WordPress 3.3.2, security update

The update of WordPress 3.3.2 has just come to light which, being a security update, it is absolutely recommendable to install.

It takes a while for the update to be available in Spanish on your desktop, if that's the case you already have it in WordPress Spain .

More than 10 WordPress news 3.3

Well, since we already know that WordPress 3.3 will be for November 15 I think it's time to start glimpse the novelties that await us which will be very interesting.

There is still a long way to go in the development, which today is at 30% but we can see interesting improvements, I'm sure you'll like it.

Let's see them …

1. Improvements in the multimedia loader

Finally, it seems that after many requests (and almost crying for me) in WordPress 3.3 there will be a major remodeling of the media loader adopting Plupload [19659010]a system developed by the people of TinyMCE that will involve huge advances, many already using HTML5 in the loader . Advances such as "drag and drop", automatic resizing, filtering by file type and much more.

I look forward to it.

2. First Steps Guide

This is going to be very useful for beginners, as soon as you install WordPress you will be shown a guide in which you will be encouraged to make the first important configurations.

Of course, you will always have WordPress Help but surely the new ones in WordPress will be helped by an introductory text that, in addition to welcoming them, tells them the first steps in their newly installed CMS.

3. Adaptive Desktop

If you use an iPad, you'll know what this means. And the WordPress administration area is great, but it is not adapted to all kinds of screen configurations, let alone tactile interface devices. Someone will tell me that the mobile version of WordPress already exists, but you will be with me that it leaves a lot to be desired and, at least from an iPad, despite its shortcomings, it is more effective to use the normal administration interface.

adaptive desktop version the administration area will recognize the screen and device configuration and will offer a version that adapts to it, not only in appearance, but also in functionalities and modes of use.

4. Improvements in the admin bar

To what you have already noticed that from WordPress 3.2 the admin bar introduced in version 3.1 does not adapt as it should ?. In fact, by default it is not active in the administration area and the reality is that it requires the same for such basic things as writing a new entry. In fact, from WordPress 3.2 the ideal is to activate the bar also for the admin area always.

Well, WordPress 3.3 is going to solve this and some other detail, because it is no longer understood the administration area without the admin bar, and the changes will go in this direction.

5. Performance improvements

Come on, this is not a novelty but something mandatory, and demanded by everyone in each update, and that is not always true although the truth is that it is being met reasonably except on rare occasions.

Currently there are some internal aspects that do not contribute to the best possible performance in WordPress, such as the fact that "pretty permalinks" require several redirections something really meaningless. And things like this and some more will be modified to improve internal performance and reduce consumption and requests to the database.

6. Language packs

If there is still something manual still in WordPress, one of these things is change the language of the same WordPress even plugins and themes. This seems to be solved by integrating a language installer. I think it's a great idea, and it's easy to apply.

7. Child themes in the repository

As with frameworks, from WordPress 3.3 you can install child themes something that is now even complicated to load into the official WordPress.org repository.

8. Permanent widgets

You have already suffered more than once that bitch that means that when you change the subject you disappear the widgets that you had well organized in the previous topic. Well, this is also going to be fixed in WordPress 3.3 and now your widgets will still be there in the sidebar of the new theme when you change it.

9. Remove administration notices

The truth is that there are many ways to avoid the appearance of updates notifications and other administration messages, through plugins and hooks, but from the new version you will be able to decide natively not to appear this type of messages .

10. Improvements in the settings and the Meta API

I do not know what changes there will be in this respect but we are also working on it. I'll go on discussing the advances.

11. Background updates

I already talked about WordPress updating in the background like Chrome or Mac OSX. This will be a great advantage especially for webmasters who carry many client sites.

Well, it seems to be good WordPress 3.3 do not you think ?. Personally, the most anticipated change is that of the media loader. Which one do you think best of these 10?

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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