Unofficial App Store inside WordPress

WordPress offers us a kind of App Store plugins and themes from " Appearance -> Themes "or" Plugins -> Add "of the WordPress desktop we can install and start using any plugin and theme of the official repository but what about the themes and plugins that are not in that" App " official?

Thanks, of course, a plugin, we can install a App Store plugins and unofficial topics come on, they are not in the official repository, usually for questions of the type of license that they use, that you already know they should be GPL 2.0 or higher, and other issues that do not meet the requirements of the official repository.

The friend in question is WP App Store a plugin that installs as others and that, once active, offers us a new screen in the Desktop of Wor dPress from which to install themes and plugins of high quality.

And, do not believe that the plugins and themes are half-length, on the contrary, the plugins and themes are from first-order developers as WooThemes rocketgenius Gravity Forms Press 75 and many more .

In counterpart, the installation process is not the official one, since in most of the themes and plugins – which are almost all payment – there is a registration process, the logical one to have support and other virtues of premium developments. That is, once the following ones are registered, they are installed as easily as from the official process.

In this video it looks great and nothing frightening, it's simple …

Personally I think it's a very interesting system, which I hope more developers will join, since will promote each other from the same environment and for the user they are more options, which is always interesting. In addition, they are also a (good) symptom of the WordPress maturity where everything has a place, the enormous amount of free resources and those small wonders that, for a small cost, offer us some great designers and developers.

What do you think of this type of initiative?

Seen on The Next Web thanks to notice by José .

NOTICE ]: This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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TwentyEleven, the next WordPress default theme • WordPress Help

The theme is like a TwentyTen with steroids, incorporating features that you're sure to love as …

If you want to experiment with what will be the new WordPress default theme, you can upload it to or download it in its current version of the trac. It looks great, and fantastic possibilities.

Canonical Plugin • WordPress Help

If you have listened recently to Matt and the rest of the WordPress developers, you will have heard about the canonical plugins but what are they? .

To finish shaping the concept , in the post they propose a series of possible names, in case the "canonical" does not end up being sufficiently clear and "human". At the moment the possible ideas would be these:

Which one seems better to you? and, what is more important, do you think this kind of plugins with a guarantee seal is a good idea? To me yes, I consider it a great idea, almost a necessity.

Elegant Themes updates its options panel • WordPress Help

Note: this entry contains affiliate links for which the author charges commissions
 epanel elegantthemes

Elegant Themes one of the sites where for a small fee ($ 19.95) you can download a good amount of high quality themes for a year (with all its updates), just start update the options panel of all its themes to a really practical and elegant new design, the so-called ePanel .

If you are member of Elegant Themes the first 6 themes with the new panel are available, ready to download.

The New portal

The new design offers a "magazine-like" look with blocks that show the same as in the previous cover but in a more "modern" way, adapted to the trend imposed by the themes premium

What the Automattic team does not seem very clear about is that they put in the sidebar, because they have "eaten" the widget of related tags, but you can suggest what you would like to see on that side through this survey .

I still do not have very clear my position on what aspect I like the most, I recognize the aesthetic virtues of the new design but I think that the information is much better structured – and more clearly – in the previous design. What do you like the most?

Include pages using PHP • WordPress Help


The organization of a template is not something to be taken lightly. If you dedicate to add any code that falls into your hands to, for example, the sidebar ( sidebar.php ) soon this file will grow in such a way that to find a call to a plugin, to say something , you will have to review dozens of lines.

There is a cleaner way to include codes in any file of your template, and it is through PHP calls to an external file . With this you get a cleaner structure, and if you have to modify the included page you do not have to retouch the whole theme file. This is used a lot in premium themes to, for example, add ad units and other information.

The way to do it is very simple, you just have to add a code similar to this one where you want to include the page in question:

Of course, this must be done together with the corresponding CSS so that it fits the rest of the template. For example:

If you had a defined style for that type of information concrete (and if you do not believe it).

In the previous example the page to be included is in the same folder of your template but you can also include pages that are in other routes, as in these examples:

in the subdirectory " extras "of your template ...

In the upper folder (normally ' themes ' ...

You only have to play with it and adapt it to your needs. You will see that it is a fundamental method to keep your template in order, create well-structured themes or simply make your life easier when making changes.

NOTICE : this publication is two or more years ago. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Considerations before buying a premium theme • WordPress Help

These days I had to analyze the purchase of a couple of themes premium and I found several difficulties that I did not Many warn, so I take the boldness to give them some advice about it.

Generally nobody buys a theme to use it exactly as the author shows, we all need to make some small changes in it and that's when the problems arise. Before paying anything, better to make some inquiries, right?

1) Is there an obfuscated code in the theme?

For me it is the first question that arises and determines categorically whether or not I will buy the theme . Generally the footer code of the free themes is obfuscated, to make it a bit difficult to remove the link to the author (reasonable thing), but in premium themes we can see that they obfuscate the functions.php file! This is a big problem when we want to create a new sidebar with widgets, change the way the images of the posts are taken in the home and add special functions in general. Ask before you buy!

2) The theme has support? Let's put it to the test …

I think the test of fire is to see if the person responsible responds quickly to question number 1. If such a response is delayed a lot, we continue our journey in search of another site of premium themes. If you respond within a reasonable amount of time, then continue to search your site and search for a forum. Many times we will find that the access is restricted to members, but others leave it visible for visitors as well and we can confirm the dates on which users ask and those responsible offer solutions.

You should also read the terms and conditions of use of the theme to confirm when the support we will receive and the scope of it expires. If you have any doubt, send us an email.

3) Look for references from other customers!

Going everywhere. Let's do a thorough search placing the name of the site and have preference for the forums in general. Users who feel cheated do not hesitate to leave a trace of it in their favorite forum and translate their adventures with the company in question. Obviously we can not believe everything we read, but we will have negative opinions available to evaluate. We may also have the good fortune to listen to clients that were satisfied with their premium theme and that encourages us to decide for the purchase.

4) Themes Club or buy a Premium Theme?

reality this goes in tastes and depends exclusively on your needs. If you want to have several premium themes available to modify, you will choose the first one. If you only need a theme for a particular site, you will choose the second one.

What we can highlight about the first option is that we have to evaluate how often new themes come out and what quality they are. Some sites have a "premium theme club" in which an annual membership is purchased and people are fooled into believing that every month will have at least 2 premium themes.

The advice here is that before buying any membership of this type , subscribe to the feeds of the site and check the quality of the material that they broadcast every month. Maybe the site is completely abandoned!

5) I need a theme "like this" but quite modified …

Each theme has its "tricks" to work properly. Some people buy a premium theme and then they screw up when they want to modify it on their own, but they understand that a little of their knowledge escapes and they end up asking a third party to finish the work. Conclusion, pagás twice for a single theme.

Before getting into this mess, let's ask how much the original authors would charge for making the relevant modifications. No one better than them to efficiently achieve what we need! If you are going to spend money, try to get exactly the theme you are looking for, even if that means some extra dollars.

Finally, remember that we can always choose to hire a freelance to design the required theme. Especially to Latin Americans, sometimes it is difficult for us to make payments to the US and Europe, so it is an opportunity to bet on finding designers of our nationalities and maybe we are astonished discovering very talented people.

I hope you find it useful !

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Everson News – Theme free magazine

Everson News is a really amazing theme, with everything you can expect in a Premium theme but without costing you one euro.

Not only does it offer you a fantastic look, with video sections, featured articles and drop-down menus but has really advanced features.

Loaded with jQuery right up to the bars offers really interesting features like tab blocks that are activated only by passing the cursor on the tabs, configurable folding / unfolding information blocks and blocks that your readers can move from one side to another and that will be stored in your browser through cookies. Also, how could it be otherwise, has sliding blocks with nice effects to show your featured items.

A beauty of theme, really professional and free look, what else can you ask ?. Go ahead and try it at la Demo and if you like it you you can download it and start enjoying it.

Free WooThemes Theme • WordPress Help

WooThemes has republished another free theme of high quality, in this case called TypeBased. This theme, unlike other WooThemes, is oriented to personal blogs, but with the design and quality of these designers, who print the rest of their creations.

If you want to download the theme you can do it from link or try it before in the demo .

Also, I remind you that in the section of free themes these wonders are also available, which are called Snapshot and Premium News .

Revolution 2

After the announcement that the theme Revolution became Open Source under the GPL license just a month later the Revolution 2 appears.

] This new incarnation of one of the most famous themes offers 8 different styles:

  • Revolution Black Canvas – Ideal for Fotologs
  • Revolution Lifestyle – Perhaps the most successful, perfect for magazines. [19659007] Revolution Office – More serious and professional, interesting for a Portolio.
  • Revolution TV – Designed for video blogs.
  • Revolution Church – For religious affairs (magazine type) [19659010] Revolution Blog – Old-fashioned blog format, in three color schemes
  • Revolution Charred – Beautiful, interesting-looking theme
  • Revolution Chrome – Apple-style

The themes prem ium will still be available until tomorrow but the new ones have a great appearance, they have nothing to envy to those of payment. I really liked the Black Canvas which is the same for my fotolog.

These new themes are all free but they also offer payment packages where they offer support.

Entry Revolution 2 first published Fernando Tellado in Help WordPress . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.