WordPress Córdoba Meetup

There is an event that sometimes goes unnoticed because it is not a "WordCamp" pure and simple, but it is still a great WordPress event, I mean WordPress Córdoba Meetup .

celebrates its 6th edition on May 12 and 13 so you're still in time to register (free) for this event, and in the meantime take advantage of this weekend enjoy the wonderful courtyards of Córdoba a city that I love (I spent part of my military service there and, despite that, I chose it for my wedding night) and that you will love when you meet her

The program consists of two separate days, on Friday the 12th for workshops and on Saturday the 13th for papers . The program of lectures on Saturday is as follows:

On Friday, the day of workshops, there is only one, for things of availability of loaned spaces, but what is available is worth it and a lot:

WordPress already exceeds 27% of all internet

According to the latest implementation data for use in the market of the most popular CMS WordPress is already behind of 27.1% of all the websites .

If, in addition, we compare it with the rest of CMS it occupies 58.5% of all of them, surpassing them by far.

But nothing better than to see the statistics to understand this phenomenon

WordPress grows in implantation, the rest of CMS stagnates

While the rest of CMS stagnates or grows only a few tenths per quarter, WordPress uploads a point and a half in implementation in relation directly proportional to the download of websites that do not use any CMS.

 evolucion-uso-wordpress-internet "width =" 838 "height = "429" srcset = "http://bootstrapx.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/evolucion-uso-wordpress-internet-840x430.png 840w , https://ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/evolucion-uso-wordpress-internet-550x282.png 550w, https://ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/ evolucion-uso-wordpress-internet-768x393.png 768w, https://ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/evolucion-uso-wordpress-internet.png 1068w "sizes =" (max-width: 838px) 100vw, 838px "/> </p>
<p> This is seen more clearly in the following graph, which shows that, <strong> while the number of webs without CMS continues to fall in free fall, only WordPress grows in the same proportion </strong> , what would come to suppose that WordPress is hosting those websites that have gone on to use CMS. </p>
<p> Meanwhile, the rest of CMS are not taking advantage of this opportunity, maintaining practically no rise, in the low line of the comparison. </p>
<p> <img class= What does WordPress have to do to reach 50% of the internet?

Now the question is obvious. WordPress is growing steadily but what has to happen to reach 50% of the internet?

One of the opportunities arises from WooCommerce, as one of the fastest growing sectors is eCommerce , in which the WordPress + WooCommerce tandem already surpasses the rest of specialized CMS . And with initiatives such as the recent creation of a specialized hosting in WooCommerce this market will continue to rise.

But is it enough?

It seems that no, WordPress must overcome its current weaknesses in order to reach the desirable market share of 50 % of all websites or more.

One of them is personalization, currently quite deficient, which is why more and more users opt for frameworks with visual layout such as Divi ] Visual Composer and others .

The efforts of WordPress to compete with visual layout frameworks such as Wix, Webly or 1 & 1 are now gradually incorporating more functionalities to Customizer that in each version sees how more tools are incorporated, and that would reach its maturity if they end up including jewelry Customize Posts which works you can see – and enjoy – in this video …

It is by incorporations the core of WordPress, or resuming the standardization of shortcodes with ShortCake ]as WordPress can compete on an equal footing with those web creation systems that ordinary mortals are looking for.

The value of the WordPress community

The WordPress community is also of great importance, which makes all of this may be possible. Only collaborating with the development or translations actively participating in meetups and WordCamps we will all make WordPress better and better known and accepted among all

At the moment we continue to see, with satisfaction, how WordPress continues to dominate the Internet and going up in implementation, which is not enough?

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It may also help you :

Is Divi the best WordPress theme in history?

Divi is a wonderful subject but is it really the definitive theme? Is it the best WordPress theme in history? If you ask any of these questions, or just want to know its possibilities live you have an unmissable appointment next Wednesday October 28 in Madrid. [19659003] In the next WordPress Madrid Meetup meeting to be held on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 starting at 19:00 in the Flagship Store of Telefónica de Madrid ( Gran Vía 28 ) we will have the opportunity to see how Divi works and its powerful Constructor or visual layout designer if you prefer, learning what we can do and how to do it, in order to truly assess its potential.

 banner-divi-970x90 "width =" 838 "height =" 78 "srcset =" https://ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/banner-divi- 970x90-840x78.png 840w, https://ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/banner-divi-970x90-550x51.png 550w, https://ayudawp.com /wp-content/uploads/2015/09/banner-divi-970x90.png 970w "sizes =" (max-width: 838px) 100vw, 838px "/> </a> </p>
<p> The speakers at this meeting, who <strong> will be developed with live examples, no slides, in order to see what Divi does and what is not </strong>are the following: </p>
<p><strong> Gonzalo de la Campa </strong>: Bachelor of Sociology, Senior Technician in Realization, online marketing consultant and expert in web design and graphic design. </p>
<p> Founder of the web <a href= www.paginaswebempresas.es gives integral online marketing service to companies. Professor of DIVI, WordPress and Woocommerce.

Fernando Tellado (a server): Writer of several books about digital content, being the last one " WordPress: the spider web " next to the activist and Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez.

Awarded for his blogs, teacher and speaker on WordPress, web technologies, content management and online presence.

WordPress disseminator and passionate, manages the official website of WordPress Spain and maintains the Most visited blog about WordPress in Spanish: Help WordPress .

Which relay race, Gonzalo and I will take turns showing the possibilities, tricks, virtues and – perhaps – Divi peccadilloes, and we will see live if it is really such a revolutionary topic if it is currently the best WordPress theme .

Do you already have it clear? then run to point out that the seats are not infinite 😉

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WordPress meetup Marbella – WordPress Help

The second WordPress Meetup in Marbella which will be held next May 30 this year, is already ready.

Good example of this is the program and speakers of the meeting, already practically closed, and which is the following:

If you have it clear, and want to spend a fantastic day in Marbella, sharing and learning WordPress knowledge, sign up on the registration page , for only 15 euros you have all this:

In addition, it is a solidarity event, and all attendees are invited to bring at least one kilo of food to donate to the Food Bank, so that our hobby can also help to the most disadvantaged.

Barcelona WordPress Meetup

On February 12, on Wednesday, the first WordPress Meetup Barcelona takes place.

Since the disappearance of WordCamp Spain, which took place in Barcelona, ​​there has not been any other similar event in this city. Without a doubt, this is the resurgence of the Barcelona community.

In this first Meetup, we will talk about "The perfect configuration". In it, Javier Casares will talk about all the settings that must be made in WordPress and especially in the wp-config.php

This first WordPress Barcelona event will be held in the Mobile World Center of Plaza de Cataluña.

If you are from Barcelona or surroundings, you should not miss this event. To attend, you must sign up for the Meetup page .

The event will begin on February 12 at 7:00 pm and is scheduled to end at 8:00 pm

First WordPress meetup in Marbella

 wpmarbella "width =" 500 "height =" 130 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-69670 "srcset =" https : //ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/wpmarbella-500x130.jpg 500w, https://ayudawp.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/wpmarbella.jpg 960w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px "/> </a></p>
<p> The next May 25th is celebrated <strong> the first WordPress meetup in Marbella </strong>an excuse to learn and share a lot about WordPress and, incidentally, , know that wonderful Andalusian land. </p>
<p> Since <a href= the official website are already open the inscriptions of this event, how all non-profit.

The meetup will be held at Andalucía Lab whose address is as follows:

Andalucía Lab
Ctra Nacional 340, Km 189.6
Marbella, 29604 – Málaga
Telephone: (+34) 951 704 630
Fax: (+34) 951 248 906

The speakers are first class, and the program promises a lot:

09:00 – 09:30 – Reception, accreditation and presentation of the event.
09:30 – 09:50 – PAPER: " What is WordPress? Basic Introduction . " by Pedro Santos
09:50 – 10:00 – Question Time.
10:00 – 10:20 – PAPER: " ] 101 Ways to Use WordPress " by Mercedes Romero
10:20 – 10:30 – Question Time.
10:30 – 10:50 – PAPER: ] " Power without control is useless " by Rafael Poveda
10:50 – 11:00 – Question Time.

11:00 – 11:30 – Networking / Coffee Break

11:30 – 11:50 – PAPER: " BuddyPress. Much more than a WordPress plugin " by Rocío Valdivia
10:50 – 12:00 – Question Time.
12:00 – 12:20 – PRESENTATION: ] " YOAST. SEO for everyone in WordPress. " by Andy García
12:20 – 12:30 – Question Time.
12:30 – 12:50 – PAPER: " WordPress is NOT Responsive. " by Daniel Martínez
12:50 – 13:00 – Question Time.
13:00 – 13:20 – PAPER: " 10 essential plugins for me " for Luis Rull
13:20 – 13:30 – Question Time.
13:30 – 14:00 – Conclusions and farewell.


14:30 or 15:00 – Networking Tapeo – Along with those who wish, we will go to a nearby place where we will do what we call "Networking Tapeo" that is, expand our contacts in the world of web development with WordPress, while we take a tapa. [19659037] (EYE: Everyone will pay for their drinks)

Have a good time!

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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