Delete entries in batch, but really • WordPress Help

We all know that from the WordPress administration entries page there is a drop-down option called " Actions in batch " from which we can choose the option to send the entries that we select to the bin but, frankly, it falls short, and the day you need it is anything but practical.

If you need a massive erasure, really nothing better than to resort to Bulk delete a wonderful plugin that, from its settings, allows to perform deletions of batch and selective entries

But the thing does not remain there, also, in each of the previous possibilities you can also filter by

Do you think it's cool? Well, you can do all the above with the pages and also …

Come on, what's a beast of massive erasure, which you must use with precision but you must have in your arsenal of essential plugins .

Trash for attachments

One of the incomprehensible things about WordPress is that if you delete an entry, a page or a comment is sent to the trash, where you can recover it if you deleted it by mistake, but on the contrary, you do not have that same possibility for the Attachments, If you delete an attachment, it deletes it directly and permanently, without trash .

Fortunately there is a variable that you can define in the WordPress configuration file wp-config.php to activate the trash can also for the attachments.

You save the changes and now you will have a trash can for the attachments.

If you see that you do not use it, at any moment you can deactivate it by setting the variable to false ].

Program the emptying of the bin • WordPress Help

One of the novelties of WordPress 2.9 is Trashcan a way to delete comments, entries and pages with a network, much safer than the old erasure with a confirmation window.

Now, if you're forgetful and do not want your database to grow at a frantic pace, you can define how often you want the trash can to be emptied automatically without your intervention. Yes, knowing that the default value of WordPress is to be emptied every 30 days.

If you have this concept clear, then there is no going back, what empties disappears, you can add this line to the file wp- config.php of your WordPress installation:

You decide the numerical value of the days after which the trash will be emptied (15 in the example), and if you want something more radical you can configure it so that it is not saved nothing in the bin, in fact it disappears from your area of ​​administration, leaving only the option of " Delete permanently " …

WordPress 2.9 will include a recycle bin

In WordPress 2.9 we will find the new option to send posts and / or comments to the trash, removing from the view but recoverable from its own adminstration area, a safeguard for those who have a weak finger at the time of deletion.

Posts and deleted comments will be saved by default for 30 days in the trash, then irremediably deleted, but you can change this countdown by default modifying (or adding) this line in the file wp-config.php :

As in the example, you can change the storage time (in your database) of the deleted posts and comments, to 15 days or the time you estimate convenient.