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One of the most common customizations is to change the style of icons used in messy lists, or with bullets . It does not occur to anyone to change the ordinates, which are numbers in the end, but if you can make your messy lists more beautiful, or at least more to your liking.

You save the changes and that's it, you'll see a nice list with bullets with – in this case – balls:

How to make lists in HTML with WordPress

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If you regularly use the visual editor of WordPress you already know that you can create lists of elements of two types, numbered and bulleted, or in other words, ordered and unordered, but these are not the only possibilities.

If you value it and you go to the Text tab, or HTML, of the WordPress editor you can create more lists so let's review both those offered by the editor and others that you can use:

:: Ordered lists ::

The most common lists would be the numbered ones, which are created like this:

  1. ] First element
  2. Second element

And you get this:

  1. First element
  2. Second element

:: Disordered lists ::

The others offered by the WordPress editor are the bullet lists, which are made like this:

  • One item
  • Other items ento

And what you get is something like this:

:: Ordered lists that start with a specific number:

If you want to customize a sorted list so that, instead of starting with the number 1 , start with a number of your choice it will be done like this:

  1. Element that starts with number 5
  2. Next item

And you get this:

  1. Element that starts with number 5
  2. Next element

:: Ordered lists in Roman numerals ::

Another variation of ordered lists is to use Roman numerals instead of the usual ones, and it is done as follows:

  1. Element I
  2. Element II
  3. Element III
  4. Element IV

:: Lists ordered in letters ::

And we end with ordered lists but they use letters instead of numbers, very practical, and they are like this: [19659032] Element A

  • Element B
  • Element C
  • Element D
  • So I already have a few HTML tags more than you can add to your WordPress editor arsenal.

    WARNING : this post is two years or more ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    That may also help you:

    How to make lists wherever you want

    When we face a blog and have no experience in programming of any kind we usually take more than one surprise. And, although it is true that with WordPress you can have a blog in a few minutes and without knowing programming it is no less true that some basic knowledge of HTML will help you to improve it and personalize it, to give it its character personal and unique.

    It's something we all discover late and early, and at the end, in the Forums we ended up encouraging us to "touch the code".

    Well, there's one of the basic editing elements that, with a simple knowledge, we can incorporate something more joy and personality to our blog: lists .

    Of course, you can create lists in a post with the visual editor, but I'm not talking about that, but to make them in our template, even in text widgets. There are many situations in which you may want to make a list (ordered or not) and for lack of knowledge of how to do it in HTML you end up using plugins, which is not necessary.

    To create a list you only need to know 3 tags HTML: ul ol and li .

    The tags ol and ul are the tags of opening a list and indicate if it will be ordered (1, 2, 3, etc) or not, respectively. On the other hand li is the label that "encloses" each element of the list, and is used in both types of list interchangeably.

    All HTML tags have opening and closing code and the only difference is that the closing has a "/" bar. In this way,

      would open an ordered list, and to close it we would put . The same applies to any HTML tag and is one of the most common errors. Set it to fire.

      Going back to our initiation tutorial, and applying the above, making a list is as simple as this …

      Ordered List

      The code to use would be something like this:

    Spaced lists in your entries

    And it is that when you have lists with a lot of text expand the space between each element can improve its readability .

    As far as I know, do this in the visual editor it is not possible (unless you create a new type of

      for list items).

      To add extra space you have to go to the HTML editor . In WordPress 2.5 choose the "HTML" tab of the entry editor (in versions 2.x the tab is called "Code").

      Well, for create extra spaces simply add the tags


      at the beginning and end, respectively, of each item in the list. It would be something like this:

      Then you save your entry Et voilà! Lists spaced .