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Although I acknowledge myself having contributed on occasion, more for having a good time than anything else, to encourage competitiveness between WordPress and other CMS open source like Joomla or Drupal, the reality is that the real competition of WordPress is Wix .

Yes, it is something that you have heard me comment several times lately, that the real competition of WordPress are not Joomla or Drupal, but Wix .

Let's talk about usage statistics

 graph market share WordPress cms 2016

Surely you've seen many rankings and usage statistics but always they are limited to the comparison between open source CMS, they almost never include other CMS like Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace or Jimdo with a great implantation in the market, and predominant in some countries.

do not They are ideal for business, or customizable, often not even expandable or easy to export, but there they are, competing with the same market as WordPress: users who want to make a website on their own easily and quickly. [19659003] In fact, in countries like Spain the CMS implementation statistics, if we do not discriminate against only open source ones, the lead the page constructor of 1 & 1 and Wix and with a huge – huge – implementation of Jimdo.

And, right, WordPress leads the market share of open source CMS but in implementation it still can not compete with those previously cited, and I doubt it will do so in a while. Why? …

What open source CMS can compete right now with ads like this?

Visual layouters and 50% share market

 divi 3 react [19659003] Every day I read criticisms of the visual formatters it does not matter if it is Avada Visual Composer or Divi especially by WordPress programmers " guardians of essences ".

It's a debate that takes me back to the beginnings of open-source CMS, when lifelong HTML programmers criticized the users and developers of CMS like the programmers / dumb users who were filling in code crap with the network.

And look where you go! curiously only a few years later, the same defenders of the CMS today get great, using the same arguments as the old programmers, against the visual layout, shortcodes, and even the use of plugins . [19659003]  wordpress plugins

Or have you never heard that about " I'd rather use code than plugins "? Let's see …

Is it that the plugins are not code? Is it that the plugins write them useless? Do you feel yourself a better programmer than those who have developed plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress or Contact Form 7? And if so, why do not I see your plugins in the plugins directory? Or is it that you keep your wonderful codes just for you?

Fortunately the vast majority of the great programmers release their codes in plugins that we can all use to give life to our webs created with WordPress, but still many nonsense is read.

Much of the success of WordPress is due to the plugins but above all to the creators of those codes that, instead of saving them for their clients or friends, they decide to release them every day for the WordPress community . Does that make you poor? Not at all, those who adapt to the times find new business models to exploit their free codes such as premium utilities, additional services, extension plugins, etc., etc.

Sorry to give me a bit dry, but is that one listens and reads so many things out there that I open the flesh of listening to nonsense, many times against the culture of open source, and even common sense.

If #WordPress you want to reach the 50% market share must compete with Wix or 1 & 1 Click to tweet

If WordPress wants to reach 50% market share it must compete with Wix or the web creator of 1 & 1 because that is what the market is looking for, your client.

And yes, you can isolate yourself in your cave without tabs or external calls to JavaScripts, but solution developers exist because clients want solutions, not those that the developer wants , but the that the user needs and wants .


And yes, the CMS have promoted users "do it yourself" but Is that bad? Is it perverse that today an SME can create its own website to start your business without investing thousands of euros before you even start? I think not, and open source CMS like WordPress have contributed to this, offering a free, easy-to-use, free web creation solution

attacking Wix – I think rightly – to steal WordPress code or even accusing them of pretending to resemble WordPress, alluding to that initially called WixPress .

In case you want to follow the soap opera, then the Wix CEO answered Matt indicating that yes, they have taken WordPress code for their mobile editor but that then they released it on GitHub, and incidentally, the stone that WordPress advertised as a blog creation tool to later change to a web creation platform, imitating Wix, was released.

Come on, a joke father, but which denotes where the war is going, whoever wins each specific battle.

Another interesting fact is the approach that is being given to the default themes of WordPress, the famous Twentyloquesea more and more focused on the corporate client and less on blogs.

But WordPress is better!

 love-wp "width =" 400 "height =" 400 "srcset =" wp-content / uploads / 2016/02 / love-wp.jpg 400w, 150w, https: // ayudawp. com / wp-content / uploads / 2016/02 / love-wp-160x160.jpg 160w, 240w, https: // 60w , 184w "sizes =" (max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px "/> </p>
<p> Of course, <strong><a href= WordPress is a thousand times better than Wix or the web creator of 1 & 1, Weebly and others do we review in what stands out?

  • SEO
  • Open source
  • Free plugins [19659049] Free themes
  • Freedom
  • Extensible
  • Easy to program
  • Scalable

But it turns out that that's not the first thing the user who wants a website wants, what he wants is this … [19659003]

And can WordPress compete with this?

Yes, well …

The future of WordPress goes through the visual layout

 future-of-wordpress "width =" 838 "height =" 539 "srcset =" 840w , png 550w, 768w "sizes =" (max-width: 838px) 100vw, 838px "/> [19659003] In the end, <strong> software exists and lasts if it offers the solutions that users are looking for </strong>and the developer must adapt to new situations as quickly as possible. </p>
<p> For WordPress to truly compete in the market of web creation <strong> should be up to the web creators of companies like Wix or 1 & 1 </strong> and, from there, stand out with its many other virtues, which are the ones that really make it special </p>
<p> And we, WordPress lovers, must offer <strong> the best of both worlds: an interactive, visual and powerful user experience, and a clean, open and scalable code </strong>. </p>
<p> How not, it is necessary <strong> to fight for the standardization of the <em> shortcodes </em>with projects like <a href= ShortCake to avoid l lack of control of shortcodes now, but you do not have to face the future, but confront it and be part of it.

I bet for the future of WordPress but it inevitably happens because becomes the best application to create websites easily and quickly, with a visual interface for all audiences, with a robust, flexible and open code, created by the best programmers in the world who constantly recycle to offer the best possible technologies with the client in his target.

And you? Do you prefer a WordPress only for advanced users or that suits all types of users? I think that's the big question.

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Divi 3.0 will use ReactJS for front page layout

You already know that I really like the WordPress Divi theme, sometimes even at the expense of receiving jokes in this regard constant from some members of the community WordPress, and despite this friends 🙂

And I like it because despite its shortcomings, which have them as all subjects, is the way in which the issues will have to work, not for the developer – that too – but mainly for to facilitate and fully democratize the web creation .

Yes, the layout designers have their stuff as the themes for everything, but if we want WordPress to reach the next level for all users, topics will have to look like Divi, in the form and in the background .

Well, has just announced the countdown towards what will be <span style = "border-bottom: 1px dashed # 2980 b9; cursor: pointer; " contenteditable = "false" data-eafl-id = "80136" data-eafl-text = " Divi 3.0 " data-eafl-shortcode-id = "1" data-eafl-shortcode = "% 5Beafl % 20id% 3D80136% 20name% 3D% 22Divi% 22% 20text% 3D% 22% 3Cstrong% 3EDivi% 203.0% 3C% 2Fstrong% 3E% 22% 5D "> Divi 3.0 a theme that will change with much better the way we currently model webs.

One of the most important changes is that will work with ReactJS an open-source JavaScript framework normally used to create interfaces for user, and that will cause what you know today of Divi change completely, so will touch recycle .

It will have many changes but the fundamental thing is that the layout designer, the one called Constructor Divi will undergo a huge modification.

From Divi 3.0 when you are designing your website with the constructor on the cover all your changes will be seen in real time l, being able to click, drag, drop and edit the page directly, instead of formatting with the current block system .

The same layout designer, thanks to ReactJS, will be much faster, ] responsive and in addition every change you make will be shown instantly without the need to reload the page, without refreshments by Ajax.

The concept of front page layout is not new, but I know it through ReactJS, and it is not something minor because the current failure of the layout-makers that work on the cover is how it arrrrrassssstrraaaaan something that does not seem to happen with Divi + ReactJS.

Of course, all these changes , and more, will be incorporated to the constructor Divi which you can use with any subject, and to the Extra theme special for news websites.

We will see, there are 100 days to arrive At the launch of Divi 3.0 we will inform or more news. At the moment there is only what I just told you and this capture …

 divi 3.0 layout designer reactjs on cover

To keep things going, on the blog of Elegant Themes they will be publishing designs, tricks and extensions packages for Divi as of today during these 100 days that remain.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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The Divi constructor now available as a plugin for use in any WordPress theme

We have talked a lot about Divi and his virtues but what really makes this great theme is its visual layout, the so-called Constructor Divi from today available for use not only in the theme Divi but in any WordPress theme .

Announced this afternoon ] in the Elegant Themes blog if you have an account in Elegant Themes you can download it at no additional cost, and you can join the Elegant Themes club and for 89 $ you have nothing less than 87 themes Divi and Nexus included, and in addition to its fantastic plugins Monarch, Bloom and, from today, Constructor Divi .

With ] more than 40 content modules that you can insert into any WordPress theme the Divi Constructor, or Divi Builder is an intuitive, visual and very easy to use mode with which create impressive dynamic content websites like Parallax effects sliders ( sliders ) of all type of content, accountants, calls to action, integration with newsletters testimony blocks, video, everything.

 modulos divi builder [19659005] Another of its marvels are the predesigned templates to create impressive web covers in a few clicks based on designs adapted to all types of webs, simply adapting the modules to your content.

 divi1 "width =" 610 "height =" 380 "srcset =" 610w, content / uploads / 2015/09 / divi1-550x343.jpg 550w "sizes =" (max-width: 610px) 100vw, 610px "/> </a> </p>
<p> And, of course, the rest of their [19] 459021] functionalities that we have already seen </a>: </p>
<li> Visual layout designer </li>
<li> More than 40 content modules </li>
<li> Copy and paste modules and blocks </li>
<li> Right-clicking actions </li>
<li> Integration of keyboard shortcuts </li>
<li> ] Manager of user profiles and access </li>
<li> Change history </li>
<li> Several levels of undoing </li>
<li> Possibility of inactivating and activating blocks and elements </li>
<li> Possibility of blocking modules and blocks </li>
<li> Total integration in the customizer of WordPress </li>
<li> Preview integrated in each module and block </li>
<li> … much more </li>
<p> And from today the possibility of <strong> install it in your WordPress like any other plugin and use it with your active theme </strong>. ] <strong> Do you already have content created in pages and entries? No problem </strong>. The Divi Constructor identifies the content of the WordPress editor and automatically creates a text editor module integrated with your existing content, from there, start to layout the rest of your page or post. </p>
<p> I agree that <strong> ] the visual composers, such as Divi or the veteran <a href= Visual composer should not be used excessively but currently they have no equal at the time of – above all – designing web covers. They are not really necessary for the entries, but are fantastic for layout by clicking on the cover of your website or special pages such as the contact page or even the display of entries.

If you use visual maquettes then it is hard to go back, especially to design covers ultimately the gateway to your site, where you want to show the best of yourself and in the most visually attractive way possible, and for that the Maquetadores are unequaled, eliminating any limitation of the active theme, which usually restrict what you can add to your website and how it should look.

Come on, a blast. I have tried all or almost all the visual layouters that exist, and waiting for it to be incorporated ShortCake which would be the standardization of the management of shortcodes ] for insertion of blocks of content as do all visual layouters, of all the ones I've tried the Constructor Divi is the best by far.

There are more modules, there are more impressive ones , especially in the live layout, but for daily use the Divi Constructor has no equal by integration, shortcuts, undo levels, user profiles, template management or the copy and paste system, really fantastic.

From my point of view I think it still lacks something, and that is to release it completely free and upload it to the official directory of plugins precisely to occupy all the market share of other visual layouters is that today they are very implanted to come included in packages of premium themes, something I hope that if they are ready in Elegant Themes will not take long to do, and with that we will win all users and I think that they too.

In between, you could also adopt a great model, which would be freemium offering it for free – say – for a year and then the updates already payment, for example. Or also offer a free basic package with x modules and if you want everyone else pay a small fee. We will see, but I think that would be the way to its total implantation, because as a plugin it deserves a place of honor, for the good that it is .

What I have said, I think it is a train that you should not miss, and it's part of the present and future of WordPress, so you're slow to learn how to use visual maquedores, and Constructor Divi is a winning option .

If you want to see how nothing works better than a video …

And if you have convinced check out the page where all its features are reported .

(Note: in case you have not noticed some of the links in this entry are affiliated, so if you buy a product it costs you the same but you pay me a coffee)

NOTICE : this publication is two years ago or plus. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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All the news of Divi 2.5

A few days ago came to light version 2.5 of Divi one of the most advanced and versatile topics that we can find these days, and has done with huge and interesting developments, which put it ahead of the competition many integers.

If Divi already offered a fantastic content layout experience, now, with the improvements introduced , becomes the most advanced tandem theme + layout designer improving even Visual composer the layout that is almost a standard.

The only Divica handicap versus Visual Composer currently it is that the latter is installable and adaptable to any subject, but this will not last long, since it has already announced Elegant Themes that the Divi visual designer will soon be available as a separate download for use with any r subject of the market .

So, whether you are going to use Divi or not, I think it is worth reviewing all the features it incorporates, including the news of Divi 2.5 .

Visual layout designer

 divi1 "width =" 610 "height =" 380 "srcset =" 610w, https: / / 550w "sizes =" (max-width: 610px) 100vw, 610px "/> </p>
<p> Divi is a WordPress theme to use, but what makes it special is the visual layout that includes, called <strong> Constructor Divi </strong>which <strong> allows you to convert an entry, page or the cover of your website into an impressive looking site </strong>. ] If you have not used any visual layout designer before, you should know that <strong> replaces the WordPress editor with an advanced version </strong> that, in addition to text, images, videos, etc., allows you to define by zones your content. do, can incorporate, for example: </p>
<li> Content blocks in several columns </li>
<li> Automatic content sliders </li>
<li> Contact forms </li>
<li> Code blocks </li>
<li> Automatic progress indicators </li>
<li> Review blocks of clients </li>
<li> Different backgrounds for each block of content, each with their images or background videos, images and added text </li>
<li> etc, etc, etc. The possibilities are practically endless </li>
<p> And, without a doubt, the best visual designer of the market is Divi. There are others such as <em> Cornerstone </em> or the same <a href= Visual composer the latter the most widely implemented, which offer everything, but none as well and as fantastic and simple as the divi visual layout .

The only "but", at the moment, is that we can only use it with the Divi theme, but this will soon be a thing of the past, and in a short time we will see that many of the themes that today are delivered with Visual Composer included, will soon be adapted to Divi, without a doubt.

In the following screenshot you can see how the Divi Constructor has replaced the default WordPress editor, incorporating rows, columns and blocks of dynamic content to

 Constructor Divi

Constructor Divi

Actions of right click

This, although it seems silly, is something that other visual dockers do not offer, and it does that the work flow or much faster and, consequently, more natural the use of the Constructor to model your content.

In any element of the model you can right click and, in this way, perform the most common actions for the elements of the

 right click divi 2.5

Actions so far complicated in visual layout, or sometimes difficult to find, such as copying a module or a row of modules, you can copy and paste them at the click of a mouse, or save an entire section in your personal library of modules, to reuse them in other contents.

 rename divi

Keyboard shortcuts

Not only do we have a right click, but Divi allows you to use keyboard shortcuts, and not strangers, but those that you usually use to copy, paste, etc, in your computer, with which the integration of the Constructor with a way of working is total.

This, that should be normal, n or you have it available, not in visual layout templates, but in any other web management and creation element that is out there.

You can copy and paste, cut as you usually do with your keyboard, save changes with the ENTER key, undo them with Control + Y (command key on Mac), use the ESC key to exit the settings of a module, everything.


 divi keyboard shortcuts

Copy and paste

] And if that was not enough, you can also copy and paste with ease, and best of all: you can copy and paste modules between different pages, not only on the same page you are designing. It's that easy and effective

 copy paste divi

User permission management

Something that you will not find out there in other layout models, and should be a basic one, is the management of user permissions, to define what user profile will be able to layout and what will be able to layout.

 editor roles divi

For example, you can define that the user with author profile can create rows and add text modules, but not images, or whatever you want, the possibilities are endless, and like everything in Divi very easy to use.

 role editor divi

Change history – Undo

At any time you can undo a change in a module while making models, but in addition, in the upper part of the constructor you have an icon with the history of the last changes, being able to undo any of the ones that you have made lately, or redo it .

 make undo divi

A joy that, again, you will not find out there.

 history of changes to undo divi

Elements inactive and blocked

It has crazy, it is the best idea they have had in Elegant Themes with version 2.5 of Divi. I mean that, until now, in any visual layout, if you wanted to eliminate a module a series of modules, an entire section with its corresponding modules, but you could need them later, you had to irremediably store the entire model in your library personal

But ah friend !, with the new Divi you can deactivate elements, rows, sections, whatever, with a simple right click so that they will remain there, for later use, but will not be loaded on your website.

 block divi content

One more step is to block items, or entire sections too, so that they can only modify that part of the model those user profiles that you have configured so they can not do it. A great way for your content authors to add content but not touch what should always be there.

Of course, as always, you can save any part of the model in your private library for later reuse and save time for the time to enter items you use often with custom settings.

 disable and block divi elements

Integration into the Customizer

Divi is fully integrated into the WordPress Customizer, so you can configure your custom settings from this common element of WordPress, from which you will access all your possible settings.

 customizer divi themes

Module Customizer

Special review deserves integration in the Customizer of the configuration and modification of all the elements of Divi, to be able to adjust quickly and visually every aspect of Divi (never better said) at the same time that you see how it will look on your website.

 modi divi personalizer

Integrated preview

In addition to all the above, the new Divi Constructor incorporates the preview without leaving it. What does this mean? Well now, when creating or modifying any module you have a way to see how it will look on your website before saving the changes, updating your page, etc.

 divi preview

In summary , you save a lot of steps, clicks and time.

In any module you have an icon at the bottom to access your preview …

 preview divi 1

And then, in the preview window you can see how your creation will look like, your piece of the layout, both on desktop devices and tablets and mobiles milk!

Integration with Mailchimp and Aweber

Divi also allows you to connect directly with the MailChimp and Aweber newsletter services, from the veteran ePanel, the general settings page of any Elegant Themes theme.

Then, once the services are connected, you can use the eleme Form and subscription forms connected to your preferred newsletter service

 divi newsletter integration

All this and much more

Divi has become what all the topics should be, and is revolutionizing the use of WordPress towards something that today seems novel and in no time will be the usual way of working in the editor, where we will not only write but also layout designers.

It's not the only subject that includes a visual layout but it's the best! And it is for many reasons, like what you just saw.

So you can do 2 things:

  1. Wait for the Divi Constructor is available as an independent download
  2. Acquire Divi right now and take all the themes of Elegant Themes or the fantastic plugins Monarch and Bloom ] Any of them separately is already worth the measly price it costs.

Come on, do not think about it or you'll be left behind …

 banner divi 250x400

NOTICE : this Publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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