WordPress and open source are threatened join and help avoid it!

As he explained recently Matt Mullenweg on his blog during 2016 they have spent more than 300 million dollars in promotion of proprietary web systems.

We are talking about companies like Wix, Medium, SquareSpace or Weebly spending hundreds of millions of dollars on promoting proprietary web creation products which do not make one more web free and open, as WordPress promulgates.

In fact, some like Wix have come to the shamelessness of stealing WordPress code to use it in their proprietary applications, ignoring of the GPL license

And the reality is that it is difficult to face that advertising impact if you do not join forces to generate unified, concentrated marketing campaigns and from several fronts, for [19459] 010] fight against that big sales power of the big proprietary software companies .

I think you'll be with me that the current web is dominated by closed environments and proprietors like Facebook and Twitter but the alternative of web creation, if the general public has to adhere to advertising, would be dominated by corporations like Wix or Medium .

The struggle is in to make WordPress be more visible than ever let the public know and use free and open publishing and creation tools such as WordPress .

With this goal in mind, to face this threat against Free publication, a form has been published so that any company or individual that wants to help join what has come to be called the WP Growth Council or Council for the growth of WordPress in which will be studied, analyzed and proposed initiatives that spread WordPress and bring the free software to the public as it deserves, and thus deal with these large companies against which each on its own could not never fight.

As stated on the same registration form:

There have never been more threats to the open web and WordPress. More than 300 million dollars have been spent in 2016 announcing proprietary systems, and much more in investments. No company in the world WordPress is big enough to fight against this, nor would anyone have to do it on their own. We would like to join all the organizations that want to collaborate to make WordPress grow. It will be a small group, and if your organization is interested in it, please complete the following survey.

Working together we can amplify our efforts to bring open source to a wider audience, and complete the WordPress mission to democratize the Publication.

So if your company uses WordPress primarily, or wants to join forces to create an open source marketing force, join me in this initiative by completing the form .

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How to migrate from Medium to WordPress

Have you already experimented with Medium? Did you like this blog but you want more? Do you want to increase your chances as a blogger? Well now is the time to move from Medium to WordPress.

Because although there are things that WordPress should learn from Medium and also you can imitate Medium in your WordPress if you really want a professional publishing platform you should use WordPress.

Medium is the cool the trend of the moment, but it has certain limitations and contraindications that my doctor would say:

  • Like any other platform commercial can close tomorrow if you stop molar and run out of audience and even lose your publications.
  • You can not control the design of your site because you depend on the decisions of the platform team.
  • Share branding and SEO with the platform, since you're on Medium.
  • What if Medium starts putting ads to make the platform profitable? Do you want to make branding with ads that you do not control?
  • You can not add functionalities, you depend on what the owners of Medium decide that their users can do or have.

So neither do you think As an experience it was good, it's cool and you were the coolest of your environment for a while but it's time for to do things like a professional and use WordPress .

Migrating from Medium to WordPress

Actually it's very simple, you just have to follow this simple guide:

1. Get a hosting and install WordPress

There are many hosting providers that, for a small fee, offer everything necessary to install WordPress . Some even allow you to have a test platform in which, with a single click, have a WordPress running and running in seconds.

2. Exports your content from Medium to WordPress

Although they are a little bit heavy on Medium, and it takes up to 3 steps to get your content, it can be done and it's not complicated.

Go to Medium and click on the icon with your face to, then click on Settings .

 migrate from wordpress to medium 1

Once on the settings page go to down until you see the text Export content and click the button on the right labeled Download .zip . The following screen informs you that once you press the button Export they will send you an email with the link to download, finally, your content.

What you get is a .zip file that contains all your publications in HTML format. Unzip it and upload the HTML files via FTP to any folder in your new accommodation to have them on hand, then we will be ready to import them.

3. Import the content of Medium in WordPress

In your brand new and recently installed WordPress go to the side menu section called Plugins -> Add new . Once there, use the search box to locate one called HTML Import 2 and install it by pressing the Install now button and on the next screen you click on Activate plugin ]

Once active go to the side menu Settings -> HTML Import and go to the tab Contents ]where you must check the box HTML tag and, if you want, also the ones named Import linked images and Update internal links . Save the settings in the Save settings button. Also go through the tab Custom Fields and also check the box HTML tag save again the changes.

Do not matter yet . Now scroll through the tab Title & Metadata and Import files as choose Entries or Pages depending on what type of publication you want to create . You can also choose if they will be published immediately or to which user to assign them, and my advice is to always save them as a draft, as Medium adds their "little things", which will have to be removed before publishing.

Save the changes again. If you wish, you can also configure (in fact it is recommended) in what category they will be published and assign labels, all in the tab Categories & Tags .

That's it!

As you've probably seen, it's not a matter of a couple of seconds, especially if you want to configure the plugin correctly so that the import is perfect, but is quite easy and you will have everything imported into your WordPress quickly .

Until not so long ago it was much easier, because the .zip file that you exported from Medium was directly importable just like with the standard WordPress importer but – and you know what the reason was – they changed the method and now the export does it in HTML files, which complicates the process a bit (little). [1 9659004] Fortunately there are always WordPress plugins for practically any need, and this is another example of this.

What's more, this guide not only helps you migrate from Medium to WordPress but, as is obvious , you can do the same to migrate from HMTL to WordPress so keep this article in your favorites in case you need it someday.

What if I miss Medium?

Do not get melodramatic either. It is true that Medium has its stuff, but it is not comparable with the power, and above all, the freedom that WordPress offers .

However, you can imitate quite the aspect of Medium and some of its functionalities with [19659052] plugins and themes that simulate Medium in WordPress .

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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