Post by voice in WordPress

Let's see, I do not mean that you see your WordPress on the phone not even that post "from" your phone iPhone Android or Blackberry I mean post by phone to your blog, with the voice . Do you find it incredible ?, since in LifeJournal can be done some time ago, and from now on in, I guess soon using some plugin in our sites with WordPress hosted. [19659003] The system implanted in which you can access from the menu of " My blogs " ( /index.php?page=my-blogs) once activated, use the system Twilio an application in the cloud of voice communications.

Once enabled, you can call the number of phone listing on the "My blogs" screen, enter your secret code when prompted and follow the instructions. You can even regenerate the secret code as many times as you need to guarantee an adequate level of security.

There is some peculiarity of the service that you should keep in mind:

  • The maximum duration of the call is 1 hour, although Automattic does not dismiss charging for the service in the future.
  • If there is 10 seconds of silence the recording ends.
  • You do not need to update your space account in to use "Publish by voice"
  • Normal call prices apply (but be aware that the phone is international, so it's not viable for most mortals from outside the US)

The result is your recorded voice message and published in your post, and also available as RSS podcast. You can, like any other, be sent to Facebook or Twitter thanks to the functionality also included in, like any other entry.

As you can see, the service is not for most of us, very expensive from outside the US, but it opens a really interesting world of possibilities. I, of course, am eager to publish by voice, but for the moment I am going to contain myself.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you: acquires Plinky to give you inspiration • WordPress Help

Automattic has acquired the suggestion service called Plinky a great way to break the writer's block in those days when you can not think of anything to write about. [19659002] For this Plinky offers a system that asks you questions of the type " how was your vacation?" "or" could you live without a car for a year? Whole? ", to put a couple of examples (real), which can encourage you to develop your next article on the blog.

Regarding the integration with WordPress, now you can already use Plinky with your WordPress blog .com or hosted. For this the process is as follows:

The truth is that I did not know the system but I loved it. Not only is it a different way to publish entries on your site, but it is also a community and a very interesting, inspirational suggestions service, which is now part of the WordPress toolbox after the acquisition by Automattic .

Import contacts from Google, Yahoo, Social networks and massssss • WordPress Help

If you are looking for a system with which import your contacts from online services, webmails, social networks etc., Open Inviter is the most complete, and it is also Free and Open Source . Do you want more, as there is a OpenPress WordPress plugin that automates and simplifies the process.

It is installed like any other plugin and from there the process is really simple. The only previous step is to enter your key Open Inviter API which you can get on the official site .

propo, Yandex, Hushmail, Azet, OperaMail, FastMail, ] GMail Zapakmail, Evite, Terra, Netaddress, Gawab, Abv, AOL, Care2, 5Fm, IndiaTimes,,, Popstarmail,, Doramail,, Live / Hotmail Rediff, Clevergo, KataMail, Lycos, Nz11, Bigstring, Walla, Interia,, Libero,, Uk2,, Inbox. com, Yahoo! Rambler, Badoo, Mevio, Plurk, Motortopia, Flickr Twitter Facebook Multiply, Eons, Xing, Xuqa, LinkedIn, Friendster, Skyrock, Plaxo, Cyworld, Fdcareer, Kincafe, Brazencareerist, Flixster, Perfspot, LinkedIn Mydogspace, Flingr, Xanga, Vimeo Friendfeed, Hyves, Faces, Orkut, Konnects, MySpace Meinvz, Hi5 Famiva, Bebo, Lovento, Tagged, Livejournal Plazes, Mycatspace, and will soon also accept contacts from YouTube and some more.

If you were looking for something like this you can download it on this page . The use you make of it is already yours.

Grid Focus, subscription to comments and more on

In have started the year with strength, and interesting features have been incorporated to make the best of your free WordPress blog.

Grid Focus – This wonder of theme Now it is available to use it. Apart from being a really beautiful and minimalist theme, it has 2 areas of widgets and the Blavatar view of the author on the cover.

Subscribe to Comments – This fantastic plugin, a must in any blog, now available on If you visit a blog and you like the conversation, you can check the box and receive an email when there are new replies.

New statistics – Contrary to the previous one, which showed the amount of existing blogs, a new one is shown list of active bloggers in recent days, a much less impressive but more real figure of the community activity .

Import from LiveJournal – Now you can easily import your content from a blog on LiveJournal to and thus enjoy the community and WordPress advantages.

As you see, many interesting news for your blog in the best way to start with WordPress.

Google Blog Converters – Freedom of Choice

Google Blog Converters is a new project Open Source that offers the ability to move blog posts and comments from one service to another. In the first version it offers Python libraries and executable scripts that allow conversions between the export formats of Blogger LiveJournal MovableType and WordPress ]

In addition to this, the source code includes seedlings to host these conversions in the Google App Engine . It is foreseen in the future to add support for BlogML as well as synchronization tools among several services that do not have their own import / export tool but that do offer APIs to access and modify the content of the blog. [19659003] This tool, although not yet for beginners or for trivial use, is an important advance and towards freedom of choice because it eliminates format restrictions, giving us back control of our content, being able at any time to choose the publication platform without fear of losing our original material.
If you want to try it you already have the source code ready for download. . You have the installation process on this page .