WordCamp Madrid 2018 – An event of all for all

One more year I had the pride of participating as an organizer in WordCamp Madrid, and here I want to share my vision of what, in my opinion, has been impeccable event, of all, and for all.

The location

This year we changed location for the day of the papers, deciding for La Nave de Madrid, a really spectacular venue, with a bestial capacity. We chose to host 450 people, a more than considerable figure for a local WordCamp, and in fact the largest so far.

Needless to say, all the tickets were sold, but in the end (only) 400 people attended, that there were at least 50 people who, wanting to attend, stayed if they could. It's something I appeal to for years to come.

La Nave is an impressive venue, without a doubt, with an auditorium for more than 600 people that intimidates any speaker, and more rooms, enough to host events of several thousand assistants.

The location was not a problem, in Villaverde Bajo, because there was a metro nearby and free parking.

I have to say that we took advantage of the space very well, creating a circle with the sponsors, so that everyone had a great visibility, which for that they pay the event for all, and direct contact with the assistants at all times.

I do not like anything when the sponsors are in floors or rooms apart, as if they wanted to hide, when in fact a WordCamp exists thanks in large part to them.

The community day, the contributor day, we did it again at Campus Madrid, a totally prepared place that always welcomes us. Despite the coincidence with the popular marathon, the day was very well taken advantage of.

The organization dinner

We finally left the formal dinner and made a cocktail in which networking was encouraged. Everything perfect, the place, the music, the food, but above all the company.

Thanks to Carla Sáiz for making it possible.

The presentations [19659012] Despite some thing I've heard out there, I have to say that the presentations were very compensated, sufficient and of quality, com to satisfy all kinds of users.

Whether it was your first time or if you are a developer , there were interesting presentations for all tastes, so I can not help but thank the speakers (volunteers, who never charge even the travel expenses) for having given their best.

By reviewing, we could separate them by themes / target audience, more or less like this …

Developers / Professionals / Advanced Users

  1. Progressive Web Apps: Goodbye PHP. Hello JavaScript – Luis Herranz : Fantastic presentation for developers on latest mobile technologies and mobile first.
  2. Static websites with WordPress and React – Jepser Bernardino – Great Jepser sharing how they do it in your company applying the latest technology of React to WordPress.
  3. WordPress and PHP: "Codename Servehappy" and "Project Tide" – Javier Casares : Advance of the next projects, still in development, of WordPress
  4. WAP, RWD, AMP, PWA … but WTF! – David Navia Matas: All about mobile technologies in a brutal review of David.
  5. Gutenberg from three points of view – José Ángel Vidania : Spectacular and instructive José Angel, explaining Gutenberg for programmers, designers and users. A discovery
  6. Understanding, improving and diagnosing wp_mail () – Samuel Aguilera: Very specific presentation on a technical topic but very necessary.
  7. How to create a first plugin and publish it in the WordPress repository .org – Oscar Abad Folgueira : Very well explained the steps for developers to publish their plugins in WordPress.org
  8. Create a groundbreaking UI with the basic principles of Gestalt applied to web design – Piccia Neri : Piccia, designer with more than 25 years of experience teaching how to apply principles of psychology to the brutal design
  9. GIT of the guard, sweet company – Marco Russo : Impressive, Without words, Marco showed us ways to use GIT for developments and dumps. Essential
  10. Keys to selling your projects with WordPress – Jose Ramón Padrón Fernando Puente: Tips that every WordPress professional must take into account to offer their projects.
  11. Keys to take into account to develop a budget – Alejandro Gil Mialdea : Alejandro, with his usual good knowledge, explained us advice to develop development budgets and not ruin or screw up. Vital.
  12. Legality and WordPress: conversations of a technician with his lawyer – Ángel Benito Javi Guembe Vales: Principles and legal advice to apply the RGPD to our clients, there is nothing.
  13. Yes, I'm a woman and I was not born knowing WordPress – Ana Cirujano: Decision and life cycle of a WordPress project (or not) for developers.
  14. How to have a parallel project and not to be without social life – Ibon Azkoitia : Effective management of time for professionals.
  15. Chemistry for your business: Br Cn Fi Pr + WP – Pablo Moratinos : Practical advice on strategy and development for professionals.
  16. From Freelance to Founder of one of the biggest successful companies in the WordPress ecosystem – Nando Pappalardo: Inspiring presentation of one of the great WordPress ecosystems and how it got here. Essential for any WordPress professional.

It seems to me that the content part for WordPress professionals was more than fully covered. Let's not say if we take into account that you learn from everyone, as you will see in the following breakdown. What is always important is the attitude.


Special illusion has made me have more than one paper on community, something that is sometimes missed.

  1. Connecting the dots: WordPress, Open source, neutrality in the network and privacy – Rocío Valdivia : Things as important as open source and the common good.
  2. How to be a WordPress Star and win fans and haters – Fernando Tellado : No, this paper was not about Facebook or posture, but about how to contribute to the community instead of waiting for easy success.
  3. WordPress is not just for blogs, but become one – Juan Hernando García : Inspiring and great talk of Juan's community, as they usually do.

General public / Basics

There were also, of course, the necessary presentations for everyone:

  1. How your website should be to get more and better clients if you are Freelance – Ana Jiménez: Promotion advice for anyone who wants to make a living with their website. Perhaps the most basic and remote of WordPress and its community.
  2. Start with a good start to install WordPress – Jaime Garmar: Very good presentation of Jaime, not only for beginners, from which we can all learn some basic that sometimes we forget.
  3. From the blog to the network of podcasts – Santiago Jiménez Hernández: Very interesting presentation, for bloggers, and podcasters.
  4. Fear and PANIC to speak in public . Ángel G. Zinsel : Although I put it in this section it would also go very well in any of the others, because anyone may need techniques of public speaking to expose projects, promote themselves, etc.
  5. Collection of indispensable plugins – [19659071] Alejandro Sevilla Fuentes : Indispensable but not basic. It was one of the most celebrated papers by all, really juicy.
  6. How to clean a WordPress with Diogenes syndrome – Laura Díaz Adánez : Very good advice, from your experience as a developer, to lose WordPress facilities with excess weight.
  7. From the blank page to success: what steps you should take – David Aguilera: Tips for copywriting and professional publication of one of the biggest in the sector.
  8. Visual composers, keep the knives Beatriz Lavela Pérez : Perhaps due to his theme he should not have been on track b, which does not take away his enormous interest, and his professional vision of the subject of visual layout, Gutenberg and other herbs, which generated an interesting debate.

Well, I get some accounts in what there was more content of professionals (all) for professionals (most of the papers).

After Par ty

I also think that it was a wise not to do the after party in some place of the city, but to continue the party in the same place of the presentations.

We got craft beers from Madrid, snacks, and stayed much more people who would have gone to a later party, especially if they had come alone.

Food, breakfast, churros

I believe that there will be no more a WordCamp Madrid without chocolate with churros and truncheons, and I bet that the buns are repeated, which were trendy all day long.

It also contributed to eating in boxes, so there was practically no waiting to eat.

Contributor Day

This has been perhaps one of the contributor day of more and more intense participation. About 120 people organized doing WordPress for hours.

The sponsors

Let us be clear, no WordCamp would be held without the support of the sponsors, of companies that bet on WordPress and do, and are, community.

Thanks to all of you who have supported WordCamp Madrid 2018!

The assistants

For giving so much thanks, something that continues to surprise me. You have made this possible with your assistance and enormous participation and enthusiasm.


When working with professionals it is noticeable, and Agora News ] not only has he recorded the whole event, he also did the streaming, set up the whole sound and audio system, and if we ask him, they even bring us the churros. To finish it up they became sponsors.

Thanks to Jaime and all his great team.

The volunteers

Thank you, thank you!

If you this would not have been possible or so good. Thanks to uanjo Gómez Mónica Gastiasoro Ángel Moreno Fernando García Santiago Tosco Julio Loupias Axel Loupias Wajari Velasquez Carlos Bravo Zoe Morand Paloma Party , Maty Villegas Juanma Aranda Javier Quilez Gonzalo de la Campa Jose Losada ] Daria Krauzowick Paul Benitez Ana Santiago and Pablo Romero . We love you, today and always.

The guilty team

And thanks to my companions, those charming crazy people that I love and love, thank you Mau (aka Manu), Carla (our locuela), Xelo (salvador like no one), Ignacio (neither I come nor come), Pablo (the tireless one), Dani (the smile), Povedica (the solver) and Álvaro (peace for all).

I will gladly go with you anywhere, once and a thousand times.

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