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The WordPress media library is where the images and other files that you upload are stored to attach to your publications , and it works great and all that but there is a big problem that we all face sooner or later: the storage space .

No matter what type of accommodation you have hired, the storage space in servers is limited and, above all, expensive, very expensive I would say .

Unlike your computer, where you can buy a hard disk SSD high capacity for less than 200 euros and enjoy it throughout its life, when acquiring disk space in a hosting provider you pay for each month that you use it and in a year you have paid the entire hard disk having used a tenth of its total capacity, it is like that, we do not like it but it's what ay .

 prices hosting web hosting wordpress

To this we must add that any image that you upload from your server also consumes bandwidth, each mega account and the bandwidth is even more expensive in hosting, so we have a fat fat problem, which has to be solved .

What do I mean by this? clearly, we have to look for storage alternatives on our website because if we go to upload all our high quality photos, files and others to our accommodation, and if we add that WordPress creates copies (minors) of each image that you upload, because we can soon find ourselves with a problem of storage or of finances .

One very good would be to be able to use Dropbox as a storage system in the cloud for sure you already have an account with more than 2 Gb of space, which you could use for use it as a space for your WordPress attachments, had you thought about it?

Also, it is very easy to do . I'm not talking about uploading your photos to Dropbox and linking them in any way by attaching from URL, but integrate your Dropbox storage in WordPress to access your photos of the cloud storage system as if it were your WordPress media library .

By the way, when loading from Dropbox, do not consume bandwidth from your hired hosting, but from the cloud of Dropbox so the saving, speed in loading your web , and benefit, is double

I present to you CBX Dropbox File Chooser .

This gem, once installed, adds a beautiful (so big) button next to that of Add object from which, when pressed lightly, you will see your Dropbox images, which you can choose to insert them in your publication immediately also being able to choose among several sizes to display it in your publication

The only previous step to enjoy this wonder is connect your WordPress with Dropbox ] creating an application with its API then you copy the code, you paste it in the plugin settings page and it works.

] What I said, a jewel.

What are you waiting for? run to install it now, time runs and money flies .

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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New design style multimedia library • WordPress Help

Another of the visible changes in the news of WordPress 4.0 that you can already enjoy from the first beta is a redesign of the multimedia library screen.

Already quite old-fashioned, now it will have a design more visual, known as grid style which allows a more pleasant browsing by attachments uploaded to your WordPress, in addition to being able to quickly select through selection boxes what information you want to show, without having to resort to the tab of screen options. The change is not bad.

 New multimedia library

New multimedia library

The editing screen of each attachment has also been changed, now very similar to the theme browser (also to plugins in WordPress) 4.0 )

 New Attachment Browser

New Attachment Browser

The truth is that I do not know anyone who uses the multimedia library directly, but everything quisque browse, insert and so on from the advisor browser of the ticket editor, but hey, if there is someone who uses it, I guess at least it will look nicer and more practical.

Delete the Add Object button in the WordPress editor • WordPress Help

Surely you already know that you can modify user profiles to add or remove capabilities, but there are times when, without changing user profiles, you may need to remove the " Add object "from the WordPress editor .

The standard way to do it would be to download the user or users to the Contributor profile so you can not add objects from the editor, but there are situations where you can you just want to remove the button .

If this is the case, you will only have to add the following code to your utilities plugin or to the file functions.php of the active topic:

You save the changes and you already have it. With the above code, any user who is not an administrator ( level_10 ) will not see the button " Add object ", which will not prevent users with the profile of Author or Editor continue to be able to upload images through the menu " Media -> Add new ".

If you want, for example, that also the editors see the button then you change the level to level_7 ].

Set several prominent images at once

It happened to me, so why could not it happen to you? I mean that the utility of displaying outstanding images, the function post-thumbnails available from WordPress 2.9 is very good but if your previous theme did not support them or you did not use them, why? Is it a pain in the ass to add outstanding images one by one to the old entries?

Instead of editing each entry and defining a prominent image for each one you will finally get useful to the screen of the multimedia library ! yes, that screen, the great unknown, almost useless most of the time.

The first thing you have to do is install and activate this plugin then you go through the Library Multimedia and, under each image, you will have a new link to use it as highlighted for the entry to which it is associated (in which it was attached).

Thus from simple, fast and effective . Come on, like everything in WordPress.

Include and exclude images from a gallery without plugins

One of the shortcomings that we drag on the WordPress galleries is the inability to insert part of the uploaded images, including or excluding elements of it, or separate the gallery into several parts.

We have already seen how do it with plugins like Nextgen Gallery or Multiple Galleries but there is a way to do it just modifying the shortcode of the same native WordPress gallery.

There is only one drawback, and that is that you can not do it with the order identifier that you put on the images you upload in an entry but with the unique identifier of the attachment, I mean …

Imagine you want to create an entry where you want to show several galleries. Of course, you can do it from the image loader, and then add the shortcode de rigueur:

What happens is that to exclude images with this method you have to edit the image to see the attachment ID of the same (in no other site shows it to you) and you have to do it from the Multimedia Library, to see the ID in the URL. That is, the sequence would be this:

  1. You upload the images from the imager of the entry in question
  2. Once you upload you access the Multimedia Library and click on the link to edit each image and write down the ID of each one in the URL, or you look at the status bar with the cursor over this link, which also shows you the ID of the attachment.
  3. Add to your entry the shortcode including or excluding images from the gallery

Limitations of this method:

  • You can not put in one shortcode an include and an exclude, only one at a time
  • ] The peñazo that is if you use it habitually

gallery include = "8812,8813,8814"

gallery exclude = "8815,8816"

In the above example, if you uploaded the attachments from 8812 to 8816, the result you would get would be exactly the same.

gallery include = "8812,8813,8814"

gallery include = "8815,8816"

In this other example, you have divided the gallery into 2 galleries, one with 3 images and the other with just 2.

Anyway, it's a shame that this is not the case It can be done with the ID assigned to the image loader of the editor, or that the gallery system is not improved to include a simple box to choose which images to load in each gallery, but for the moment we have another option available, without plugins.

Note: this trick is the same for hosted WordPress as for, as you can see in these screenshots …

Note 2: This system has also been applied in this post, showing a separate gallery in 2 parts ]
Note 3: In the shortcodes I removed the closing opening brackets that, of course, you must add ([])

NOTICE : this post is two years or more If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Results of the WordPress 2.9 survey • WordPress Help

A few days ago we proposed to choose the features for WordPress 2.9, and we have the results. To the first question, the only obligatory one, about which function of means to include have won editable photo albums, instead of the gallery per post, and the improvement when inserting multimedia elements (to see if it is true, it is a from my usual complaints)

Then there were other issues. In the second one he has gained the need to improve the incrustation of multimedia elements (in case there was any doubt). More interesting was the fourth question, where it was questioned whether it was better to add these functionalities as a canonical, external plugin or to include them in the core. Do you guess what has been gained? Yes, include it in the core, especially if it involves embedding media.

What seems clear is that the galleries will stop being "by post", and what is still under study is whether the media embedding will be done by shortcodes or as, we will see from here to September.

In the meantime we will see a more multimedia WordPress 2.9, this is for sure, how will it be ?, we have to wait a little bit.