JetPack 2.4: Connect, presentations and a lot more

 jetpack atomic

Just released a few seconds ago the version 2.4 of the JetPack megaplugin and is surprising the amount of new utilities and improvements that it incorporates .

list is tremendous …

    • New Connect module (WPCC), a new system announced days ago with which to connect to accounts from any website, in the style of Twitter APIs and similar. With the active module (eye, it is active by default) your visitors can, for example, access the desktop of your website with their credentials, so use it with knowledge and caution, knowing what you do and why you do it. Hey?. Cool but measure the consequences.

    • New module called Widget Visibility, through which you can control in which pages the widgets appear. Basically add a new button to each widget, called "Visibility" that, when clicked, allows you to choose in which places of your web that widget will be seen. Come on, you save a plugin if you already used someone else for this purpose. Fully recommended.
       visibility widgets
    • New shortcode to show Twitter chronologies wherever you want, something so far only available for the VIP service. Here is how to use .
       timeline twitter in wordpress
    • New shortcodes for presentations, really useful and impressive. Here explains how they are used.
    • New shortcode for embedding Vine videos. It is made as well .
       videos came in wordpress
    • Meta tags from Twitter Cards to OpenGraph
    • have been added to Omnisearch ] Search results for multimedia files ¡Ouuuaaaauuuhhh!
    • Antispam measures for the subscriptions module, essential.
    • … and so much more you'll have to discover, which is more fun than reading me

    You see, Absolutely impressive, and worthy of mention, the update. Enjoy it!

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