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Like Pinterest? what's more, do you want to make your own Pinterest? then ] you do not need to send the copycat become a Pinterest clone with WordPress .

It's very easy, you just have to choose the right WordPress theme to make a clone of this recent social network that is raging and, thus, offer your own Pinterest or at least it looks like. Let's see some options …


A beautiful, minimalist but very effective theme that I use on some web of mine. Besides being free it's really nice.


Nice subject, very elegant, oriented to images, with a fantastic panel of options. Paid in themeforest.


Of my favorites, though not the one that most resembles Pinterest. Minimalist and elegant, with very soft details.


Absolutely perfect, and also cheap. It has fantastic effects when clicking on the images. It will surprise you. It is not a perfect clone of Pinterest either but it is a theme that will earn a corner in your heart.

The Style

Theme oriented to portfolios or photographers. It is not a good Pinterest clone but it fulfills the function and, above all, it is from Elegant Themes.

[19659003] Simple but gimmicky theme. In addition, it only costs you one tweet to download it.


Another absolute beauty of theme, of Elegant Themes, with all its Details and the great ePanel to manage it.


This Premium Pixels theme mimics Pinterest pretty well, it's not expensive , and works as a joke.


Another nice theme, that for $ 25 offers you a way to make your own Pinterest

And now, if you find any more, you'll tell us in the comments. Oh, and yes, also I'm on Pinterest and if you're interested in the subject recently I published an article on Pinterest and SEO which I hope you'll be interested in.

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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