Start the development of WordPress 3.6 entry reviews • WordPress Help

Once decided that in WordPress 3.6 there will be a new system of revisions of entry, with storage (it seems that optional) in hard disk, the task of creating the interface of the new system has already been launched.

Nice is not (yet) but it seems that everything is going to be very minimalist, very flat and if not take a look at the new icons in the beta testing site for check it

The interface proposes a slider, in the style of the paging system that I use here in WordPress Help, from which to navigate through the different versions of an entry, and what is almost more important, with some identification system of colors to facilitate the visualization, something that the system of revisions sins right now.

Much remains for WordPress 3.6 but it's a breakthrough.

Pagination in WordPress without plugin • WordPress Help

I already know that most of you who read me are addicted to Pagenavi that wonderful and well-built plugin that offers paging to our WordPress in a simple way.

Of course, just as we added pagination of comments without a plugin we can add pagination to our website without using Pagenavi or any other plugin, you just have to use an internal WordPress function that has been there since version 2.1 paginate_links and its possible parameters .