WordPress.com acquires Plinky to give you inspiration • WordPress Help

Automattic has acquired the suggestion service called Plinky a great way to break the writer's block in those days when you can not think of anything to write about. [19659002] For this Plinky offers a system that asks you questions of the type " how was your vacation?" "or" could you live without a car for a year? Whole? ", to put a couple of examples (real), which can encourage you to develop your next article on the blog.

Regarding the integration with WordPress, now you can already use Plinky with your WordPress blog .com or hosted. For this the process is as follows:

The truth is that I did not know the system but I loved it. Not only is it a different way to publish entries on your site, but it is also a community and a very interesting, inspirational suggestions service, which is now part of the WordPress toolbox after the acquisition by Automattic .