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<p> All this week has caused a sensation <strong> new application for iOS devices called Pressgram </strong> which, together with a WordPress plugin, is <strong> ] a kind of Instagram but specialized in publishing on websites created with WordPress </strong> instead of on its own social network. </p>
<p> And the invention is very well received, especially because <strong> simplifies the already simple system of publication of photos of the official application of WordPress for iOS, also incorporating a series of filters for your photos </strong> that will make when you publish them have the desired aspect and not the, sometimes, sad one with which you captured them. Come on, <strong> the same as Instagram: normal pictures with cool filters to look like something <em> cool </em></strong>. </p>
<p> Personally I think it's great, it's more, I love it, then <strong> part of a concept that I always defend, that your content belongs to you </strong>and as in social networks your photos and others do not belong to you (myself <a href= I do not have an Instagram account for this reason ), if there is a application that, with the same functionalities, hosts your photos in YOUR space, in your WordPress so perfect.

What's more, if you use Instagram I encourage you to stop using it, uninstall it and start using Pressgram to have your photos hosted on your site, not a proprietary network that can change the ownership of YOUR photos at any time and stop belonging to you . This is how you make sure of your digital history.

Little I'm going to tell you about its use, which is very similar to Instagram … with some peculiarity, but minor. Basically, just install the application on your iOS device you have to create a Pressgram account or access with your Twitter or Facebook credentials (this is the only part that I do not like so much). In the background it does not matter, because even if you decide to access with your social networks user creates an account in Pressgram so yourself.
 pressgram login

The idea is that actually Pressgram it does not only serve to publish photos with majete filters in your WordPress but also in Twitter and Facebook hence you can link these services. If that is what you want then, in the settings you link them later, but create an account and add your WordPress sites, that's what we are for.

In fact, by default does not publish in any blog or WordPress website until that you do not configure it (obviously), so you have to go to the settings of the application and in section Blog options add yours, either hosted or from In the latter case you simply have to add your user data from and you will already have access to all your sites.

From there the application is used as a photo camera of your iPhone or iPad ]being able to apply different filters as soon as the photo is taken to improve it, in addition to trimming it, turning it over or applying lighting effects. In fairness we must say that the filters are nothing special, of course incomparable with the latest update of Flickr for iOS, but they allow to hide errors of a photo " without grace ".
 pressgram 2

Once the photo is to your liking, or almost, in the next screen you define the title of the entry, tags and categories besides decide in which WordPress you will publish it , being able to do it simultaneously in as many as you have configured . Of course you can also decide to publish it on Twitter or Facebook.
 pressgram 3

And that's it, nothing more. If you want you can install the official WordPress plugin which allows you to predefine a category for the photos, and thus not overwhelm the front page of your website with your images. Just add one more option to the general settings to choose the publication category.

I'm going to use it?

Well I do not, but I'm addicted to Flickr, and I do not usually post many photos in the network because most of what I do are family and that is private. However, if you are curious this is my Flickr account .

However, and as I said, if you usually upload photos to your blog it is highly recommended much better than use other networks instead of your own space.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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