Winners of the Elegant Themes Divi contest

The deadline ended last night and, after a random process in among the 74 readers who have contested these are the 3 brand new winners that, shortly, they will receive an email from the Elegant Themes team to ask them for the details to activate their developer licenses to enjoy the wonderful 87 themes and a few exclusive plugins:

(Note : in case you have not noticed some of the links in this entry are affiliation, so if you buy a product it costs you the same but you pay me a coffee)

Less than a month for WordPress 3.3

What if, what if, if everything goes according to plan for mid-December we will have the final version of WordPress 3.3 another great moment of this wonderful CMS, to spend an entertaining Christmas enjoying all news from WordPress 3.3 .

The idea is that even today is available beta 4 that the version "release candidate" 1 is for after Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November), that is, the day after tomorrow, and from there to the final version only a couple of more weeks of testing at the most.

Merry Christmas !, and we look forward to January for WordPress 3.1

Despite the programming that was most certain is that WordPress 3.1 does not leave until January 2011 (it is practically safe), because there are still 11 pending tickets that do not give time, literally, to finish, not because they are insurmountable but … guess … for Christmas.

And the developers also deserve a few days of rest with their families, like you, like me. So …

WPMooSnow, snow in your WordPress • WordPress Help

Do not you think it's time for you to give your WordPress a Christmas touch ?, well look where Sampedro tells me that in Relative Route have released a plugin based on Mootools WpMooSnow which offers just that, snow on your website made with WordPress.

If you want to install it, even if it's only at Christmas, you just have to download it and install it the old-fashioned way . What this plugin offers, about many others
is that it is created using the latest version of MooTools, and that the effect is very cool, as you can see in the demo of the official site itself .

Congratulate Christmas to your readers • WordPress Help

Nothing better than these dates to use a bit of code in order to congratulate Christmas or any other event, on your readers.

The process is fine simple, you just have to include this code in the place of the template you want:

And, of course, the message between h2 . If you want you can put a banner, image or whatever you like there. The possibilities of this small piece of code are almost endless.

Free Christmas Theme – WordPress Help

If you want to offer a Christmas look on your blog nothing better than this marvel, with GPL license, which you can download and activate in your WordPress blog: Christmas WordPress Theme .

Especially beautiful are the icons for the RSS feed and the subscription by email, although the theme as a whole has no waste. You can download it from Smashing Magazine . and its blogs with Christmas style • WordPress Help

I just realize it (apparently I'm not the only one, or will it just be implemented), blogs hosted on have a very subtle snow fall on the screen . This corresponds to the Christmas holidays, which occur in the northern hemisphere during winter seasons.