WordPress 3.9.1 and 3.9.2 almost to the point • WordPress Help

It is quite likely that the update to WordPress 3.9.1 will be available this Wednesday, and a few days later to version 3.9.2 .

According to reports Nacin on the development blog these versions will be maintenance, solving flaws detected since the release of WordPress 3.9 .

That at the moment, but if you find something else you know, inform so that arrange, that's the greatness of open source communities.

Oh, and remember that these updates will be automatic, without your intervention, unless you have disabled them .

WordPress 3.8.1, maintenance update • WordPress Help

Just released version 3.8.1 of WordPress, a maintenance update that fixes no less than 31 small (or not so much) bugs detected since the release of WordPress 3.8.

] Among the improvements there are several related to the new administration interface, both general and the topics. An issue has also been fixed with requests for taxonomies in WP_Query or those annoying false with the send buttons, which did not work for many clicks that you did, as it seemed that there were areas of the same that did not work.

It also fixed a bug when inserting tweets (putting the URL of the tweet in a line of text), because they did not work due to a recent change in the Twitter API.

Right now you can update it manually, or wait a bit and WordPress will update itself to WordPress 3.8.1.

How to activate the maintenance mode in WordPress with the Maintenance plugin (videotutorial)

In this video we are going to see how to put in maintenance our website developed with WordPress, using the plugin Maintenance .

You can consult the transcription of the video in this link .

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Emergency data sheet of the owner of a WordPress website

The other day I found a fact sheet that I thought was a great idea and also with several possible uses. The approach is to provide a page where to enter the basic connection and access data that any WordPress web owner may need at some time.

The basic situations for which this sheet would serve would be, for example …

The idea is to have that sheet, print it, complete the data of it and keep it safe, for the day you might need it.

Of course I have translated it into Spanish , passed to Excel in case you want it adapt and modify to your liking and here you have it in PDF and XLS format for you to use. I already have a good one for each web that I have, which are a few.

Hibernate WordPress in read-only mode • WordPress Help

This is another one of those things that you always think should be possible and do not even imagine that it's already available, I mean the possibility of putting WordPress into hibernation mode so that your website supports visits and even access to the Desktop of registered users while performing maintenance tasks, but without the risk of anyone touching anything.

Someone will tell me that you can serve the whole web from the cache but I do not mean that, but to have all your WordPress accessible to visitors and registered users but without anyone being able to make changes while doing important actions .

This is what it was born for Code Freeze one absolute wonder of plugin that, while active …

This affects all users, including administrators, and is perfect in maintenance situations, such as DNS, hosting or domain changes or, or just any situation you want "hibernate" your WordPress so that nobody changes until you decide it yourself .

When the situation that required the use of the plugin Code has passed Freeze you just turn it off and everything goes back to normal, with no tables added to your database and everything back to normal.

Fast maintenance mode, without plugin

I think it's too much to install a plugin just to put your site in maintenance mode for a few moments, let's say for a minor update or things like that, do not you think?

Also, who has not suffered a problem after an update with the maintenance plugins ?. So that …

So if you want to put your site at rest awhile you can momentarily add this code to the file functions.php ] of your active topic:

That's right, remember to remove the code once you're finished.

In maintenance after updating • WordPress Help

There are times when the system of WordPress automatic updates is not finished and leaves our site in permanent maintenance mode without even seeing the site or even access to the administration area, our desktop.

The causes can be many, and the most common lack of memory or permissions when updating the database, which is the step in which more times is stuck this process.

Well, if it ever happens to you it's really easy to solve you only need FTP access (or to the browser of the administration panel of your hosting provider). What you have to do is this:

As you can see, it's very easy to fix, and my recommendation is that if it happens regularly before updating the plugins manually again, even change the theme by default, temporarily using the theme default. Sometimes that's enough.