Parallax effect in Elementor

If you use the visual page layouter Elementor you will surely love using the effect Parallax that you see so much on the professional websites created with Divi or other visual doodlers right?

Well also is something you can do in Elementor and in the free version you do not have to buy Elementor Pro to have it.

In a normal navigation the passage from one section to the next would be such that …

On the contrary, with the effect Parallax we get the first elements flat float on the bottoms offering a very attractive and professional look, like this …

If you have not found it yet it's because in Elementor is not called parallax nor parallax or anything like that v let's see where it is.

If you prefer to see more visually in this capture, you have the same steps:

As you can see it was very easy.

The Divi constructor now available as a plugin for use in any WordPress theme

We have talked a lot about Divi and his virtues but what really makes this great theme is its visual layout, the so-called Constructor Divi from today available for use not only in the theme Divi but in any WordPress theme .

Announced this afternoon ] in the Elegant Themes blog if you have an account in Elegant Themes you can download it at no additional cost, and you can join the Elegant Themes club and for 89 $ you have nothing less than 87 themes Divi and Nexus included, and in addition to its fantastic plugins Monarch, Bloom and, from today, Constructor Divi .

With ] more than 40 content modules that you can insert into any WordPress theme the Divi Constructor, or Divi Builder is an intuitive, visual and very easy to use mode with which create impressive dynamic content websites like Parallax effects sliders ( sliders ) of all type of content, accountants, calls to action, integration with newsletters testimony blocks, video, everything.

 modulos divi builder [19659005] Another of its marvels are the predesigned templates to create impressive web covers in a few clicks based on designs adapted to all types of webs, simply adapting the modules to your content.

 divi1 "width =" 610 "height =" 380 "srcset =" 610w, content / uploads / 2015/09 / divi1-550x343.jpg 550w "sizes =" (max-width: 610px) 100vw, 610px "/> </a> </p>
<p> And, of course, the rest of their [19] 459021] functionalities that we have already seen </a>: </p>
<li> Visual layout designer </li>
<li> More than 40 content modules </li>
<li> Copy and paste modules and blocks </li>
<li> Right-clicking actions </li>
<li> Integration of keyboard shortcuts </li>
<li> ] Manager of user profiles and access </li>
<li> Change history </li>
<li> Several levels of undoing </li>
<li> Possibility of inactivating and activating blocks and elements </li>
<li> Possibility of blocking modules and blocks </li>
<li> Total integration in the customizer of WordPress </li>
<li> Preview integrated in each module and block </li>
<li> … much more </li>
<p> And from today the possibility of <strong> install it in your WordPress like any other plugin and use it with your active theme </strong>. ] <strong> Do you already have content created in pages and entries? No problem </strong>. The Divi Constructor identifies the content of the WordPress editor and automatically creates a text editor module integrated with your existing content, from there, start to layout the rest of your page or post. </p>
<p> I agree that <strong> ] the visual composers, such as Divi or the veteran <a href= Visual composer should not be used excessively but currently they have no equal at the time of – above all – designing web covers. They are not really necessary for the entries, but are fantastic for layout by clicking on the cover of your website or special pages such as the contact page or even the display of entries.

If you use visual maquettes then it is hard to go back, especially to design covers ultimately the gateway to your site, where you want to show the best of yourself and in the most visually attractive way possible, and for that the Maquetadores are unequaled, eliminating any limitation of the active theme, which usually restrict what you can add to your website and how it should look.

Come on, a blast. I have tried all or almost all the visual layouters that exist, and waiting for it to be incorporated ShortCake which would be the standardization of the management of shortcodes ] for insertion of blocks of content as do all visual layouters, of all the ones I've tried the Constructor Divi is the best by far.

There are more modules, there are more impressive ones , especially in the live layout, but for daily use the Divi Constructor has no equal by integration, shortcuts, undo levels, user profiles, template management or the copy and paste system, really fantastic.

From my point of view I think it still lacks something, and that is to release it completely free and upload it to the official directory of plugins precisely to occupy all the market share of other visual layouters is that today they are very implanted to come included in packages of premium themes, something I hope that if they are ready in Elegant Themes will not take long to do, and with that we will win all users and I think that they too.

In between, you could also adopt a great model, which would be freemium offering it for free – say – for a year and then the updates already payment, for example. Or also offer a free basic package with x modules and if you want everyone else pay a small fee. We will see, but I think that would be the way to its total implantation, because as a plugin it deserves a place of honor, for the good that it is .

What I have said, I think it is a train that you should not miss, and it's part of the present and future of WordPress, so you're slow to learn how to use visual maquedores, and Constructor Divi is a winning option .

If you want to see how nothing works better than a video …

And if you have convinced check out the page where all its features are reported .

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