Add button to share on WhatsApp to JetPack • WordPress Help

JetPack is a very reliable plugin, we like it or not and one of the most used modules is Share. However, it has its limitations, such as adding services to be able to share in more sites, for example in Whatsapp, the leading messaging application in Spain .

There is also a good amount of plugins that add the share button in Whatsapp but at the moment JetPack does not incorporate it, I suppose because it is not a service that is used a lot in the USA, but what do you do? [19659002] Fortunately someone has thought of you and has created a plugin that does exactly that, add a new service, JetSpace, WhatsApp, which you can drag and drop on the Share settings page to have your button to share on WhatsApp.

It's very simple, you just have to install and activate the plugin and you will have available the new button with which easily spread your WordPress publications in all those WhatsApp groups in the what do you spend ho ras .

You no longer have excuses for not share on Whatsapp from WordPress .

Whatsapp in WordPress • WordPress Help

I believe that there is almost nobody in the Hispanic world that does not use WhatsApp, the instant messaging application that, little by little, has been withdrawing the conversation from the open networks to this more private environment.

It is each Whatsapp will share links to web pages on any subject, but it is something that is currently pretty stubborn to do so because it requires a very manual process:

It's a very tedious process, especially the part of copying the URL, so it makes a lot of sense to facilitate the task of sharing URLs in WhatsApp, something that we can add from WordPress right now, and in several ways. Let's see some …

As you can see there are already many options, which I suppose will grow with the recent purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, with which entry into the Anglo-Saxon world will be guaranteed.

I still have to find time to add it to the blog, but I plan to do it, and you? Have you already integrated WhatsApp and WordPress? Do you think to do it? Why?

Private messaging in WordPress

It is clear in advance that I am totally against the use of private messaging in blogs and if you hurry me too in forums , but I understand that there are many people who want to offer this type of service to their readers with what – notice – part of the conversation that is encouraged in the blog is lost. I said!

Well, having made the statement of complaint on my part here I leave a few systems to offer private messaging in WordPress something you do not expect from a server, if you want to say something to you have the comments 😉

User Messages – Great plugin that, despite having stopped its development, is a very complete messaging system among users from the pages of your site.

PM for WordPress – Simple but effective internal messaging system between users

WP private messages – Very similar to the previous one, allows messaging from subscribers to the administrator.

Cartpauj PM – Unlike the previous two, and similar to the first, this plugin offers a messaging system from the visible part of your site, not from the desktop.

Semi-private comments – Est e is a different system, what it offers is to mark certain comments as "semi-private", so that only you and the administrator (this always, of course) can see certain comments.

If you do not like these, you can also use PHPfreeChat which, in addition to chat functionality, offers private messaging.

And, of course, you can offer this kind of functionality with the mother of all plugins, BuddyPress which offer natively private messaging between users, as part of their social network system.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Alerts and announcements in WordPress • WordPress Help

These days when I've been a bit more busy than usual I thought about warning systems that, without leave WordPress, allow me to communicate with other editors, not forget tasks and things like that.

Well, I started looking and found a few solutions, simple of course. Let's see them, there's something for everyone …

WP Private Messages – Internal messaging system for WordPress. It is a very complete system, with many options and very integrated.

Private reminder – This plugin alerts you when you are viewing a post marked as private. Simple and effective.

Private messages for WordPress – Similar to WP Private Messages, something simpler in its use but just as effective to send messages between the different users of a WordPress. [19659003] Pre-Publish reminders – This is one of my favorites. For a collaborative blog, it allows you to leave messages (within the posts) to different editors, such as notices of spelling errors, reminders to add tags or whatever.

Sign out reminder – Simple and effective. Warn registered users that they remember to leave the account before leaving the site.

Post reminder – Are you forgetful? Are there days that you forget to post on your blog? ?, with Post reminder you will receive an email every day reminding you that you have an audience to attend.

Admin post reminder – You already know that it is not convenient to use the administrator user for everything do not?. Well, anyone who plans to enter your WordPress will be very attentive to identify your admin account simply by checking if you write from the administrator account. This plugin alerts you when you are using the admin account at the time of writing posts, so you can use another one less compromised. Curious, is not it?

Category reminder – If you are one of those who forget to assign categories to pots, this plugin is what you are looking for. Stop publishing everything in the default category, rank your blog and let Category reminder remind you of it with a giant balloon of colors.

Old post alert – This plugin is fantastic. Imagine the situation: you come to a blog from the search engines and find a post that seems to solve your problems. But it may happen that you have arrived at an article with old information, perhaps already updated with another entry. Well, Old post alert tells you that you are in an old post and that the information may have already been improved in another publication.

ToDo – You were missing a list of tasks in WordPress ?, since you already have it, install this plugin and you can assign tasks and see them in the Desktop.

Drafts as a to-do list – Do not you want to install a plugin for this? then use the drafts.

Message Ticker – This plugin is a pass, allows you to manage and show notifications to your readers. You prepare the messages and then you can show them, with scroll if you want, in the site of your template that you choose. They are not miniposts, it is something much more immediate and powerful, as well as simple.

User messages – We finish as we started, with another internal messaging system among users, so that your WordPress has capabilities with no need to install a BuddyPress. It is not a system only for the Desktop but it "leaves" your administration area and offers a complete messaging interface in your WordPress. The version 2.0 is for payment but you can download the version 1.2 which is free.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Subscription to blogs in real time by IM • WordPress Help

The idea is that you subscribe to the posts and comments of your favorite sites, created with WordPress, through your preferred instant messaging client, using the protocol Jabber ( XMPP ]), a free service with which many of today's instant messaging clients are compatible, as long as they are multiprotocol (such as Adium [Mac] or Pidgin [Windows y Linux] or almost any existing iPhone client).

Once you have chosen a client that supports Jabber messages in HTML, like the ones mentioned, you only have to add as a contact to and you can subscribe – for now – to any site created in through your address of type and you will receive in real time, you can even respond to a post through your messaging client.

There are many more features , that pued is to check on the page of WordPress support in Jabber as well as the list of commands to use to subscribe to a blog, unsubscribe, etc.