How to make a government website with WordPress and save half a million euros

Yesterday Txema Campillo warned me of a project in which he was doing Open Source clone of the website of the Senate of Spain which has recently been renewed by the moderator price of half a million euros.

The best thing of all is that the project of the web clone was made entirely with open source software, WordPress and, what is better, with cost ZERO .

In the presentation uploaded to Scribd the technologies used are explained, namely …

In the end, it offers us some free servers where it has uploaded several versions of this clone web that, as it explains, and although is not really zero cost because all work must have its compensation, of course never reach the costs that have been paid for the official website, it would be promoting free software and above would have improvements that the web does not have Current

Government websites created s with free software which shows that the issue of security (often referred to) is not a problem:

Finally, here is a link to the presentation of the project, which you also have online in Scribd .

WordPress dominates the network with 60 million websites but where is the pasta? • WordPress Help

With this striking headline begins an interesting article in Forbes (which incidentally also uses WordPress) in which analyzes this existential doubt regarding current business models.

In it they ask something as apparently simple as that how is it that Matt Mullenweg is not already a billionaire? which is not, although the boy is not in a hurry, in spite of that pintilla that he spends lately with the beard and nephew-style hippie.

Based on the impressive figures of WordPress, nowadays 1 of every 6 webs has WordPress behind that is, some 60 million webs are created with WordPress and 100 thousand new WordPress sites every day taking into account the latest data, it would seem that good Matt, as well as the rest of the people of Autom Attic, through all products, should swim in gold and honey.

The answers given by Matt and Toni Schneider say a lot about their vision and business philosophy, adapted to Open Source software ]

And it is that although only 1% of users pay something for the service through the additional services yet, if we join Vaultpress backup services, consulting, etc, Automattic entered in 2012 45 million dollars which I do not earn every day.

Making accounts, the income of Automattic would be more or less like this:

  • 60% come from premium services and WordPress extras
  • Customers of VIP WordPress come to generate another 20% of revenue
  • The remaining 20% ​​comes from advertising, that comes out from time to time in blogs and exclusive agreements with on some companies

But, despite the latest advertising deals for it seems that Matt is in no hurry, and prefers to remain involved in Open Source projects without worry too much about WordPress monetization (at the moment it is not for asking at the door of a church), what we all appreciate? …

In any case I recommend you read the full article (in English), because there are some details that I have not thought necessary to reproduce but you may want to know. And, of course, thanks to Martín Beas for notifying me of the article.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

Know if a website is created with WordPress

There are many ways to know if a web is created with WordPress . The simplest thing would be if somewhere recognized the software – free and Open Source – that facilitated the creation of the web, but as this is not common there are other ways to know if a site was created with WordPress, something harder and harder every day. Guess.

And is that WordPress is the king of CMS and many digital newspapers, blogs, portals and websites of all kinds already use WordPress, but do not always recognize that they are created with this wonderful software , to know the reason.

Let's see some ways to detect if a web was created with WordPress and you'll see that it's simpler than it looks:

And, nothing, if I have passed some method you tell us in the comments and add it 😉

From Posterous to WordPress • WordPress Help

Today the news that the blogging platform (spaces as call they called) Posterous has been acquired by Twitter . Well, actually they have said they are joining but you already know how these things are.

Well, if you have been orphaned of blog in Posterous again , I encourage you to bet on an Open Source platform, such as WordPress which will always be available, always, where you can continue sharing your concerns, photos, quotes, links and publications. [19659002] Also, you can pass from Posterous to WordPress in a very simple way, so you do not lose anything …

The first thing is to open an account in or install a WordPress in your own server, and create a blog, to your liking, once there the steps to follow are the following 3:

I'm not happy about the purchase of Posterous because it was a platform very solvent but here I am to give options, and the best I honestly believe is Wo rdPress and as you see it is very easy to import to not lose anything.

WordPress is the App Store of the web developer

Under this suggestive headline Gareth Case exposes in addition to its history of web tools (Frontpage, Dreamweaver, iWeb, etc), how to date official repository of themes and plugins of WordPress can be considered, without a doubt, as the App Store for web developers .

With almost 17 thousand plugins and almost 1,500 themes the WordPress repository is a great opportunity for any web developer to get known, even to start selling themes online from within the WordPress desktop without going any further.

Personally I think it's a good reflection, and a line in which the Automattic team could consider moving forward to give a different approach to this great web development promotion platform, in addition to Open Source code, do not you think?

WordPress Best Open Source Web Application 2011 in The Critters

Again WordPress has been placed above applications like Drupal or Diaspora, being chosen the best free web application in The Critters .

The entry WordPress best Open web application Source 2011 in The Critters published it first Fernando Tellado in Ayuda WordPress . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

WordPress is the least vulnerable CMS • WordPress Help

According to a recent study conducted with BlindElephant a tool of Qualys, to determine the vulnerability of the most popular Open Source software, WordPress resulted in these analyzes the CMS with the least critical vulnerabilities

In the study, in addition to finding that, although they scare the figures a bit, Open Source software is no more insecure than proprietary software despite not having technical equipment dedicated to keeping them for "his clients", the difference that marks WordPress was evident, do we see it?

The tool, of all the analyzed sites, found vulnerabilities in the …

WordPress only showed a 4% of critical vulnerabilities and a 21.5% of average vulnerabilities

It has also been clear in the study that the vulnerabilities found in WordPress affected the old versions, the current ones being the safest and stables. So you already know to update WordPress!

WP Bundle

WP Bundle is a pack of WordPress themes that, for $ 80, will offer 10 "core" themes with a huge number of features. The project, still in progress, promises really interesting topics so it can be seen in the captures of them.

A peculiarity is that the themes will be Open Source, so you can modify and improve them to your liking once acquired. It is an interesting project, of which we must be aware …

WordPress Foundation

In order to guarantee the survival and promotion of the open source community and WordPress, to democratize the publication of content on the web, the WordPress Foundation is born today

. profit whose main objective is to ensure that WordPress, WordCamp remain stable platforms for publication for future generations.

At the moment there is no more information on how to participate or support the foundation, they will be announced on the official blog. As José says, this seems to guarantee that WordPress products will not be paid.