Causes, solutions to error Are you sure you want to do this?

To what more than once you have seen in WordPress that so little explanatory error? Either when uploading an image or accessing an administration page, and some other situation, sometimes WordPress gives us an error like " Are you sure you want to do this? "

 WordPress error sure do you want to do this?

What is it and why does the error occur? Are you sure you want to do this?

This error message appears when WordPress checks the " nonces " and fails. The " nonces " are unique keys generated by a theme, a plugin or the same WordPress kernel to verify something. So if the verification fails shows you the error .

In practical terms, you'll see that error on several occasions, either uploading a new topic, trying to install a plugin, making changes to topic configurations and plugins or even uploading images and saving changes in an entry.

When you see this error you will also see a link that says " Please try again ", but you can already give it a hundred times to the link that you will always see the same error … unless you do something to fix it.

Do we see how it is fixed? There are several possible culprits and solutions.

Check the plugins

Even disabling a plugin can cause this problem, so if you really want to know if the culprit is a plugin you would actually have to physically delete it.

Now, if you do not want to delete the plugin access your physical installation of WordPress using FTP or Panel (or the file manager of your hosting) and completely renames the plugins folder, which you already know is in / wp-content / plugins / . You can change it to / wp-content / pluginsOFF / to give an example.

Once this is done WordPress deactivates all the plugins and if you access the plugins screen of your WordPress you will see a warning that there is no such folder, because it is true, it does not exist, at least not with the name it should.

Now, with all the inactive plugins really, is when you should try to do the same thing you did when you saw the error of " Are you sure you want to do this? ".

If the error does not appear then you already know that one of the plugins was responsible, so it's time to discover the culprit.

] Rename the folder of the plugins to its original name and go activating one by one, and after activating each one, try to see if the error comes out. When it comes out you know that the culprit is the one you just activated.

Review the topic

If you have not come up with the error by testing plugins, then the next possible culprit can be the active topic

First of all make a backup copy of your active theme on your computer and make sure you have installed the last default WordPress theme, the last one Twenty Loquesea .

A continued physically deletes the active theme by FTP or cPanel, deleting the subject folder . What WordPress will do is return to the default WordPress theme, which you must have installed.

Now, again, try to reproduce the action that showed the error. If you no longer see it, the culprit was the issue and you have to download a clean copy or, in the worst case, use another copy that does not get you in trouble.

Note : sometimes You may be lucky that it is a very silly mistake, but also typical, of some issues, whose folder includes spaces in its name. In this case, rename the theme folder of, for example, " / wp-content / themes / my theme folder / " a " / wp-content / themes / folder-of-my -tema / ".

Edit the file php.ini

If all the above fails I'm afraid that we have to move on to the heavy artillery and modify the file php.ini ]which contains the main PHP configurations of your web hosting.

The main problem is that php.ini is not a WordPress installation file so it can be located in some folder at that your hosting provider does not give you access.

If you do not see it, it will be your turn to talk to your provider and tell them how you can access it, or that they are the ones who make the change for you.

In any case, what would have to be done would be to modify the following values:

To something higher, like …

Once the changes are done you will have to restart the Apache server, or if you are in a shared hosting, contact your hosting provider for them to do it.

Check the security

Also if you are under attack it may not work as mentioned nonces so run to install a good security plugin and check if your site is compromised. [19659008] If that's the case, it'll be your turn to do a good cleaning.

Did it happen to you?

If you've ever seen this error, how did you solve it? Has any of these tricks served you or have you used another one?

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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