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 twentythirteen 2013 theme wordpress

Yesterday the one that will be the new default theme of WordPress named with great imagination Twenty Thirteen .

Its virtues are many, and it's even pretty, but from my point of view it's a big misconception.

We'll start with the characteristics of what will be new theme for WordPress defect:

  • Directed to blogging that is, inverse chronological format by default
  • Google Web Fonts specifically Source Sans Bitter . It also uses Genericons for scaled theme icons, which are adapted by CSS to any size.
  • Adaptive ( responsive ), which means it adapts to any mobile device
  • Very oriented to the use of input formats each identified with a different color in the " loop ", which extends to the entire width of the design
  • ] Width of a single column which means that there is no default, although you can add one, sidebars or widgets possible in the "sides" of the theme structure, which are restricted to the foot of the subject.
  • Image of header width and height fixed
  • Distinct file templates by input format
  • The searcher and site title remain fixed when making scroll not the image or a cropped version da sa
  • Bonitos file browsing icons

If you see the demo is certainly nice, and very colorful, but we are going with what I consider a concept error

The default themes of WordPress, how we knew them until now, going through the different versions of K2 and up to Twenty Twelve, offer an adaptable base for personalization of minimalist design that each user adapts to their tastes and needs of structure and content .

However, Twenty Thirteen part of a powerful design, very nice yes, but more closed to the use of children themes ]which would require a lot of code (too much) for an adaptation to other, less "cool" uses, like the one offered to us.

And, of course, we will still have Twenty Twelve as the basis for our projects, but then what's the point? has to put 2013 how to theme by defect in the installation? would not it be better to just offer it like so many others in the repository ?, and make an adaptation of Twenty Twelve to incorporate all the news of the new versions. This is simply what I do not understand.

And in the end we are dragging various themes by default, without a natural evolution. And yes, I understand falling in love with the Tumblr concept of the entry formats, a cry of hope before the domination of social networks, but without forgetting that WordPress must be an open concept , especially in its standard installation.

Some time ago we abandoned the " sanbenito " that WordPress is a smaller platform, for bloggers, and this decision of a default theme specifically oriented to bloggers I think an error, concept .

WordPress should be, increasingly, the base platform for simple and powerful publication and management of different types of content (input formats included), leaving aspects how the design, thematic orientation, the visual and content structure to the user, through plugins and themes, and not try an ideological orientation of where you want to go using WordPress, but rather the user who decides what type of project and use to apply it .

At least it is my opinion, yours still has not …

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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The Microsoft web platform in which it offers the installation of an online application package that makes life easier for users, all under the umbrella of the giant Redmon.

It's not uncommon that includes WordPress as one of the standard applications, but weirdly is that includes PHP, the hard-fought Open Source competitor of ASP.NET . Also, it does not include MySQL, so I do not know what they will include, perhaps SQL Server Express and IIS . I have not tried it yet because I do not use Windows and the installer is only for this system operative and requires. NET so I can not either share if offer a modified version of WordPress that is compatible with these platforms.

Curious about Microsoft's current strategy that it seems that it has decided to make war on Google, although this movement is little understood, or me at least I can not understand how they promote the use of products that are competitors of their own.