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It's almost monotheme to talk about but it's that Automattic are runaway lately with news, and today is – although it seems little – very important.

Well, from today you can already know, not only who clicks on the happy button of "I like" but also you can know who subscribes to your blog. This, which seems a nonsense is really important because it is the first step to manage the traffic of your site, build loyalty to your readers and even make online marketing, something that is not new but in

The best of all (or not, according to taste) is that you will receive an email when someone likes an entry of yours or subscribes to your site, in order to track the popularity of your blog. Just go to the "Options -> Comments" page and check that the corresponding boxes are checked:

Of course, if your site is very popular it might be better to deactivate those options but do not underestimate the power of these ads. face to a personalized attention to the readers of your site, priceless for companies (did I say that is already becoming a great platform for corporate blogs?).

Mailpress – Mailing Lists in WordPress

MailPress is a plugin that offers the creation and management of mailing lists in WordPress with a multitude of options, statistics and creation of emails for distribution.

The entry Mailpress – Mailing Lists in WordPress first published Fernando Tellado in WordPress Help . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

Offer Email Subscriptions – WordPress Help

We have almost talked about everything that can be done to improve the subscriptions to your blog, first we talk about how to change the text in the Feedburner icon to then explain the complete process of how to sign up for Feedburner and include an icon or text to encourage your readers to subscribe . We have even seen how to offer exclusive content to your subscribers .

The next step, and no less important, is to offer the subscription to your feed by email . You should know that there is no subscriber more faithful than the one that does it by email because it has allowed you to enter your mail box every day, along with your personal messages, instead of putting you in a huge list from your list of RSS feeds in your favorite reader. On the other hand, also are the hardest to get precisely because of that trust factor that means deciding that the news of your blog is interesting enough to share space in your email client with the rest of your emails.

Of course, the first thing is to have content relevant enough for someone to decide to give you that confidence that you will not be disappointed, but how are you going to get it if you do not offer the way to do it?

It's very easy, you only need to have a feed redirected in Feedburner and follow these steps:

Access Feedburner and click My Feeds . [19659009] Click on the selected feed and select the tab called " Publicize "

  • Among the many options available in the sidebar you must click on the call " Email Subscriptions "
    1. In the dropdown "Language" choose Spanish.
    2. Below you have 2 available codes …
      • The first one is to offer an entry form of email and button to send the request
      • The second ( Preview subscription link ) is a pure and hard link that you can link to the icon, text or whatever you want and offers you a popup to insert the address of email, like the one you can see at the beginning of the sidebar of WordPress Help .

       Click to enlarge the image

    3. The next thing you have to do (and the last thing) is to include one of the codes that offer you – the one that most satisfies you – in your file sidebar.php or in a text widget of the section " Design -> Widgets "From your administration panel

    It does not matter what code you choose, what you'll get when a reader clicks ic in the link, or fill in your email in the field designed for that purpose, is a window in which you must confirm your address.

    The process is almost complete . Your reader will receive an email confirmation of the subscription and, if you accept it, it will be completed and will receive in your email the RSS feed of your blog .

    Now, there are some aspects that you can customize …

    Without leaving the section of subscriptions by email of Feedburner you can configure:

    • Preferences of communication – Here you can define the mail of the sender, subject and message of confirmation of the subscription to the feed by email. It is very advisable to start your communication with your subscribers, so try to be kind.

    • Email Branding – In this You can customize the aspect that the news that reaches your subscribers will have. It is a great idea to identify the email with a logo (not too heavy so as not to overload the reception of your subscribers' emails), you can add a link to the logo, specify a descriptive title for the subject of the email e You can even choose the fonts and colors with which your feed will be displayed. Once you have configured it you can preview how it will look before saving.

    • Shipping Options – To finish, you can choose the The time your subscribers will receive the feed . This, which may seem silly, is quite important. If you know the geographical location of most of your subscribers you can choose the time zone and time so that the news of your blog reaches them at an appropriate time . My advice is to choose the section between 5:00 – 7:00 in the morning, so you can be sure that is informed before the start of the working day . You must also keep in mind the time you usually post because if you usually do it at 8:00 in the morning and the email arrives before you will receive the news of the previous day losing much of its utility and effectiveness the shipment. You must be aware that the subscriber by email has decided that it is interesting to know the news of your blog and may even use the information you publish for a purpose, so is conscientious with this aspect too.

    Well, that's it. Take care of your subscribers to the feed and especially those who do it by email, they are the daily food of your motivation to write on the blog they do not let you down .

    (I want to take this opportunity to thank with all our affection the fidelity of our almost 500 subscribers to the RSS and the more than 200 subscribers by email, without you this would not be the same and you encourage us every day to offer the best of us)

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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