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If you are someone you want monetize your website and live what you like you'll know what to get subscribers who follow you and read what you do is vital to be able to grow.

In fact, if you want another day I talk about it, but there are very effective methods to get subscribers by fast track and be able to generate income without going crazy. For example make a good lead magnet or gift, make a page where you give it if you subscribe … this page is called squeeze page, here you can see an example of mine so you can see what I'm talking about: Gift e- book + Online Course of what you should know before starting your website

Well, to build a good system there are several tools, but Divi has just updated its module to attract subscribers so that it is still easier and more powerful . And besides, as you are doing in the latest updates, keep improving your code so that it goes like a shot.

In fact with other WordPress themes or plugins to do these things you are forced to buy additional plugins and with Divi buying your subscription you have it all.

But let's go to the mess …

Today the Divi Email Optin module has had its biggest update now you can link it by clicking on:

  1. ConvertKit ,
  2. Mailerlite,
  3. Mailster,
  4. Infusionsoft,
  5. Ontraport,
  6. iContact,
  7. HubSpot,
  8. Emma, ​​
  9. MadMimi,
  10. GetResponse,
  11. ] ConstantContact,
  12. Sendinblue,
  13. ActiveCampaign,
  14. SalesForce,
  15. CampaignMonitor
  16. and MailPoet .

In addition they have also added the ability to do a URL redirect ] After subscribing or personalizing the success message in the module itself!

Support for 17 new suppliers

Prior to today, the Divi email module only supported 3 suppliers. Today we have gone from 3 to 20 adding 17 integrations. No matter which tool you use, you can almost certainly link it to Divi.

ConvertKit . "The power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp." ConvertKit was built with bloggers in mind, which makes it a natural choice for WordPress users. Combined with the power of Bloom, it's the perfect way to take your blog to the next level.

277,365 companies, start-ups and freelancers around the world rely on MailerLite and has been one of the most requested list of email providers.

Mailster is one of the most popular WordPress mail plug-ins, allowing you to build, maintain and send by email to your subscribers within WordPress. This makes it a more affordable solution than most SAAS providers since your hosting company handles work.

Infusionsoft le saves you more time while helping you capture potential customers, improve conversion rates and manage your sales process. Now you can bring clients from your website to your Infusionsoft platform using the Divi optin module!

MadMimi is an email marketing tool with a great personality and a friendly interface, and now it's easier than ever to build your MadMimi mailing lists using the Divi optin module.

Ontraport is an email marketing tool that helps you automate marketing , see results, discover opportunities and predict results. Now you can increase that line using Divi to capture visitors to your sales funnel!

iContact is an email marketing tool that includes drag and drop editing, integration of social media, autoresponders and personal coaching. Now you can take your iContact email marketing to the next level using the Divi optin module.

HubSpot is a sales and marketing software that has gained some traction in the last two years, and have had many customers asking to be integrated into Divi. Divi now supports the HubSpot integration, and you can quickly begin to increase your list.

GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform to grow your business. With more than 350,000 customers, they have a large following and now customers can integrate their GetResponse account with Divi in ​​seconds.

Feedblitz is an email marketing tool for Content creators and bloggers. Now these users can promote their Feedblitz bulletins using the Divi optin module.

Emma's digital marketing platform facilitates the creation of very cool emails that generate results. However, before you can begin to get results, you need to build that list! Now you can convert your visitors into subscribers using the Divi optin module.

ContactContact is a veteran in the email marketing space. Your system facilitates the creation of email bulletins using your pre-made templates, and to send those bulletins using your marketing automation platform. Start sending emails to an even bigger list using the Divi optin module.

SendInBlue facilitates marketing campaigns, allowing companies to build and develop relationships with through marketing campaigns, transactional messaging and marketing automation.

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing provider that focuses on marketing automation and sales CRM, and now you can build that marketing list through the Divi email optin module!

SalesForce is a great tool to manage your clients and market to potential clients. Now you can generate more leads using the Divi optin module and use the huge set of SaleForce tools more easily.

CampaignMonitor is very easy to use, and its automation allows rapid growth.

MailPoet is an email marketing plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage your lists within your WordPress Panel. Now with the integration of Divi, you can build those lists more effectively using the Divi optin module.

URL redirection of the website

The optin email module now supports the successful actions . These are the actions that occur after a user correctly selects their mailing list.

The new module comes with a new action: Website URL redirection . This allows you to define a URL where the user should be redirected after subscribing.

This allows you to win pasta Do you win pasta Gonzalo? Yes, you read me correctly, look:

Now you can redirect your users to special offer pages so they can buy you something with a super discount or download pages after they've given you their email address. By providing such incentives, you can greatly increase your conversion rates.

This is a very pro trick that works very well and one day I'll talk to you.

Along with the URL redirect option, Divi also allows you to capture the visitor's name and email address and associate it with the redirect URL as a URL query form so you can feed that data to another system if necessary.

Native WordPress Code

In addition to adding 17 new providers, they have also re-configured the code for several integrations, completely eliminating their dependency on other third-party APIs and rewriting these integrations themselves with Native WordPress code thinner and optimized. This means less inflation, fewer errors and better compatibility with WordPress websites.

As you see Divi, every day that goes by is better and faster.

Well, nothing, if you want to learn more about Divi you know, sign up to any of the Fernando courses or visit my website and you will also find Divi courses online, premium, free web courses, free resources for Divi and information of all the colors so that you can learn as a shot and start to make profitable with your first customers.

A hug and you know, leave your opinion in the comments and share it on your social networks if you liked it.

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Newsletters with MailRelay in WordPress • WordPress Help

If you send newsletter to your subscribers from your WordPress you must know MailRelay . It is probably not the best known service, at least not as much as MailChimp, MailPoet or Aweber, but it has particularities that you will love.

I could give you many reasons but in the following graphics you have the most weighty argument … [19659005] Users / month

The summary of the offer of free accounts for these services of Newsletter would be as follows:

  • MailPoet : interesting, 2,000 subscribers but shipments infinite per month to those 2,000 subscribers. The handicap is that they are sent from your own server.
  • Mailchimp : 2,000 subscribers a maximum of 12,000 shipments in total per month (that is, at most 6 shipments to those 2,000 subscribers per month)
  • MailRelay : 15,000 subscribers a maximum of 75,000 total shipments per month

Note: not even Aweber in the comparison as it does not have a free plan but a 30-day demo and all plans are paid

this, if you have less than 2,000 subscribers to your blog / web the service to choose would be clearly MailPoet which also integrates wonderfully with WordPress by its fantastic official plugin although you have to take into account that they are sent from the server of your hosting, with what that means at risk of consumption of resources and be marked as spam.

But if you surpass those subscriber base figures then the price escalation is brutal in any service, and the best subscriber / shipping / price ratio is undoubtedly that of MailRelay .

Of course, of course, the free MailRelay account of 15,000 subscribers and 75,000 shipments per month is an unbeatable option .

And if you need to expand your package of subscribers and shipments you have fantastic prices, for what is usually this sector.

 packs prices mailrelay

Everything clear? we continue …

If at this point we opted for MailRelay the use of the service, which by the way is entirely in Spanish, which is a plus, is simple, but not as modern design as MailChimp or MailPoet , but in marketing you have to look for the functional, and also the most profitable, even if the service interface is uglier, than it is.

 mailrelay interface

Once inside it is true that it has everything we need, including newsletter templates for normal or automated mailings by RSS, but boy, how nice it is not. Did I already say that it is functional and is in Spanish? for that.

Another plus is that it also incorporates autoresponders for free a service that is usually paid for in other services. More interesting features of MailRelay are these:

  • Integration in Facebook
  • Creation of customized forms (improvable aspect, again)
  • Autoresponders (free)
  • Tests A / B (free)
  • Import massive
  • Very detailed statistics
  • Grouping of subscribers
  • Payment plans sooo cheap
  • Affiliate system
  • WordPress plugin
  • Blog with a multitude of guides and videotutorials (in Spanish)
  • I said it's a service in Spanish?

Did I say that you have a WordPress plugin? Well, that's what I wanted to talk about, so the mess …

MailRelay and WordPress

Integrating MailRelay and WordPress is really simple, and with the plugin published in the official directory is sew and sing.

 mailrelay plugin

Ok you can always copy the code of the MailRelay form in a text widget or directly in the files of your active theme, that too, but if you use the plugin will get much more, much more.

Once installed and active it generates its own settings menu:

 menu mailrelay wordpress

The first thing is to go to connect it with your MailRelay account . In this step it is interesting that you know that the service assigns you when you register a URL from which to access your account, of the type . And this is the first thing that he asks you, the other is the API, which you can generate in the MailRelay interface.

You save the changes and you can start to configure the magic in the following menu items. In the following you configure if MailRelay will send a newsletter to the subscribers of your list each time you publish a new entry, simple and effective. You simply define the settings to your liking and save.

 configuration posts mailrelay

But the thing does not end there, because this module also incorporates a new meta box in the WordPress editor from which you can , in each entry, specify whether it will be sent – or not – to your subscribers when it is published (it also works with the programmed ones), to what list, and you can even specify a different title than the entry. Very practical

 meta post box wordpress mailrelay

Practical eh?

But that's not the end of it. If you want, you can automate even more the sending of the newsletter in the following page of adjustments, where you can activate the integration of the RSS feed of your site with your shipments. In this way, each time a change in the feed is broadcast, a newsletter will be sent to the chosen list.

 configuration mailrelay feed

Mola, right?

But there is still more …

I do not know if you have noticed the settings menu capture, but there is something that will give you life. As you already know, any service of newsletter that boasts has the functionality of importing lists, yes, that is fine, but what about users who were already registered on your site? Can I add them by exporting the list? Of course, and can I synchronize them with my list? not always, but with the MailRelay plugin it's sewing and singing.

You go through the submenu of the plugin settings called " Synchronize users " and start the process so they are automatically added to the list that you indicate. It will take its toll if you have many registered users but it is a simple and painless process, at least for you.

 synchronize users

How not, remember that to be honest users should know that they subscribe to your list at the time of registration, do not forget to explain it, okay?

In summary, MailRelay is a cheap, very cheap service, with a free basic package that – for number of users – has no equal in the sector, works very well, and also is integrated into WordPress wonder so yourself.

Do you know another even better? It's too late to tell everyone in the comments!

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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