Avoid tracking "Add to cart" in WooCommerce

Have you ever considered avoiding search engine robots crawling your links " Add to cart "? Well there are good and powerful reasons.

Why avoid tracking the links of "Add to cart" in WooCommerce

Although here I am referring mainly to WooCommerce this problem also affects others CMS of e-commerce, keep this in mind.

The problem is not WooCommerce, nor the format of the links " add-to-cart " but ] URLs of " add-to-cart " can not be cached .

 add to cart woocommerce

And this is due to its nature of being requests that can not be managed from the cache either from a server or through a WordPress plugin.

Therefore, l the search engine robots will always be querying these requests , in real time and without cache with which will increase the consumption of CPU, memory, and even width of band sobremanera.

If we add that are links that should not be indexed by themselves because they do not add semantics to your products, we have a lot of links in your online store that consume a lot of resources and make your SEO and WPO .

How to prevent robots from tracking your "Add to cart" links in WooCommerce

, We must also be clear and point out that themes for WooCommerce have two ways of executing this function of " add-to-cart " .

  • Some do it via Javascript, and robots do not usually get along well with this type of links.
  • And there are other themes for WooCommerce that add the links " add-to-cart " directly in HTML.

You just have to check the source code of your online store to know how your theme does it. [19659016] Through JavaScript

Through HTML

In any case, it does not matter if your subject does it for JavaScript or HTML it is always advisable not to index this type of links / requests .

For this the most effective is add a few lines to your file robots.txt located in the root folder of your WordPress installation:

And, already , you can also not index other pages that do not provide anything to the SEO of your online store, how are you:

What do I earn doing this?

Well it brings several substantial improvements:

  • You considerably reduce the number of requests that can not be cachear
  • Reduces your server's CPU consumption considerably
  • Reduces your server's memory consumption
  • Reduces your server's bandwidth
  • Reduces your store's load times Online
  • Improve the performance of your online store.
  • Improve the SEO of your online store.

I think there is no doubt about the convenience of avoiding the tracking of links " Add to cart "no?

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