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Like this blog and many others, and in coherence with the commitment that they expressed last week, today both WordPress.org and WordPress.com show the blackout against the threat to freedom and neutrality in the network that assumes SOPA in the US and the rest of the world that is also wanting to apply these principles.

I turn off the blog so that we do not turn off at all #SOPA #PIPA #leysindewert • WordPress Help

In a few hours, like many other blogs and even such popular services as Wikipedia, Facebook, WordPress of course including Google, this blog will be turned off on January 18, 2011, a way to protest against a global initiative in this case filed in the US, whose ultimate goal is ] ending the freedom and neutrality of the Internet censoring its content, controlling its traffic, allowing it to be lobbys that protect the entertainment industry, which has not been able to adapt to new media , and not judges who decide which websites should be open and which are not.

The complaint against censorship on the Internet against the law SOPA the PIPA or the Law Sinde-Wer t, it is not a complaint against the creators of content, digital or not, the artists, but against an industry that, faced with its own impossibility to adapt to what users are already fully adapted, is opting to pressure governments to establish private organizations, appointed and sponsored by themselves, that decide on their own which websites to close by sharing links: the network ligament .

They are based on the delirious idea that any vehicle that serves delinquency (not even presumably) must be closed avoided, blocked, prohibited. As if someone decided to prohibit knives because there are killers who use them to kill, or decided to condemn anyone who drives a car because it could run over someone. What does it look crazy? For it is exactly his argument, they disguise it as they disguise it.

It is the same argument by which we are charged a private copy fee to every user that uses a digital recording medium, in time to denounce and prosecute whoever is detected that makes illicit use of this medium … or another. An aberration, moral, ethical, legal, that many political parties ( fortunately not all ), in Spain and the rest of the world, are buying.

All this, from a few minutes this blog will appear off, and if you dare here you have a good amount of WordPress plugins with which to do the same for 24 hours, or else there are also scripts for all types of websites. Of course, it is a personal decision to protest against the censorship that we want to impose, but you can opt for other less radical options ( logos, banners, etc. )

The permanent links will continue to work but the cover will be

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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