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If we already have clear file extensions that we want to add in order for WordPress to upload them, we just have to enter them in this code that will go, guess it, in the file functions.php of your active topic:

] In this case I wanted to add the file types .pages .numbers and .key of the office suite Apple iWork initially not supported by WordPress, but you can adapt it to your needs, simply by putting there your file extensions to add (without the point).

Create RSS Feed for categories • WordPress Help

For a request in the forum I studied a bit and after the days I publish the result keeping the cession of rights and the left. 19

Basically it's all done to show other feed in the file wp-includes / feed-rss.php we're going to use it as a template by adding the following code in the first line:

I call the template TestRSS but it can be called in any way and I rename the file to page0.php but it can be called in any way compatible with the theme that is used. You can upload the file to the theme folder and edit it from the theme editor or continue editing and then upload the finished file.

The fun starts. It is designed to be able to configure the category and the number of entries you want.

The first loop to pick up the variables that will be put on the page will be placed after and it looks like this:

The names of the variables are changeable.

Now we go to the loop code that generates the visible and that is already in the file wp-includes / feed- rss.php except in the first line query_posts ($ zquery);

Save the changes and upload the file to the theme folder wp-content / themes / default / yes we have not done it es.

Finally we are going to create a page or those that are necessary. The title you want taking into account that it will go in the feed, I called it also TestRSS but it would be "Feed of NAME_of_the_CATEGORY". If the permalinks are not the ones that come by default you can also choose the one you want.

Fields Custom Key Category_RSS and How many BySRategyRSS or those that appear in the first loop and values ​​in the first category ID and in the second the entries that will be displayed. To know the ID of the category you can go to the management of the categories and seeing the link of them will be like cat_ID = 4

And as a template or Page Template use the one we created earlier in my case TestRSS .

A picture is worth more than …

 Edit topic RSSCategories  edit topic RSSCategories  create page RSS categories

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Guide "Meet the Administration Panel"

After an arduous task to elaborate a tutorial for to know better the WordPress Administration Panel and as I already announced in one of the chapters, nothing better than having all the complete tutorial in a PDF file.

For this purpose I have elaborated a document with the complete guide, and I believe that the combination of good material, a fantastic editor such as Apple Pages and much enthusiasm have gotten that I can offer you a good PDF, with an unbeatable aspect and with valuable information.

I hope you enjoy it at least half of what I did while doing it.