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On the site of DIVINE offer the download of a tool to convert free layouts made from Photoshop to WordPress for free.

You just have to provide your address email and they send you the download link. Then the process of use is quite simple but you can be guided by the official tutorial . Basically it is to execute the received link and access the new menu Divine that will appear in Adobe Photoshop CS3 (minimum requirement).

a Theme with feet and head • WordPress Help

 revolt-theme "title =" revolt-theme "width =" 284 "height =" 500 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp -image-5296 "/> </a></p>
<p> Yes, really, this is a theme with <code> header </code> and <code> footer </code> taken to its fullest expression, <strong> with feet and head, literally </strong> This wonder that has warned me <a href= Juanma is a really interesting and novel, it goes out of the ordinary, and if not look at the screenshot above.

The hottest in this theme Revolt ) is how easy it is to customize it so that your face comes out in. You just have to modify the file edit_head.jpg add your face and change the name to head.jpg overwriting the existing one in the folder ' images ' of the theme.
 im_clean "title =" im_clean "width =" 420 "height =" 140 "class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-5297 "/> </a></p>
<p> The use of thumbnails (thumbnails) of the theme is also very simple, since it is a magazine-style theme, it shows thumbnails of images on the cover. If you do not want to complicate you do not have to do anything, the theme will take the first image of your posts and will put them in miniature on the cover, and if you did not have images your posts will use the file '<code> thumbnail_default.jpg </code>' from the folder of images of the theme, image that you can also change for the one you like. </p>
<p> Do you want to add different miniatures ?, then it gets a little complicated -only a little- because you have to do the following: </p>
<li> Locate the folder <code> revolt-basic / thumbs / </code> via FTP and upload the thumbnails you want to use, in size 280 × 210px </li>
<li> In the widget <strong> Custom fields </strong> from the WordPress editor add a new field called '<code> thumbnail </code>' </li>
<li> In the field of <strong> Value </strong> enter the name of the file you will use, you do not need the full path, just the file name </li>
<p> As you can see, you can do it easy or difficult, you choose. In any case what you get is a theme that goes out of the ordinary, a full-fledged virginia. </p>
<p> The links you're waiting for are these: </p>
<li><span class= Revolt Theme direct download

  • Demo
  • What I have not had time (or desire, to deny it) is to translate it, and that is that it uses many images to show content, and Photoshop is not my thing, I'm sorry. If someone is encouraged to advise and publish it with all the honors.

    What's up Revolt ?

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    PSD to WordPress

    Some time ago we talked about a new WPCoder service, which offered to pass designs from Photoshop in PSD format to Themes WordPress . Now there is a new site called PSD to WordPress that offers the same, from a price of $ 400.
     psdtowp "title =" psdtowp "width =" 500 "height =" 325 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-5214 "/> </a></p>
<p> The process is simple, you upload the files, fill in the form and indicate them on the order page as you want them to do it. a demo site for you to take a look and see the finished product and, if you want, ask for any change that you deem convenient Once you have finished setting it up, finish the theme and upload it to where you tell them. </p>
<p> seemed a very simple, practical and at the same time professional to treat this type of services, and the price is very good, more with the control and monitoring that you can do, do not you think? </p>
<p> The entry <a rel= PSD a WordPress published it first Fernando Tellado in WordPress Help [19459] 003] Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

    From PSD to WordPress for a reasonable price

    If you have a designer, or you are a freak of the Photoshop but you do not know a developer capable of transporting that wonderful WordPress design to have your unique template the same you should use the services from WPCoder who offer this service to "reasonable" prices .

    Do you like this blog? – WordPress Help

    We have been asked many times, but between that neither William nor I are wild beasts of Photoshop and that too we are somewhat shameful to ask for favors, we have always been letting go what to do banners and those things for people to link to us from their blogs … with style.

    But as we have good friends and fellow hobbyists, some little bank has been doing to us, and here you have them in case you want to place in your blog a link to Help WordPress and that more users of this CMS of our loves have a site where learn and share knowledge .

    Choose the one you like best or adapt to the design of your blog. And if you dare to do another we will be happy

    From PSD to HTML

    In NetTuts have created a fantastic step-by-step tutorial to get to convert PSD files from Photoshop to HTML and create a, eventual, WordPress theme . Impressive, there is nothing equal or so graphically explained. Essential!

    What you read is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: From PSD to HTML

    How to post a theme correctly

    Whether you have created a theme or if you have modified it in any way, it is always convenient, or should be, to follow simple rules that facilitate the installation of the template in the users' blog . There are many occasions when one encounters themes that are difficult to know how to install them, either because they have more folders than expected, due to the lack of an instruction file, etc.

    Well, I think that is fine with that. If you think of something else that helps, you just have to say it.

    PSD2CSS – From Photoshop to CSS

    PSD2CSS is an awesome online application one of the most interesting webs I've seen lately as it comes to solving a very common need for designers and webmasters .

    What this online application offers you is to convert, in a single step, Adobe Photoshop PSD designs to CSS or XHTML code to be able to extract it and make your website or blog

    The only existing limit is that the PSD file does not exceed 2 Mb but the same author of the service is willing to increase it if you need it. It is also recommended that there is no excess of layers, ensuring that, for example, the logo does not exceed 5 or 6 layers and, if possible, combine them before uploading the PSD file to convert it.

    A free online application indispensable .

    Illustrate post with images • WordPress Help


    While many do not like the images in post not because remain 'wrong', but rather by the delay in loading a site or losing the uniform of color in the design; but to integrate them calls more attention to the reader (habitual or occasional) and can help us explain ourselves better .

    There are endless tools and resources ; from the search for images in Google to the popular Flickr and specialized programs in professional creation and editing, in a variety of colors, originality, and licenses. WordPress is not left behind in this integration of graphic objects with the Multimedia Library recently added.

    In itself the graphics, whether images, diagrams, photographs, etc; they are a striking object: they add information that the text does not provide, they are art .

    A picture is worth a thousand words

    We emphasize:

    • ImageChef it is a website that [19659009] allows us to customize texts of different available images in only minutes seconds. All online and without the need to register. Just add a text (credit way, almost invisible) in the bottom angle
    • Flickr it's a Yahoo site !, I would risk saying that is' leader in images', especially in storage thereof . You need to register to upload images, and has several options to modify the graphics (from third parties, but integrated at the same time). The most remarkable thing about this system is that some are offered under licenses CreativeCommons .
    • PhotoShop Express On-line : it is somewhat similar to Google's Picasa, but on-line. The truth I expected more of them : they only allow you to put black and white photos, sepia, some tonality and … just that! 🙁
    • Google Picasa : it's a very complete and free tool in my opinion it could be defined as a "mini-photoshop", in addition to the simple but useful novel effects, we can Sort our images and perform obvious searches! You have the option to publish directly to Blogger.
    • Google Images : allows you to search for images on the web . It only fulfills that function that the great seeker does very well. * Attention: careful to use, verify the applicable licenses.

    And we also have other, but … I leave it to the designers rather, since I, in particular, as a blogger, I do not go much for the graphic. [19659017] I hope the contribution was used, and to use images without fear! maybe later, do a second part 😉

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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