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You already know, because I have commented many times, that one of the things that you can not do in is to insert ads to make money with your blog but in reality it is not quite true.

According to rules for using you can not insert ads, charge for content or affiliate links on your site but there are exceptions. One of them is to create a VIP account like big companies and reputed blogs, but if you do not want to pay this extra and, above all, if your site has more than 25,000 page views per month, you can use the program from Ad Control and share 50% gains with Automattic using AdSense and Skimlinks .

So you know, if your traffic is generous you can also win money with your blog on, although this is always better option …

Well born is to be grateful (May 2009) • WordPress Help

With some delay this month, my fault not from the sponsors, I do not miss the opportunity to thank your support to the great sponsors of Help WordPress.

This month they have sponsored WordPress Help fantastic companies and blogs that have opted for this blog to promote their services and, in this way, helping to maintain the necessary resources to Let this space go ahead. And I think it's fair to recognize their bet that, in some cases, they renew every month.

If you want to promote a website, blog, service, event or just sell some product you can also check the page of [19659007] services available and that readers of WordPress Help know it.

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