WordPress SEO – Google praises its virtues

It has been nothing less than Matt Cutts from Google, who, at a recent conference at WordCamp San Francisco has praised the virtues of WordPress for SEO with affirmations like that …

Not only spoke about WordPress, of course, but there is a good explanation of Pagerank some key concepts at the time of position keywords ] and many good advice. I would keep these:

Masks external links

If on your blog there are many bots or spammers that filter external links in the comments, for example, there is a way to convert all those external links into internal ones and thus not attract spam comments to increase the Pagerank or even lose part of yours.

Also the system is very simple, you just have to install the plugin WP No External Links . Once activated, it will convert the links of type http://www.google.com to http://tuweb.com?goto.php=http://google.com or , if you use ' mod rewrite ' something like http://tuweb.com/goto/http://google.com .

WPLangs ¿Ejto ej ej ej ej? • WordPress Help

One finds all kinds of things out there and sometimes does not know how to rate them. Today, testing a new search engine, I find a site called WPLangs where "WordPress in your language" is offered. Up there well …

Really, it's not bad slob, I just do not understand this kind of "projects" without meaning or explanation beyond link farms, domainers and Pagerank crossover. I would appreciate someone explaining it to me. I would love to support the project but what does it contribute?

Could someone say: "you have several translations in one place", but neither is it true or necessary. It is not true because each translation is still in a subdomain (en.wplangs.com, fr.wplangs.com, etc) as in WordPress.org, and it is not necessary either because if you visit WordPress.org/download/ recognizes your browser and offers you the download in your language.

In short, a pity, or disappointment, because the idea is good but the development does not convince me.

You make this Blog … Better it!

In these months of blog life we ​​have offered a lot of daily information, translated tutorials, plugins and themes, lots of WordPress tricks ] and daily information about all the news of this CMS. In this time we have received a great response from readers, which is shown in a few data …

And above all very good environment, readers who participate, who provide information in the comments, which link us from their own blogs and even help maintain WordPress Help by hiring links or banners .

But since nothing is perfect, I think it's a good time for to ask you if you think we're doing well if we're right on the content and how to treat them, even if the balance of the different contents is adequate or, on the contrary, we are totally wrong and think that we should address the issues in a different way, generate some other type of content, prioritize more about others, if you like the design, whatever .

Therefore, using a survey and – most of all – your comments we would like know co How to improve WordPress Help how to contribute more than what you like, or even if something is left over. Any opinion will be welcome.

It's your turn! and especially Thank you so much for being there, for valuing our work!

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NOTICE : this publication is two years ago If it is a code or a plugin, it may not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it is a story it may be obsolete, so do not say we have not warned you.

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Redirection 301 of Permanent Links

There are several occasions in which you may want, or need, change the structure of your links in the Blog for example, from /% year% /% monthnum% /% day% /% postname% / to something easier to remember like /% postname% / , which we have already recommended on more than one occasion.

But if you do this "bareback" you will discover with horror that the search engines are no longer going to find the articles of your blog, and you will lose popularity and visits . And we do not want that, right?

There is a way to tell search engines that a page has been moved permanently and that the old address should be replaced by the new one. It is called " Redirect 301 ", also known as Permanent Redirect . When you do this the search engines update their indexes quickly and you do not lose neither Pagerank nor visits, in fact you will continue to receive traffic as if nothing had changed. This works for both search engines, bookmarks, links, etc.

There are two main ways to get this kind of redirection, and we're going to see both, you choose …

1. Redirection 301 with .htaccess

Making a redirection with the .htaccess file is very simple. To do this you have to open the file to edit it, and you will find it in the folder where you installed WordPress. In the following image you can see it, it is the selected one.

Well, if what you want is a friendly permanent links del type that we are recommending you already know that you have to change them in the administration panel -> Options -> Permanent Links .

If we go back to the file .htaccess you open it and, except that you have already modified something, or some plugin has added some additional code, you must add these lines …

With this you get the redirection to the URLs of the type "miblog.com/mi-post/". If it gives you something to repel, touch the files of the system go to the second possibility.

2. Redirection 301 with WordPress plugin

This is perhaps the method to which most users dare, and it is not that the method with .htaccess is difficult, but there is a certain fear of touching the system files, and more if you do not have some fluency with the code.

This method is less flexible, allows fewer options than the previous one, but it also works great and will solve the problem. For this we can use several plugins.

  1. Permalink Migration – Once loaded and activated you can define what is the old link structure of your blog so that the plugin takes care of making the necessary changes in order that neither search engines or links lose track of your blog. It has no options, it is simple and effective.
  2. Redirection – Much more complete than the previous one. Not only does it redirect but it also allows you to follow and control that redirects are done correctly.

You know, you choose, but do not stop doing redirects permanent 301 when you change the link structure in your blog

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

Chronicle of an Immigration

Well, it seems that everything has been restored, and it's time to give the explanations and apologize for the day that we have been disconnected incidentally not our fault … or so we believe.

It all started at midnight on Wednesday 7 when our previous accommodation, CDmon ante a confluence of simultaneous requests to the blog, and seen that s we exceeded the maximum number of connections to the hosting had to stop our service so as not to harm the rest of the sites hosted in the shared hosting where we were. Yes, you read correctly, shared hosting, of the cheap .

And this blog, which started a little over 4 months ago, has grown a lot in a short time, ] having today more than 500 daily subscribers to feed more than 1,000 unique visitors a day, Pagerank 5 all those numbers that indicate the traffic and presence of a website. And as this only costs us money and effort (which we use to our liking) to Guillermo and a server, because the investment we tried to make it fair, at least at the beginning, and we have been growing these few months, not without much patience of CDmon that, it must be said, they put up with us without penalizing several highs of traffic without pretending to charge us another euro or disconnecting us.

But it seems that yesterday we exceeded the limit and we only had left the option to hire something better for this blog of our loves.

Do not think we did not know that this was going to happen, because from the first day we decided to create what should be the largest WordPress support site in Spanish we were clear that we would have to have the right machinery to withstand the generated expectation and audience. And about a month ago we started looking for alternatives, with the hope of being able to put up with that the advertising included in the blog would cover the expenses of a bigger and more powerful accommodation.

And, well, you see what happened. In the end we have been forced to make the decision "a la brava", out of necessity and at full speed. I have to say that I had already kept an eye on the hosting of our dreams, a service that hosts sites as powerful as Techcrunch Starbucks Mashable Sony L'Oreal or Diesel . Now also Help WordPress and the WordPress Forum Spanish .

Still aware that it will not be the last migration or update, we have contracted the plan called Media Temple DV a VPS (Virtual Private Server – Virtual Private Server), with the power of a dedicated server but with support from the hosting service.

The characteristics – scalable – of the new server are the following:

  • 20 Gb of storage
  • 256 Mb of dedicated RAM
  • 1 Tb of transfer
  • CentOS 5, PHP5.2, MySQL 5.0, Perl 5.8.8, Python 2.4.3, Ruby 1.8.5 and more
  • Plesk 8.3
  • Root access
  • Exclusive IP

Well, there are many things that we will have to discover. And the first obstacle has been my absolute ignorance of these tools, the very fact of administering the server, all new to me.

On the way, and despite having done backup of everything, We are faced with the problem of importing the blog and forum databases (too large to import directly). Fortunately, there were Perro Callejero and elfran222 to offer altruistically all their knowledge, time and dedication. We can never thank such dedication, interest and good work Thanks guys!

And, well, here we are still fine-tuning the machinery, preparing the final touches to make everything work as it should, and if something does not work It's just our fault. We are also aware that we will have to update soon, at least increase RAM little by little, all that is needed by our readers. That yes, we will try to do it in a more organized way, without having to run. We hope to get some income to cover this success. In the meantime, if you see that something is not fine, you tell us.

Thanks to all for supporting our task of sharing knowledge about WordPress 😉

NOTICE : this Publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Thank you all! • WordPress Help

They should still be updating the datacenters but in most, also in the Firefox bar it appears that Help WordPress has gone from Pagerank 0 to Pagerank 5 and this only in 4 months of blog life 😮

Not yet all Google datacenters updated and, for example, in mipagerank.com still does not come out with the change but sites like emezetarank and others that take into account more servers already they show the reflection of the popularity that the blog has acquired in such a short time.

And … to whom do we owe this response? Well first to the delighted work of WordPress Help bloggers, people like Guillermo elfran222 davidtg Lolete Fonte Hector Hades87 CRN-Jaen jccano Jh® Juan Antonio lalaale Neri zzamov and a little bit also a server.

First of all also to you, that as a reader Help WordPress has been there since the first days, contributing ideas in the comments, applying the guides, using the themes and plugins, learning some code and improving knowledge about this CMS called WordPress in which one day we decided pawn some of our time to offer a meeting and learning place for the user community in Spanish. [19659004] I know that in the end it is nothing, only a measure that San Google puts to the network based on the received links and those things, but in the part that supposes of theoretical growth and value of the blog and based on the deluded and continuous work that is behind this "figure", I give it some value.

What we do know is that you have all our gratitude for your fidelity Thanks!

(Reviewing some of my favorite blogs I see that they also have PR5 Inkilino HackWordPress Incubaweb Loitering Minid Google Dirson I'm Plastic or Blogpocket )

Now that I notice, the page of WordPress Español has PR4 on its own and the WordPress Forum also has another PR4. [19659012] NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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