WordPress in Portuguese becomes informal

For the next version, without knowing right now if they will arrive at 3.4, the colleagues that deal with the translation of WordPress into Portuguese from Portugal (there is also Brazilian Portuguese) have decided to start also offer WordPress in informal language .

WordPress has always been the informal treatment of the user, "you", but until now the Portuguese translation was only formal, trying " you "to the user, something they have decided to change and offers an additional version of the translation in" informal Portuguese ", more in accordance with the original English texts which always" tutean "the user, and that I think is a good decision.

The team of WordPress translation into Spanish from Spain we have many versions using informal language, following the original philosophy, although eventually [194] 59009] Reyson has been offering translations with "formal" to Spanish from Peru unofficial but very well worked, that you can use if you prefer or do not want to do your own editing the files " .po "available in the official download.