Plugins that you should NOT install

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Plugins are a big part of the huge success of WordPress but as with everything, there are good ones, bad ones , regular and just the opposite. Today we will see some that, and not precisely because they are bad plugins, you should avoid as much as possible.

I mean plugins that, despite their virtues, are detrimental to the performance of your site , that slow it down, and you already know that this is not good, not only because Google can penalize you, but because you do not want your visitors to abandon you for having a slow site?

Let's go to it …

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Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin is a wonder it not only creates a site map that is updated only each time you publish something but it has so many settings that it is absolutely impossible not to have a file sitemap.xml perfect and thus help search engines index your site.

Now this plugin is a enormous resource devourer because precisely the process that must be done of revision of and all your database to create correctly the map of the site means that in many servers (shared of course) there are times when you will not even create the map due to lack of memory.

Are there alternatives? bad is not, at least as good. There is one that is not bad, Better WP Google XML Sitemaps but personally I did not like its operation, not even the map it generates. But come on, that's a personal opinion, make the site map and quite complete.

Another option is Google Sitemap this is weaker unless you opt for the payment options, but it can be

The other possible alternative is using the plugin's sitemap modules such as All in one SEO pack or Yoast's WordPress SEO .

Broken link checker

] Wonderful, essential, obligatory but it happens the same as the previous one, that when analyzing ALL the links of your site to find broken links, in a constant and tremendously effective way, is a memory devourer like no there is another, even worse than Google XML Sitemaps.

The bad thing is that a server has not found any other plugin that does not even look like it, so be damned. The only possible alternative is to use web services or SEO desktop applications, which sometimes offer search engine broken links, such as BrokenLinkCheck CheckLink or LinkChecker this last installable.

Or, what I do: a day of little traffic I install it, I activate it, I let it work a few hours, fix links and I deactivate it until next time .

WP Post Views

This veteran plugin, from the last century, is actually a very cool tool because it shows us the most viewed posts, which we can make visible in the form of widget or code.

It is a good SEO tool but it has its hidden face, and is that, of course, being constantly reviewing your entries to show their popularity consumes many resources to be constantly checking your database .

I would say any plugin that does the same it can be useful of alternative but it is not true, they are not alternative, all plugins of this type have the same problem because they all do the same, so your only alternative are external statistical analysis systems like Piwik or the same Google Analytics.


Of course, I could not miss, and that is that JetPack has modules that do much of the above, although it has other modules that help speed up your site, but in this kind of thing you do not have to to compensate, we must be as effective as possible.

Whether we are talking about the statistics module, because of what was said previously of WP Postviews, of Markdown, Beautiful Mathematics or the Shortcodes because they have to "translate", of the infinite Scroll by the JavaScript, of the Gravatar Hovercards until they load the information or the Contact Form, that consumes what is yours even if you do not believe it, we are facing a monster .

So avoid it, and use to alternative plugins for each utility you "really" need .


Yes, remove that face of astonishment, that Akismet, and wonderful as it is, is also piece of plugin brick, that slows down your site more than desirable .

This is due to several reasons, because not only do you have to connect to the JetPack servers to check lists of spammers but also check your database to show more comments of each author, and even shows thumbnails emerging from the URLs in the comments, and all that consumes his .

Also, you have enough alternatives to combat spam .

Are there more mallet plugins?

There is more, of course, and there's nothing better than doing your own checking on your site with plugin P3 which analyzes the loading of the components of WordPress. It seems almost messy but this plugin is also a great consumer of resources, but at least it is of the type to install, activate, use and deactivate.

The best, in any case, is to follow a series of guidelines to the time to choose plugins and avoid – where possible – those that comply with the following rules:

  1. Plugins that load a lot of scripts, style sheets and other additions.
  2. Plugins that add additional requests to the database on each page of your site.
  3. Plugins that perform complex operations like MySQL commands or intensive search in the database.
  4. Plugins that make many requests to the database.

It is not the number of plugins you have installed which slows down your site but the quality of the plugins you have installed.

Choose well, choose only those you need, and for everything else create your own plugin functions only with what each site re

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

HeadSpace – The Ultimate SEO Plugin

Some we used All in One SEO Pack others Ultimate Tag Warrior some even ] SEO Title Tags or Headmeta description and for all of us it's been there for a while HeadSpace a plugin piece with EVERYTHING you might need .

 page-modules "title =" page-modules "width =" 500 "height =" 265 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-4258 "/> </a></p>
<p> It has several modules, all in a visual interface, which allows you to manage all this: </p>
<li> Specific modules applicable to posts, pages, categories, files, pages 404 or even the index:
<li><strong> Page titles </strong> – titles optimized for SEO </li>
<li><strong> Tags and keywords </strong> suggested using an intelligent algorithm or through Yahoo, both for posts and for pages </li>
<li><strong> Plugins espe pages for </strong> – has plugins that work only on specific pages </li>
<li><strong> Specific plugins for the theme </strong> – to change the theme on specific pages </li>
<li> Description – what is shown to the search engines </li>
<li> ] Text "More" – you can change the text "more" in each post </li>
<li> JavaScript & CSS – add JavaScript or CSS files to each post </li>
<li> No index – configure if a page will be indexed or not </li>
<li> No follow – configure if the links will have follow / nofollow attribute </li>
<li> Name and description of the site </li>
<li> Name and description of the RSS </li>
<li> Almost everything you can imagine – HeadSpace allows custom metadata </li>
<li> Modules Global:
<li> Configures AutoFormat (<code> wpautop </code>), automatic quotations, links to autoclick or disable visual editor </li>
<li> Tracking codes for <a href= Google Analytics (code or new and old), Crazy Egg StatCounter 103bees Mint FeedBurner Stats Yahoo! Site Explorer, HitTail, Google Webmaster, Piwik and Apture with the possibility of not tracking registered users

  • Google Objectives section
  • New visitor ] – to show a special message to first-time visitors to your site
  • Disable Widgets
  • Change the PHP memory limit, timeout and error reporting level
  • Also, so that do not lose what you had with your previous SEO plugin import data from the following plugins:

    • UTW (Ultimate Tag Warrior)
    • SEO Title tags
    • All-in-one SEO
    • Jerome's Keywords
    • Simple Tagging
    • HeadMeta
    • HeadMeta description
    • More Unique

    Do you want more reasons to use it ?, because there is one that is vital, and that is that all this information is in your language because is translated into Spanish among others 14 languages.

    The plugin installs like any other, you download, unzip, upload to ' wp-content / plugins / ', activate it and configure it to your liking. It only has one requirement and that is that your theme has the call to wp_head in the file header.php (and most have it).

    Nothing, to tell your experience with HeadSpace I'm testing it and I'm really impressed with its possibilities. If you dedicate a while you can improve the SEO of your site enough.

    Until there is a video of its operation …

    [youtube] /[/youtube]

    AVISO: this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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    That may also help you:

    14 Statistics Systems in WordPress

    I am not in favor of using this type of tools usually, mostly because distract you from the fundamental create content that grows those same statistics, but it must be recognized that sometimes they are quite useful to the time to locate the sites where our readers come from, what they are sent to and what their uses are, to adapt our blog to them.

    For this reason, it is interesting to see how many systems to show or analyze our blog and here you have a few plugins:

    Well, you see that you have to choose, both autonomous systems and those that allow you to integrate external statistics analysis systems. Do not get overwhelmed by statistics and let them grow thanks to your content.