PSD to WordPress

Some time ago we talked about a new WPCoder service, which offered to pass designs from Photoshop in PSD format to Themes WordPress . Now there is a new site called PSD to WordPress that offers the same, from a price of $ 400.
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<p> The process is simple, you upload the files, fill in the form and indicate them on the order page as you want them to do it. a demo site for you to take a look and see the finished product and, if you want, ask for any change that you deem convenient Once you have finished setting it up, finish the theme and upload it to where you tell them. </p>
<p> seemed a very simple, practical and at the same time professional to treat this type of services, and the price is very good, more with the control and monitoring that you can do, do not you think? </p>
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BuddyPress as Facebook • WordPress Help

If you want to add a shade of social network to your installation of BuddyPress that looks like Facebook, you can use the theme called FaceBuddy .

With the publication of version 1.0 of BuddyPress has also been updated FaceBuddy offering a really light environment, totally based on CSS, with which to offer the best aspect of your WordPress Social Network . In addition, the PSD file is included in the download package so you can customize the header of the template for your project.

From PSD to WordPress for a reasonable price

If you have a designer, or you are a freak of the Photoshop but you do not know a developer capable of transporting that wonderful WordPress design to have your unique template the same you should use the services from WPCoder who offer this service to "reasonable" prices .

From PSD to HTML

In NetTuts have created a fantastic step-by-step tutorial to get to convert PSD files from Photoshop to HTML and create a, eventual, WordPress theme . Impressive, there is nothing equal or so graphically explained. Essential!

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Theme in Spanish – Factory of Cartoons • WordPress Help

In Factory of Caricatures not only overflow art and grace on all four sides but they have now published their own theme created by them, so free

It's a very clear theme, with sidebar on the left, a customizable header image (even include the PSD file so you can modify it to your liking), and an additional sidebar on the foot

They also include support for plugins (included) and widgets.

… and that's it.

Template in Spanish – Unstandard (Reloaded) • WordPress Help

Well, as promised here is the vampirised and super-vivid version of the theme The Unstandard that William translated from the original .

a client asked me for a series of modifications for this template and from that personal version I have remodeled it to spread this fantastic theme.

If the template was already good, I think that with these modifications it is practically perfect.

This template requires the use of personalized fields, review Guillermo's post to know how to use them.

PSD2CSS – From Photoshop to CSS

PSD2CSS is an awesome online application one of the most interesting webs I've seen lately as it comes to solving a very common need for designers and webmasters .

What this online application offers you is to convert, in a single step, Adobe Photoshop PSD designs to CSS or XHTML code to be able to extract it and make your website or blog

The only existing limit is that the PSD file does not exceed 2 Mb but the same author of the service is willing to increase it if you need it. It is also recommended that there is no excess of layers, ensuring that, for example, the logo does not exceed 5 or 6 layers and, if possible, combine them before uploading the PSD file to convert it.

A free online application indispensable .