OAuth in WordPress

OAuth is a protocol for user identification that is gradually becoming a standard. As far as we are concerned, it is a topical issue since a few days ago Matt Mullenweg said he would like to have support of OAuth in WordPress soon but he would not be available for the next version (2.6?). Hopefully it is then available for WordPress 2.7 do not you think ?, I at least wait for it.

But what would it mean that WordPress had OAuth support? Well I could go in several directions. With the identification through OAuth could be achieved that we could publish in our blog from other applications without having to enter the password. It would also allow visitors to comment on your blog and associate the OAuth services with the comment forms, also without entering passwords.

For the owner of a blog, access the Readers' data in other services would be really interesting. Imagine being able to see all the comments that your Gmail contacts have left on your blog, it would be interesting.

Surely there are hundreds of possibilities but right now I'm a little thick and I can not see them. If it is clear that the Blogs WordPress integration with Google accounts Photobucket or any other support OAuth .

would be made available. case is a matter in which we have to wait a bit, and see how it integrates OAuth in WordPress and the possibilities it will offer us. I think it will be very interesting, what about you? Did you know OAuth? .