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According to a recent study on the trust of small and medium enterprises in the Internet service companies that they use for their businesses, WordPress has been the winner, over giants like Google, Paypal or Facebook ]

According to the NPS a study conducted in the USA on the trust and fidelity of small and medium enterprises towards companies and brands, SMEs not only do not think that free and Free is bad but it gives them more confidence, at least as far as WordPress is concerned that other paid services and / or owners.

As you can see in the following infographic, WordPress dominates the confidence index of small and medium enterprises, above large companies such as Facebook, Google, Paypal or Yelp, not to mention services like Webly or Wix.

What comes to prove this … again? That the growth of WordPress is tremendous while it is breaking down barriers regarding the use of free software and GPL, and that its implantation in the world of the company is reinforced by steps gigantic.

How to comply with Spanish cookies legislation

 law cookies españa

A few days ago the first fines have fallen to two Spanish websites for violating the legal rules on cookies . The fines have been of 3,000 and 500 euros respectively, but could have amounted to the not insignificant figure of 30,000 euros .

According to the sentence one of the sites, ] created with WordPress (although it confuses with, it used JetPack cookies ( _qca ), SlimStat (from the statistics module) and Quancast ( mc ]).

Of all this, some plugin warns us like Cookilian that we already saw in the article of how to comply with the cookie legislation in WordPress and it would not hurt install it and check the cookies that are on your site and create a page that adequately reports them, mostly to not get you upset.

What are the implications of these first two sentences? I personally think that it sends very bad messages …

The first thing is that, with all the big companies, and all of the IBEX, ignoring the flagrant legislation of cookies, that the Data Protection Agency breastfeed with two small companies I do not know if qualify it as a way to get noticed by setting an example against the little ones who can not or know how to defend themselves well, or as a warning to sailors to scare, again, the little ones.

Meanwhile, what is achieved is that every small business that tries to prosper on the Internet end up closing or moving your business to another country where they do not get so great with something that should be corrected with a software solution, by the hand of Microsoft, Google or Apple, then with a line code could perfectly block cookies unless expressly approved and for all, in their browsers.

But no, here we are more asshole and stupendous than anyone and we are dedicated to fuck the Easter to our SMEs to put obstacles in the way of entrepreneurs, to prevent electronic commerce from emerging and being able to give employment.

It is true that the laws are to comply with them but also administrations have the responsibility and the duty to make life easier for their managers, finding the best solution to the problems that arise, and something that could be arranged so easily by talking to the big software companies, instead is attacked the small webs that subsist with scarce penalties, but much easier to penalize with fines that can not be escaped due to lack of legal cabinets that make the processes "sleep" or even win them.

What they get is that something that should be good: guarantee the Internet user's right to privacy, end up being a brake on that same freedom, not to mention the flowering of new opportunities on the web.

So you know, if you're not a big untouchable multinational, you better prepare your website to comply with the cookie legislation. Do not get pimp because you see that the most important newspapers and portals do not comply, they will not touch them, but you do.

That you have not yet gotten to work to comply with the legislation of cookies? and get to work:

  1. Guide on the use of cookies by the Data Protection Agency (pdf)
  2. Guide to comply with the law of cookies in 5 steps of Adigital (pdf )
  3. How to comply with the law of cookies (by Pablo Fernández Burgueño)
  4. How to comply with the legislation of cookies in WordPress
  5. Cookies in WordPress
  6. Examples of privacy pages that comply with the law of cookies : 1 and 2

Cabreo I have hear!

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Bach Tickets System – WordPress as a task manager

Last week I received an email from Luis Rull announcing that they were going to release several developments inspired by Prologue in the Beta phase for the management of tasks or customer service, and today I see that they already announce it in the blog of his company.

Bach Tickets System is a mixture of plugins and the theme Prologue so that it is used to follow conversations in a special way, very interesting for systems of " tickets " of a SAT for example, or as a task manager of a SME .

If you are interested in seeing how it works, have mounted a demo and you can also see the roadmap that you have planned. It looks great, where you can see the good hand of Rafael Poveda .

Let's see what surprises we have Bach because there are also two related developments: Mozart and Bruckner


Presentations in WordCamp Spain 2.008

As you know what I usually do, here are the presentations presented by a server at WordCamp España 2008 . One is mine, which on this occasion I tried to do something instructive, a presentation type that could be useful when offering a WordPress client as an alternative of economic web.

The second is the official presentation of SEO WordPress a project of Eduard Fernández and a server with which we want to promote the Hispanic scene of plugin development, and positioning with WordPress. This project is still in phase Alpha so follow the Blog or your Feed to be aware.