250% more imports from Posterous to WordPress.com

Since the announcement of purchase of Posterous by Twitter have grown 250% imports from Posterous to WordPress.com as told you the other day there is nothing

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From Posterous to WordPress • WordPress Help

Today the news that the blogging platform (spaces as call they called) Posterous has been acquired by Twitter . Well, actually they have said they are joining but you already know how these things are.

Well, if you have been orphaned of blog in Posterous again , I encourage you to bet on an Open Source platform, such as WordPress which will always be available, always, where you can continue sharing your concerns, photos, quotes, links and publications. [19659002] Also, you can pass from Posterous to WordPress in a very simple way, so you do not lose anything …

The first thing is to open an account in WordPress.com or install a WordPress in your own server, and create a blog, to your liking, once there the steps to follow are the following 3:

I'm not happy about the purchase of Posterous because it was a platform very solvent but here I am to give options, and the best I honestly believe is Wo rdPress and as you see it is very easy to import to not lose anything.