long way and, above all, a Long life for bbPress in whatever form.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Automatic lightbox effect in the galleries

One of the things that I like the least about the current versions of WordPress is the mania of to open the images of the gallery on its own page with its corresponding permalink, or on the attached page. Like I'm a maniac but it seems a rather poor way of presenting images.

Perhaps the best way to show images on a website, let alone if it's a photographic theme, is the use of lightbox that nice emergent effect that, without leaving the page, darkens the background and shows you the image at full size and in all its splendor.

Of course, there are many plugins and scripts to include this "lightbox" effect to the images of your site, but where they do not usually act is in the galleries inserted with the WordPress image loader, since they do not act on the 'shortcode' that shows it: [ gallery ] (without the remaining spaces, of course).

Well, we have a solution in the form of a plugin, and the best thing is that you do not have to configure anything, add additional shortcodes or modify the standard of the gallery ; you activate it and it works wonders . This jewel is called jQuery Lightbox for native galleries .

Do you want to see how it works ?, Well nothing, here is a gallery for you to entangle and see how well it goes …

More than 20 Plugins to manage advertising • WordPress Help

Although my mouth hurts to say that you should not open a blog or website to earn money but that should come later, when you really have something to offer, something for which the people do not mind suffering the ads, it is clear that there comes a time when one wants to at least offset the costs of hosting and domain, then surely you will need, or you will be good, some method to insert ads in your blog and manage them correctly.

I, as always, would run the risk of encouraging you to do it with code, but I understand that there are fantastic plugins with which manage advertising in your WordPress we will see a good amount of them. They are not all because there are many who do practically the same, it is a selection of the best.

Template in Spanish – Carrington Blog 2.0

Well, the promised thing is debt, and I have completely translated (buttons included) the wonderful theme Carrington Blog 2.0 that virginity that proposes a whole new way of organizing WordPress themes.

its main features are:

  • Uploading comments via AJAX on post page and cover page
  • Lightbox for galleries
  • Fully compatible with advanced WordPress 2.7 features (nested comments, pagination, avatars, etc.)
  • Configuration page for changing colors, background, etc.
  • … more

Here are the links you're waiting for …



Demo (in Spanish)


[download id=”57″]

Enjoy it! I'm testing it on my own personal blog.

What you read is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: Template in Spanish – Carrington Blog 2.0