WordPress Administration Guide

The other day I was reading the blog of Ramón a companion of publication in Macuarium when I discovered (awkward of me) that he had created a great guide for beginners and not so much, in the WordPress blog administration .

And I say that " not so much " because, apart from the basic functions ranging from installation to the initial configuration, also touches such interesting and advanced aspects as the installation of SSL and configuration of certificates aspects of WordPress security or even how to keep an updated version using ] SVN . In short, a joy of tutorial, all very well explained, with the necessary codes for each section and very well organized.
I do not ask for more, here is the link to the WordPress Administration Guide [19659004]in .docx format (OOXML) so that you can modify it or add whatever you want.

Note: the original download is no longer available so I put it here in pdf since, fortunately, I downloaded it in its day: