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A few days ago I was asked by a client, gripped by doubts and urban legends about the suitability of using WordPress for large volume projects that he knew of large companies that use WordPress to have a guarantee that your site would not leave you lying.

As you can see there is everything from corporate news sites of large corporations, digital newspapers, some of the most trafficked blogs in the world, all

Now, if you or someone in your environment is going to manage a site with more traffic, visits, needs or functionalities, then WordPress is not for you (read the ironic tone)

Transparencies in all browsers using CSS

One of the hardships of any web developer is to obtain consistency in the presentation of content independently of the browser . One of these inconsistencies is the way in which each browser manages the transparencies of images and objects .

Well, if you want to apply transparency to an element, regardless of the browser, you can get it by adding CSS lines to it:

element {

filter : alpha ( opacity = 50 ) ; ] / * internet explorer * /

-khtml-opacity : 0.5 ; / * khtml, previous version of safari * /

-moz-opacity : 0.5 ; / * firefox, mozilla, netscape * /

opacity : 0.5 ; / * safari, chrome, opera * /

-ms-filter : "progid: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha (Opacity = 50)" ; / * internet explorer 8 – thank you Andres * /


Of course, you must remember to modify the " ele ment "by which you are going to adapt, and also know that you can play with the different levels of opacity until you find the one that fits the aspect you want to achieve.

easyComment – Comment from Firefox

easyComment is an extension for the browser Firefox that allows to comment with a single click on blogs WordPress Movable Type ] and Dotclear so that you do not have to fill out the form in each blog, you only do it once in the preferences of the extension, where you fill in your personal data and they will serve you to comment in all the blogs that visites.

When you visit a blog and want to comment you just have to click on the button easyComment of the status bar of Firefox and the extension will search it alone the blog comment form and fill it in with your information thus avoiding wasting time filling this information over and over again. Do not you think it's cool? .

This extension for Firefox despite working perfectly, is in the experimental phase so you'll have to sign up on the extensions page of Mozilla Firefox to install it. Of course, it's free.

Browse Happy – Do not use Internet Explorer • WordPress Help

The people of Automattic responsible for the development of WordPress never ceases to amaze me. Today, taking a look at the main website I found a curious link at the bottom of the page that invites you to Browse Happy .

Look, well, I do not know what recommended the WordPress team, I have not used Internet Explorer for years and I chose to use Safari (on Mac) and Firefox (Mac and PC).

30 beautiful WordPress designs

WPzoom shares 30 beautiful WordPress blog designs, some of them really impressive. Did you know that Mozilla Labs was mounted on WordPress ?, I did not.

This is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and it was published Fernando Tellado first here: 30 beautiful WordPress designs

Firefox 3 achieves Guiness record • WordPress support

A few days ago after the wait we talked about the output of Firefox 3 and its improvements. Well, a few hours ago the Mozilla team sent e-mails to those who signed up for the Download Day to communicate that the record Guiness was obtained for the most downloaded software in 24 hours with 8,002,530 million downloads . As a reward, they invite us to create a certificate of participation .