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Shared Hosting

When we have the happiness that one of our websites starts to grow, we face a series of new challenges as soon as to the matter of servers refers.

Normally we start with a package of " Shared Hosting ", which means that the server is shared among multiple site administrators, that is, on the same machine are their sites web together with other administrators, all sharing RAM, processor and depending on the model, including databases.

For very low traffic sites this model is ideal since it lowers many costs, since only one monthly payment is paid low for up to $ 7 per month for all the sites you want to host.

Even though now many Shared Hosting services are ready to host multiple sites in WordPress, with caching or inc apps. luso pre-installing cache plugins like w3Total Cache or Super Cache, anyway they have a limit that varies from company to company hosting.

Once this limit is exceeded -which in some cases could begin from the 5,000 unique visitors per day, depending on the interaction of the site, that is, its consumption of server resources – the first step is to switch to a Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Servers

 Hosting Server

] Hosting Server

At this point, one of the vital decisions is to select very well the company where to buy this dedicated server, since in addition to the price goes up, it is very inefficient to be moving from hosting, so it should be carefully set in

  • Prefer the Nginx web server over Apache or IIS, since it was specifically designed to support thousands of web requests and does not include many modules that are often not used and that incorporate by default Apache or IIS. Even WordPress.com is supported by Nginx
  • If you have never used a command interpreter such as SSH or do not want to learn it, you should make sure that the company offers assistance in the installation and maintenance of your server, as well as immediacy in returning your website online but remember that this will increase your annual invoice and the response time may not be optimal.
  • The hosting company must have experience with WordPress sites high traffic since all web applications are different and it is better that they have had the experience of correcting errors at runtime because fatal errors can occur that disable access to your site for a prolonged period.
  • It is very important the capacity of the processor, the RAM and depending on your business, the memory capacity of the hard disk.


CloudFlare is a CloudProxy, that is, it forces the visitor to pass through them first to be filtered, thus preventing harmful robots or attackers who visit you with bad intentions. It also works as CDN and allows you to optimize your website, compressing CSSs, JavaScripts, and the like, so they can be deployed faster to the visitor. It also applies security measures, blocking SPAM, documented malicious robots, even allows to block IPs manually.

Signing up for cloudflare.com is completely free and they offer the induction of how to add their website. at your service.

Cache Applications

Once you have selected the dedicated server and configured CloudFlare, the next vital step is to install some Cache application. There are many but in my personal experience I suggest Varnish Cache .

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator, also known as reverse HTTP proxy caching. It is installed in front of any HTTP server and is configured to store a copy of the requested resource in the server cache. It is designed to increase the performance of web applications with heavy content and highly consumed APIs.

In this way, when a user accesses their web in the browser, the server the only work that really does is provide a cached copy of The requested page, but unlike what the WordPress cache plugins do, is that for the moment there was no need to interact -except the http request- with the Web Server, WordPress or any PHP file that consumes more resources. I am not saying that plugin plugins are no longer used, because in fact they complement each other, the WP cache plugins prepare the content for Varnish Cache.

Monitoring Applications

 New Relic

New Relic

As a last step, I suggest installing application monitoring software on the server, such as New Relic that even offers modules for WordPress. With this application you can see through graphics the use of your CPU, databases and the load time of each of your pages and scripts.

In summary, there are now many complementary and low-cost services that I have been allowed in my case, to see how 18,000 simultaneous visitors visit a website without any inconvenience, having 200,000 visitors in one day, this being the daily bread.

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